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Default Help with an Imp Guard decision

So, I'm getting a Hellhound kit on saturday, and I'm not the sort of guy who likes to change weapons around. I'm debating whether to go for the Meltacannon or the Inferno Cannon.

The Inferno cannon has good range for a flamer, and decent stats (str6, ap4, hvy1) but the Meltacannon is just too str 8 ap 1 to miss.

I mostly play against my brother's Eldar, he doesn't really go in for big vehicles but I think he's got a few vipers and jetbikes, maybe a falcon coming later, and a squad of wraithguard.

I think I'll go for the Meltacannon unless anyone can convince me that the inferno is better.

Thanks, heretics.

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well at the end of the day its you that has that model and you who has the final say in what goes on that tank.

me personally i use the inferno cannon but thats only because i verse a fair amount of swarm players. but go the melta if YOU want.

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Like he said, it entirely depends on the opponents you tend to play against. If you're playing hordes, then as kerky said, the inferno cannon would benefit you the most. If you're playing lots of mechanized armies, then *I'd* go with the meltacannon.

If you're nervous about having to switch the guns out as you change armament, you should try your hand at magnetizing the parts. I've got a few fully magnetized rhino/predators/baal predators that are quite nice in terms of not having to buy anything else haha. Most FLGS sell packets of small, but very strong earth magnets that work excellently with minis.

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thanks guys, might just get a second turret and assemble it with whatever weapon I omit.
Going with the meltacannon, though. Strength 8, AP1, heavy 1 blast, melta. Too damn good.

"Eyes downrange, fingers on your triggers, and we all go home in one piece. Am I right, soldiers?"
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Buy some inexpensive rare earth magnets and make it so you can switch 'em out. Then there's no hard decision!  0905
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Vs. Horde - Inferno Cannon
Vs. MEQ - Chem Cannon
Vs. Mech - Melta Cannon
Anything Else - Inferno Cannon (24" template range FTW)

Don't forget the Meltacannon might not be as good as you think, if it scatters (which it probably will) and the centre of the hole ISN'T on the tank, you half the strength. Melta or not, a Str 4 isn't going to do much good. Plus the range I think is 24" right? That means 12" in the first place for the extra die, and the HH is an AV 12 vehicle, so be cautious.

Originally Posted by Azezel View Post
Safety warnings in the Imperium would be... Less than helpful.

Caution! Failure to appease the Machine Spirit may cause it to grow wrathful!

Extreme Danger: Recite the Litany of the Somnolent Inferno before firing.

Reminder: The Adeptus Mechanicus reminds you that this weapon is both sacred and more valuable than your entire platoon.

Important! Death in service to the Emperor is its own reward.

Yep, that's really useful
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Chem Cannon. Ya it can't deal with amrour (being S1) but it always wounds on a 2+ and AP3. There is nothing Wraithguard hate more than AP Template wepaons. It's the only ranged wepaon they can't defend them selves with.

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If it's a toss up between the Inferno Cannon and the Meltacannon then go for the Inferno Cannon. It'll hit every turn it's fired and against Vypers it's got a good chance of bringing one down. As for the others multiple wounds will serve you better then a possible one shot kill which can miss anyway because it's a scatterweapon.

Either that or the Chem cannon which will deal with two out of three of those concerns.

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Originally Posted by Gochu85
I am enjoying all of your articles. Thank you for your help. I hope I can use your tactics along with what I learn from experience to strike fear of green in to my enemies hearts.
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I bought 2 of the new HH kits on a whim before an Apoc. game and built them up as Devil Dogs (I feel you on the make stuff one way & keeping that way because that's the way I like to do it). I have to say they've impressed me allot & 1 or both of them usually find themselved in any list I make.

Sure you only get an extra die at 12" against AV but it melts pretty much everything else at 24" & even at 1/2 Str. is an average of 11 for armor pen. I've found it great for killing Terminators and other high save infantry.

Another thing I've found it does is attract allot of antention, you drive it 12" & start throwing BLAST MELTAs (I always sat that really loud when I fire it at everything) people tend to notice it. It works well as fire magnet, getting people to concentrate anti-tank fire on it, being an imediate (in your face) threat, which is less fire going to your even more dangerous stuff like LRBT & infantry packing Chimera's.

Like I said it's impressed me allot but I haven't used a HH all that much for comparison. Use whatever you think is coolest & you can't go far from wrong.

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put on the chem cannon and a multi melta best of both worlds
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