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Default What race do you find the most enjoyable to paint?

After painting my first squad of orks for many years last month (something like 15 years since I painted any), I noticed they were much more fun to piant than Marines.

Dont get me wrong I like painting marines, but the big folds of skin on the face, muscular arms and folds in the clothes make then more intersting than the big slabs of smooth plastic.

I did think they would be like gaurd, which I found to be a chore after painting several platoons. My chaos were ok, but the choice of orange as the main colour did distract form the enjoyment of painting them. As for my tau, I never enjoyed them. The fire warriors are tricky due to legs. I think so anyway. They dont seem to have been scuplted too well, and parts of the armour are not always clearley defined.

So for me so far Orks are the most enjoyable with Guard infantry being the least.

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Orks, or Chaos marines for me, though my painting is definitely lacking, I enjoy the ease with which I can paint swathes of ork boyz, and have them not look awful, and I just love CSM models, and all the differant details I can pick out leaves them looking greatn, just got to work on improving my painting, and I'll love them even more.

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Favorite for me is Space Marines.

Out of all the stuff I've played

Necrons: Boring really and real simple even if you try to get a cool metallic look

Chaos Marines: Eh the style isn't really me, the extra junk that a normal marine doesn't have on them isn't really appealing as it is like horned helmets etc not something you can really play with or choose to pass on.

Orks: 'Fun' in the perspective that it never gets old, simple, looks good even if you are the crappiest painter.

Tau: The pointless stuff, and as mentioned not the best sculpting/modeling the battle suits are fairly decent to toy with but that's all that appealed to me.

Eldar: Fun but really they look somewhat wrong if not painted well or by aspects, so it bugged me when I tried going all army looking the same especially since it's against fluff too, they are fun but not for everyone.

Marines: FUN to me, they are customizable almost in everything, the armor trim and shoulder plates are fun to paint it isn't fun to where it makes me want to paint like orks, BUT it is a challenge I look at some marines and think of what I can do with it and it influences me to toy with them their tanks are nice aswell.

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Imperial Fists - Ya yellow is hard to do and i can't paint it well (atleast to the standard most expect) but they are ok to paint and the Foundation paints really help.
Angels Encarmine - Mostly boring due to anyother marine shaped unit but the Death Company are fun due to the Arbalester white armour (why do i choice the hardest piant scheems?)
Iylden - My one is mostly purple and yellow (why do i love yellow?) and can be a struggle to paint and as of now the ONLY army i have to do 2 coats to get a good covering on them. However becuase of the serier number of diffrent paint sceems for the aspect warriors even leading to my Hawks and Banhees getting entirly new names (Crimson Vultures and Black Widow's respectivly).
Bleak Brotherhood - the fun of painting flames on the hands, legs and shoulder pads is great...it's a pitty that most of my army is eaither daemons meanign a large amount of gray or Cult troops like Khorne beserkers which are boring to paint.
Hive Fleet Medusa - White and ice blue (agian a difficult colour scheem) but they look so good.....but i hate painting them. painting Nid si so boring as there is not varaity to them and the amount of Termaguants that i need means i will be constantly painting the barstards.
Catachan 146th Devision - They ar epossible my most complex painting style but can get vairly repectative and the armour is rather boring to paint (when isn't it).

Untimatly i think i have the most fun with my Eldar but with so many modals i don't buy much eldar now and i have more fun with my Chaos otherwise. Nids and Guard are incredibly dull and you need to hold back a varaity of modals back so you don't get board from paitning 30 Gargoyles in a row. And if you get board your painting will suffer so i try to paint a few diffrent aryms at a time or atleast alternate the untis that i paint. (Now i jsut need the Tervigon modal out and i'm set to actually use my Tyranids)

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I really enjoy painting Tyranids.
I find them to be quite quick and easy to paint with the colour pallette that I use for them.

But Genestealers are a different kettle of fish. I can't paint them for toffee.
They always look awful to me.

I've got around 3,000 points painted and based and can't wait to field them against my traditional enemy Scott and his Barbed Heirodule led Genestealer Cult / Tyranid Army.

That'll shock him...

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I especially enjoy painting; Chaos, Tau and Imperial Guard. I enjoy chaos because of all the interesting painting possibilities that the servants of the gods present (mutations, daemon weapons, etc). The Tau and Imperial Guard have a nice balance between armour, clothing and skin, which I like.

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I actually love to paint marines. You just get so much more out of them the more effort you put in. If you want to just use block colours, they look acceptable of you can therefore knock out loads of them quickly and easily. But if you put more effort in, they can look fantastic. For the army i hate most... Apart from the hideously made LotR models i did for a friend, probably the equally hideous Tau fire warriors.
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There is only one answer for me: Space Marines.

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Originally Posted by Doelago View Post
There is only one answer for me: Space Marines.
Be honest Doelago, have you ever painted anything else?

Originally Posted by Jezlad View Post
I'll update from Prisoner Cell Block Nerd when they extradite me.
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Chaos, chaos, and more chaos.

Years ago I switched armies to Chaos 40k/fantasy for the challenge - at the time they were by far the more intricate models GW made. I haven't regretted it. They models are typically high quality (GW's early sojourn into plastic plague marines and berserkers aside) and enjoyable to work on. Besides they provide wonderful opportunities for really wild conversions and sculpting.


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