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LOL... good advice

Matt Ward declared death pit on the Eldar god Khaine. To celebrate his victory he held the most awesome party ever and all the Eldar were invited. The intense pleasure from the orgy with him spawned Slannesh, created the Eye of Terror and destroyed the Eldar empire. Their last words were, "worth it."
So spread the word, and beware of Matt Ward for he can Death Pit at any time.
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Originally Posted by Putrifectus View Post
I just realized that most people would be kind of nervous at my place. Not as bad as what you described, but a couple of whips, a few pairs of handcuffs, ropes and chains, and stuff like that..
And a necromantic altar to the lord of death, covered in bones, and a big trident and a schyte behind it.
I don't think I should ever invite strangers for a game here.
Somehow i think that is not a joke o-o, Not that it matters my walls are lined with torches and swords , and honestly it doesnt seem to weird what you have listed.
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The voices told me to....
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Originally Posted by Arkanor View Post
Err, very few people in the US as a % of population actually have concealed carry permits, and some of those aren't even used to carry weapons all the time. Lots of people here are afraid of guns.

I'm getting a CCP this year and I don't think I would CC to a private game, it would feel wrong in someone else's house (and honestly, I live in Maine, it's fairly safe). But I wouldn't likely go to someone's house before actually meeting them somewhere public first, it's just common sense.

At any rate when you CC no one should even be able to tell the difference. Otherwise it's not too well "concealed" now is it?
i'm not talking about how easy it is to conceal a gun or whether you have the license to even do so - my point was, as a whole America does have a gun culture, it's in your constitution to bear arms. Just the way it is, guns are so rare here that anything involving a gun seems strange different worlds man!

all I can say is i'm glad i don't live anywhere like you lot lol

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Everyone, except civilians, on my current base in Afghanistan is armed 100% of the time. In the past 3 years, we've had ZERO crimes involving firearms.
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Originally Posted by jaysen View Post
Everyone, except civilians, on my current base in Afghanistan is armed 100% of the time. In the past 3 years, we've had ZERO crimes involving firearms.
being an all military base makes it a lot different.
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I am an avid proponent of preparedness, as it often negates the need for a weapon. If you aren't in a dangerous situation you don't need a weapon. Still, I've been playing football for almost a decade, and with my height and weight there are few people who would mess with me .If I walk my dog at night I make sure I don't walk behind other people because I've been told I look really scary when it is dark, this also being one of the reasons I stopped trick or treating in the 6th grade. I also know from many ill advised "impaired" boxing matches that I'm very hard to knock out. Still, I always carry a 3" pocket knife with me at all times, mostly because at work or where I lived i'd have to cut through lots of rope or twine, but it also makes me feel more at ease. I've never had to use it in that fashion, as I am fairly non violent and can mediate a lot of problems between my group and another, and I rarely cause them myself.

I always think of the knife as insurance. If someone is feeling particularly "froggy" and pull theirs and I pull mine, they may be far less inclined to continue down their path. I know things could escalate but I'd rather have an equal footing in that situation than be at their mercy.

On guns, here's the deal: They are a great force multiplier and mediating tool, and chambering a round in a pump action shotgun will make somebody shit bricks.

I do think the discourse between the Canadians, Brits, and Americans is hilarious and incredibly stereotypical. In a good way of course.

"Oh I'm sorry, were you addressing me? Because your authority is not recognized in Fort Kickass."
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I want Tarantino to write a film, with a scene in it, with one W40k gamer pointing a gun at another over a gameboard, and the Tarantino dialogue is about a disagreement of the rules, or a dice roll or something.

Reading the last few pages of this thread just conjured up those images

"The emperor lays his hands upon me and emperor damn muthafucka smote thee down with furious vengeance that last dice roll was a 6 and not a 5"

"In the absence of orders, go find something and kill it" - Erwin Rommel

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Hey guys, I'm just your regular 9-feet tall Heresy Onliner and I'd just like to mention that I have weapons concealed on every possible part of my incredibly muscley body.

I once met up with a guy that I met online, but I had to blow his brains out because his army list was cheesy. Seriously, what a noob lol.

My entire body is covered in facial hair and I have often been mistaken for Wolverine, but then people realise that he's shit compared to me because he's not as manly.

The best defence against an attack has to be the headbutt. No other gun comes close to the awesome destructive power of a butt using your own head.

Stay safe Heresy, and remember:

Fortune favours he who is prepared to totally shoot that guy in the head man.

Peace out.

(On a more serious note that isn't taking the piss out of this thread, don't meet up with anyone online. Ever. It's better to wonder what could have happened rather than suffer the potential consequences.)

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Well with Gaddafi died we can all play without having our knee caps removed!
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Originally Posted by NurglingStomper View Post
There are rapists and paedophiles everywhere wu-tang. In school, church, temple you name it. What makes you think that it work be different? Just cause we play with little plastic toys? Haha
in the old gameing club by me one of the staff were arrested the banned from town forever beucuse of the 2000+ pics of child porn on it the then i had to wait 2 years to find another gameing shop. the thing is you never know what someones like i mean the guy was cool but i would never of thought he would well you know. but the worst part was that he had invited about 3 diffrent people around to his flat a week before his arrest . but now iam safe and i know who the peole are in my gameing club :D

"i know that my brothers are filled with rage and with the thirst of blood there pain and suffering will end, for soon they will face the mighty warrrgh were my brothers will die for there own hounor for the emperor and for sanguinus." (blood angels (the sanguinus saviours ) second founding chaplain wood 1st death company) great song to listen to if you are building painting or playing.
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