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Default Improbable Occasions.

Without question the flukiest game I ever played was against Jigplums CSM's using my Guard.

I was on the receiving end of a pounding (he knows how to give it) from the offset. A Chaos lieutenant was busy chopping through squad after squad while the Glaived up DP bore down on my defences. I was up shit creek!

Desperate times require desperate measures right? I launched my General into the Lieutenant and opened up my Chimera on the DP. Both died!

A Daemon armour, feel no pain DP dropped to a Heavy Bolter and Multi laser volley!
As for the general i've always had faith in this guy, at the GT last year he managed to assault and killed a marine Terminator Lord...

Anyone else experienced a crazy run of dice rolls that won you a game you probably should of lost?
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I have been in two very strange games, one against my father and one was a two on one where my friend and I played another friend. The first game my dad fired his Exorcist and rolled a six on the number of missiles, but one missed and he rolled four 1's on his to wound roll! The second game my allies guardsmen missed with their lascannon while firing at the great unclean one, but scored 3 wounds with lasguns against him from the same squad.
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Ive been in one strange game:
I lost
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Originally Posted by Hudge
Ive been in one strange game:
I lost
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the only strang game for me was when a squad of tau stelth suits bested my terminator chaplain comand squad yes I got to re roll missess just to get more misses
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I was playing Guard on Guard, and after a while, it had come down to an infantry squad (me) and a sentinel (him). It was a small game, 500ish points, so we were using To The Death, so that our meager forces wouldn't bolt at the first sign of trouble.

Anyway, it looked like I was finished, since the only weapon w/ an AP value I had was a grenade launcher, and even with krak grenades, it's not an easy thing to do. So, I fired, I hit, I got an ordnance penetrating hit, rolled a Vehicle Annihilated result and blew the overgrown chicken to kingdom come! :D

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The was one time I had a lone Eldar Scout to kill. He was bang centre in the middle of the battlefield behind a wall so with his bonus he was getting a 5+ cover save. I had like 1000 points of Imperial Fists weaponry with only him they could fire at. Over and over he kept surviving. The only thing left was my Predator Annihilator with lascannon sponsons. For drama I rolled each lascannon separately. It wasn't until the last lascannon that he croaked. A baffling string of luck brought to an end.

Another time as I've mentioned elsewhere in this forum, a 1000 point game was essentially ruined because a Dreadnought's assault cannon scored 3 rends on an uninjured Wraithlord. Crippling the person's army who looked good to win the game.

Oh and when your opponent rolls 3 1s from his 5 dice to save versus bolter fire against his terminators it's very hard to keep the grin off your face and commence celebratory chuckling.

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Default Odd day.

The strangest game I ever had was my Biel-Tan vs Iyanden. Towards the end, all I had left was a trio of Rangers, and my opponent had a Banshee Exarch and two wounded wraithlords...

Needless to say, the rangers won hand to hand vs the exarch and fled into some dense tree cover. With amazing saves on my part and horrible rolls on each wraithlord's brightlance, I eventually killed them both with sniper rifles. Two rangers survived. This was back in the day of 3rd Edition when eldar sniper rifles were normal sniper rifles, so all shots were Saving Throws by the wraithlords.

Another was my tank detachment made for long range vs another detachment meant for cityfighting(and we played nightfight!). Every single tank of mine was useless until I got close and murdererd by all the demolishers and whatnot. At the end, I had an Exterminator and a regular battle tank, which is where I broke out the Gaunt's Ghosts scissor move. Multiple times I pulled it off, getting 3 kills with the exterminator autocannons and 1 with the battletank's lascannon(its battlecannon was gone).

Finally, wayy back at the beginning of 3rd edition, I played guard vs Deathwing. We used special gaming club titan & superheavy rules. I had a baneblade and mixed tanks(with 1 armored fist squad) and he had all terminators and a warhound titan. I got massacred by the terminators' deep strikes into my tanks, which I slowly fought using lascannons and minimum range basilisk shots. The winner was whoever destroyed the other's superheavy. My baneblade was immoble & had no weapons left except a single lascannon turret and his titan had a few wound points left(gaming club rules). With a last ditch effort, I raced my chimera at the warhound, which got it stomped on and destroyed(gaming club rules) and only 1 catachan armored fist survived, with a meltagun. I fired one last death or glory-style shot and hit with a 6, then rolled boxcars for penetration, and the titan took 3 wounds and 'sploded, killing the last jungle fighter, winning me the game with just the useless baneblade left vs about 7 terminators and a terminator chaplain.

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My deceiver is down to 2 wounds from 2 heavy bolters and I'm thinking here we go again. Since that was my opponent could see he continued to fire with missles and lascannons. 6 wounds and he saves all! 2 assualt cannons from termis scoring an improbable 6 rending and he still saves them all! He tears into two of marines killing them both before a thunder hammer knocks him him down to one wound and then I1. I killed him and he killed me.

I am sitting with 10 IG rattlings and they are shot in 4+ cover turning into 3+ due to there cloak. 8 die from shooting which really stunned me! I make the miraculous LD 4 check. Next turn, the most improbable thing in my gaming history happens. I decide to snip a rhino I hit with only one and roll the AP and get an 12 but it's hulled down downgrading to a glancing hit. I roll a six and destroy it with one sniper rifle.
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When my SW out-shot my Tau opponent.

It was a tourney back in 3rd. I took my wolves, complete with long fangs and a LR exterminator. My last game was against a tau player (static) and the table had this big plateau in the middle (like 2'x1') My exterminator blew most of his FWs away, and the Long fangs dealt with the HHs. I sat my BC and GHs right behind the plateau. It was take and hold, so when he climbed up in the 4th turn with the kroot, crisis suits and remaining FW, it was easy pickings. To bad my GHs/exterminator finished the FWs, adn the long fangs took out his commander/crisis suits, leaving my blood claws to charge the kroot.

Afterwords, I laughed about how my SW out-shot his Tau. Man, you never seen a short, old, hairy, fat guy with an anime army get so pissed.
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