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Default Arm yourself for the future, what weapon would you want?

You are now in the warhammer 40,000 universe! You are "you" not a marine or even a lowly guardsman. You are just yourself, transported to the grim dark future to fend for yourself and survive.

You have to arm yourself for protection, for hunting etc. What 40K weapon would you have to have to survive and flourish in the harsh future?

Here are the simple rules:

1) Weapon must be man portable, no titan weapons or vehicles. If you can haul it, you can have it. Pistol, rapid fire or even heavy weapons are ok. No, you cannot have "an assault cannon because then I would have terminator armor and that would be awesome!" type of crap. YOU have to be able to use it, haul it, maintain it and fire it. Not you in a suit of terminator armor or in a titan or any other vehicle, including dreadnoughts and walkers. Bikes are out too, sorry.

2) If you take a pistol, you may also have a secondary weapon that is a hand held close combat type piece of equipment like a chainsword or the like. Again, no "titan power claws cuz then I haz a titan yo!" It must be MAN PORTABLE!

3) Only current codex weapons. If it ain't current, you can't have it. No Kai guns for example.

4) explain your reasoning.

thats it, have at it! (let the rule bending begin... Yeah, I know you people well enough! )
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Inferno Pistol + Lightning Claw

Inferno Pistol is basically a close range barbecue... Saves me having to cook what I kill Lightning Claw looks pretty intimidating, so it would help me not get mugged

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Hot-shot lasgun with a bayonet. Effective against most enemies while still maintaining a high rate of fire and some degree of CC potential. If the bayonet is detachable I can use it to skin and clean me meat or ram through a renegades frontal bone. It also happens to be man portable and effective at mid to short range.

Edit: Is it reasonable to ask for a power bayonet? If so it would help with a few things; I could do everything from cauterizing wounds to flaying enemies in power armor.

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C'tan Phase Sword and Neural Shredder.

Thread over.

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Warscythe. The Pariah variant with a built in gauss blaster.


I have a lethal long range gunand a heavy close combat weapon. I can use the gun until I`m practised enough to wield the weapon effectively.

Also, any variation of the halberd is awesome, and warscythes are the best ones yet.

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Well if I'm worried about having something left to eat after I kill it I would use standard issue las-rifle, easy to maintain,easy to use.

For pure killing power, plasma pistol and chainsword, mess with me now

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Sniper Rifle.
Preferably the Pathfinder version.

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Bolter and Lightning Claw...a mid range gun with explosive shells and a deadly close quarter weapon - sounds an efficient combo to me.
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sniper rifle and a stealth field generator. If i was my self i sure as hell wouldnt want to be close enough for any geneticly enhanced super human to swipe at me. They could flick me and break bones. best to stay hidden from the enem. so only take nessisary shots make sure they kill and be ready to move when you do, because you dont want to be tracked down.
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Combi Melta and Power Sword.

Ranged firepower plus CC just in case.
Melta will help with any suprise encounters with TDA or Vehicles.


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