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Eldar: ALL aspect warriors, new bikes.

marines (all types): tactical squad, chaplain/librarian, predator box (make the sponsons akin to the Baal preds), Techmarine/MotF

DE: Talos (i wont add more until their second wave is done)

CSM: all cult troops, oblits, havocs, dreadnought, lord/sorcerer, raptors

IG: hydra

Demons: plague bearers, greater demons

Necrons: everything

Orks: mega armored orks, warboss/big mek

Nids: tyrant, tyrant guard, lictors, tervigons, tyranofexs

Originally Posted by neilbatte
if you squint the Sigmar stuff doesn't all look like the love children from a Necron and Blood Angel orgy.
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The Chaos Space Marines don't need a Daemon Prince, there was a plastic one released a few months as part of the Chaos Daemons release.

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The Eldar list seems a bit short.

As for old models throw in the Wraithguard, Phoenix Lords, Guardians, Warlocks and the Falcon. All those models I am pretty sure predate back to 1998 or before!

As for the current release range. I believe every aspect apart from Dire Avengers need sorting as well as a plastic Seer council would be neat.

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Penal legion,
Rough Riders

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Eldar Aspect warrior Plastic kits.

Put the more heavily armoured ones in a box together, IE, DRs and WSs and the lighter ones in the other HBs, FDs and SSs.. Enough to make 5 models, but a whole host of heads etc. Similar to the Sanguinary guard, Grey knights etc.
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I'd pay 25 a box for that! Not much of a price dip but eldar weapon bitz are hard to come by and working with metal sucks. The arms have broken off my scorpions twice now and the paint on the other models is chipped easily. I hardly bother painting them.
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They can probably just reproduce the metal Eldar as plastics. The rest of the aspect warriors definitely need some love. But the phoenix lords shouldn't even change models, just make'em plastic. They're still among the best models in GW's catalog.

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Some of the Eldars sculpts are ancient, they could do with an update.

I agree that the Pheonix lords are great models.
Jain Zar is the only one that needs fixing. She is far too fragile in the pose she has.

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Necron Heavy Destroyers!!!

I Also Want A Plastic Necron Lord With Head Options So I Can Make A Lord Like The One From Dark Crusade!!! Staff Options Would Be Good Too!!!

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nice boy, daft though !
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Firstly the eldar dont need a new Falcon, its a classic it need nothing other than its sprue recutting and the additional options included and some bits to pretty it up.

As for the rest of the eldar range, there is no point producing plastic aspects unless its to save production costs as they have no variant options,that said i agree they should be plastic but they should overhaul the aspect warrior rules to include more wargear and some optional weapon types for some of the aspects, dark reapers for example should have access to shuriken cannons.

But in all honesty anything thats in a codex right now that is a "unit" or "vehicle/large creature" that does not have a plastic kit should be a priority, then after than it should be generic HQ's in plastic and then leave only character models in metal unless they themselves are quite large and able to be included with the plastic HQ's

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