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my most weirdest battle was vs chaos my hive tyrant fassed evry invunerable save from about 25 lascannons 6 per turn sumthin like that then it died cause it failed all its normal saves lol he owned my army although i killed his abbadon with my carnifex and all i had laeft was a single biovore and broodlord
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the funnyest battle i eva had was vs TYRANIDS (michael) ^^ and i killed his carnifex with a pistol and i was like yeeeerrr take that bitch ......then a gaunt killed half my army.....

2 weeks before that michael didn't know that u can only give gaunts a biomorph once...all these initiative 10 ws 10 2+ saved st10 gaunts were running around the field...and my poor poor guardians couldn't hold their ground
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I've never been in a batlle like this but my friends have.

Guard versus space marine guard took down everything in the space marine army apart from the space marine command squad, which goes on to win the battle on their own.

Violence is never the answer, it is the question, to which the answer is, yes
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Strangest things I've ever had happen usually involve my horrendous rolling. Once in a game against Tau, I had a full 10 man squad suffer 9 wounds from a squad of unbelieveably lucky drones. I proceeded to roll 9 1's and 2's, wiping out all but my squad leader with his plasma pistol. The sarge double tapped his pistol at the drones and I rolled a pair of 1's to hit and then a pair of 1's for my armor saves against the over heating. Some players might have gotten mad but for me it was par for the course.

Best luck I ever had involved a lone scout charging a 10 man Ork warboss and Nob retinue all in Mega armor. Since this was in 3rd ed, only his boss got to swing at me. I went first, hit twice, wounded once and he failed his 2+ save, taking one wound. He attacked me in return, hit once and failed to wound. Having lost the combat, he subsequently rolled a 12 for his leadership test and then an 11 for his mob size check. They ran all of two inches and were subsequently overrun by the lone scout.

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My strangest game was my Dark Eldar against Space marines with Whirlwinds.

My normal troops wiped through his CC scouts and his dreads!

Also, he didn't get to fire his whirlwinds for i zipepd across in a despeate attempt to destroy them with my raiders--and it worked!

Plus, almost none of my men/vehicles died, yet he was slaughtered.

Its more craz if you were actually there watching it.

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you know, the weirdest thing I ever saw was 3 Tau FWs get assaulted by a full 10 man assault squad, beat them in CC, and then catch them when they tried to run.

As a matter of fact, Tau do alot of wierd things...
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My strangest game was the last one I played. My Thousand Sons fought, on a completely open table (with some rocky piles and whatnot for embellishment, but otherwise were uninhibiting terrain) against a long-range, shooty Space Marine army. I wiped him out to the man and lost only four Thousand Sons from a single squad and one of my dreadnoughts' lascannon arms. The victory points were something insane like 2000 to about 325-ish (counting half for both the dreadnought and the one squad.). Honestly, I should've been annihilated given the number of high-strength weapons. Squads were packed with meltas, missiles, and lascannons, and he had a bunch of speeders with multi-meltas. The pair of vindicators could've really hurt too if I didn't blow them sky high (pen of a 6 for each!) on the top of turn 1. Insane game. Completely and utterly insane. My dreadnoughts were fire frenzying exactly when they needed to, and Blood Raged when they needed to. I had a dreadnought fire frenzy and gun down three land speeders from glancing hits with its combi bolter alone.


My homebrew Space Marine Chapter: The Astartes Lions Rampant

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My Chaos Champion's nurgle terminators got charged by a death company with 2 chaplains. The rest of the blood angels army shoot some of the termies out from under my Champion before hand, and the Chaplains kill the rest. The Death Company make an unholy amount of attacks, and I make 4 of the 5 invulnerable saves I needed to. Narburus would live another turn!

An ealier game with my Death Guard and my friend Vince's Necrons vs Nids, Orks and Blood angels saw me infiltrate some meltagun toting Havocs. After surviving a heck of a lot of firepower, the lone meltagun havoc was in position to destroy a land raider crsader. My friend Cameron decided to see if his sluggas could shoot at him. One boy was in range, and we decided to roll it, just for fun. He rolled a 5 for hit and to wound, and I rolled a 1 for my save. Pinky the ork got a kill marking and a lasting impressin in all of our hearts.
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At the Badab weekend at GW HQ, I fired an entire Slugga boyz mob at a Grey Knight Terminator squad, in preparation for charging it. 20 s4 shots achieved absolutely nothing.

In desperation, I fired 4 grots that happened to be in range, and scored two hits: one wounded, and the save was failed. Result!

I charged in, with the Waagh in my favour: there was much choppa and power fist action, but very little in the way of wounds on either side.

However, the Grey Knights had lost, and rolled 11 for their morale: some gadget gave them a re-roll, but it came up 12!

But they're fearless (or similar) says my opponent, so they fight on. Right, I say, but they're outnumbered more than 6 to 1, so they take a heap of extra wounds. OK, he says, but I get my full save, because the choppa doesn't count for this - and then rolls three 1's!

Six Terminators killed by one gretchin blaster and the sheer weight of Ork bodies...


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