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I have had a couple of people try to take advantage of custom missions where you need a certain number of units (scoring or not) within an area to win.

They try to claim that a unit in a transport is 2 KP (one for the unit, one for the vehicle), which is fair enough.
Then they claim that i can only bring on 1 troop choice in a transport in DoW (as they are a troop unit each), which is fair enough.
And then have the nerve to tell me that a transport isn't considered to be a seperate unit, and that once the unit was destroyed that the vehicle couldn't count as a unit, yet their Land Raider does....
Yet the mission clearly stated that ALL units count....

Along similar lines, people telling me that a immobolized vehicle cant contest an objective.
Cost me 2/5 of my games in a tournament i played in.
Wasn't happy, but i didn't have enough time to check it in the rulebook as the results needed to be in, and i didn't want to get shitty sportsmanship scores by creating a scene.

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I am lucky not to get rules bending around here. We play in a small GW so normally when something sounds fishy one of the players hanging about doing painting (sometimes me) just call BS when they suspect something is wrong.

No one deliberately cheats or bend rules around here but sometimes an odd stat is read wrong or they have forgotten some rule but we just let it slide cause everyone forgets things once in a while.

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I used to play against an IG and CSM player, who would quite literally say that his guys could shoot at my units through certain terrain pieces without granting cover, but then bicker that his guys got cover when the unit returned the fire.

At other times while moving models he would slightly move the ruler forward at the same time as he was moving the model, wasn't sure if this was by accident or on purpose, but I have since stopped playing against him.

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I'm a nice guy asshole. In short I enjoy friendly, non overly competitive games. But also like rules to be followed and if my opponent gets over competitive (to the point of rules bending or cheating) I call it as I see it.

That whole roll to start? I'd have said "Their is only one roll to start the game, deployment and starting are the same, you can look this up in the rules book if you want, no need for a reroll. We both legitly rolled for the only thing to roll on." If they really want to go first I might let them as a friendly game, but if they are just so competitive that they insist on rerolling screw'em.

Picking up the dice and changing it. "When I ask to see what you rolled that means dont touch the dice, I want to see what you rolled not have you manhandle it, you changed the numbers and thats cheating." I will say that and loudly if I must.

Rolling when your not looking "I wasnt looking none of that counts please roll again."

I do have a habit of asking to check rules on a book. If I trust the person I'm happy to do it after the game, if I dont I want to see them now. This is because I find many of my friends unintentionally get rules wrong. If someone flat out says "No you cant look to confirm my claim" well thats fine, we'll have to ignore that rule or you could go. "No no chaos launcher is Heavy 1 Str 3 AP 6" when he squeels thats wrong... well he'll just have to prove it wont he.

As I say in frinedly games I dont much care, if we screw the rules up because... their is a lot of rules, that happens. But against cheating us asshats... they bring out the best in me.
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In 3rd edition I played against a Tyranid player who would intentionally do a literal dog pile with his gaunts or genestealers. So naturally you would say "Dude come on you need to move one model at a time so we can see who actually is in combat". Ofcourse he would place all the models in their "original" position (always a good 1 to 2 inches closer) and then begin the assault all over again.

I remember the days of people really being lil' bastards about cover. This one guy I played back in 3rd who played Tau would have his Crisis Suits do their jump out of cover, fire, and in the assault jump back into cover thing. Now that's ofcourse totally fine, however he would swear that a piece of terrain that in no way would be proper terrain was good enough to protect his Crisis Suits. Example would be a lake that we were using that had raised sides, in a dire emergency for his Tau all of sudden those raised sides, which barely can cover the models base, have become enough cover for Tau Crisis suits to not be shot at.
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When my group first got together there were about 25 of us, but after several weeks of gaming and hanging out we realised that quite a few were arseholes..various degrees of waac/hyper rules lawyering/blatant cheating etc. Seen as the non arseholes outnumbered the true arseholes they were culled - life's too short to deal with crap especially when the game is about having a fun time, even if it is highly competitive.
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Wow... that's some pretty crazy stuff.

Hopefully that only happens 1 out of 100 games for you.

I'm very fortunate. I'd say I get more of my opponents just not grasping the rules, verses flat out cheating. We usually have pretty friendly games and often allow each other to ask questions or hear a particular rule read aloud, etc.
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the only rule bending I encountered was when my friends and I were first learning to play, so its not cheating, its just misunderstanding.

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Originally Posted by aboytervigon View Post
I usually don't make that many threads but for some strange reason I've made about 5 in 3 days.
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------Ok something that really annoys me is when people blatantly bend rules to suite there own ends today's examples, plural.

1)(this one was just annoying)
Person:*rolls a 3*
Me:*roll's a 5*, OK so I'm going first
Person: I thought that was deployment
Me: OK lets do a re-roll
Person: *rolls a 1*
Me:*rolls a 2*, OK I'm going first
Person: that was deployment
Me: OK.... lets roll for who's going first
Person:*rolls a 5*
Me:*rolls a 6*, OK so I'm going first*
Person:No your deploying first
Me:There the same roll
Person:are they?
Person: OK lets roll again
Me:*rolls a 3*
person:*rolls a 6*, OK so I'm going first

2)Person: my possessed all get power weapons
me: nice roll may I see it please
Person:picks up dice and turns it in his hand so a 6 is showing
Me: (Ill let it slide possessed aren't that good)

3) Person:My havoc launcher is heavy 3 strength 5 blast
me: Sounds fishy do you mind if I see your codex? I forgot mine( I always bring my codex's so people don't cheat me)
Me: Fine I have no reason to distrust you.

4)person: my possessed have 5 attacks each
Me: OK
Person:5 guardsmen die
ME:*picks models up*
Person:*rolls 5 dice about 12 times while I'm not looking*

What rule bending have you encountered.
Uh thats not "Rule bending" thats down right CHEATING there is a big diffrence rule bending is building a cheese loving jack ass list, Cheating is just being an over all prick.
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Yeah I would have loudly put him in his place in the middle of the store so everyone would know the BS he was trying to pull.

I like to play relaxed games and play oddball lists mainly to see what peoples reactions are but complete assholes make me want to punch them.
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