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How Do You Pick Your Missions/Scenarios?

I was just looking through the Battle Missions book (Great concept, but some of the missions should have been playtested a few more times), and was thinking how missions/scenarios have changed over the years- From 2nd ed. (When I started) with the mission cards (Not a bad idea, especially with secondary objectives) to the current edition with the randomizing of set-up and scenario.

Lately, most of the games I've been in have used the Battle Missions book as our group has been around for awhile and the basic missions were getting stale. One guy (We usually give each guy a turn) usually picks the mission from the book, then asks the other guys (Through email) if there are any problems playing that one. Seems to work well, and we've had some really memorable games.

So I'd like to know- How do you pick the missions/scenarios for your games? Do you just show up and randomly roll one out of the book, or do you and your opponent come up with custom scenarios? Or do you simply drop the idea of a scenario and get right to the killing? How do you decide who picks the scenario? Do you use the Battle Missions book, and if so, how often?

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I don't have the battle missions book so, it's just from the generic ones from the rulebook. Genereally, we roll a dice for it, then play it. Same with the type of map etc.

Either that, or we make up our own and play that (I have some good ideas for a new type of mission :D)
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Normally just pick which ever armies we want to use and then make a scenario to suit it, like having only 800pts of elites and heavy support (without the maximum number of choices e.g. 4 heavy support) vs 1600pts of a regular force, the winner is the first person to destroy half of the enemy, either points or total force.

Play it on a long table and have a riot.

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Typically we'll randomly generate one from the rulebook using the Standard Missions. If we're not practicing for a tournament or anything then we'll often use Battle Missions. If we're all gearing up for an event of some kind we'll play the missions from the tournament or whatever if we can get a hold of those.
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Its easy for me and my friends we get together and just roll with whatever feels good at the time.

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We don't have the Battle Missions book at our LGS, so we either roll for it, or a lot of people will just automatically say it's Annihilation and Pitched Battle(I strongly encourage rolling because I get tired of those, and I love objectives and also the other two deployments). At tournaments we always just roll.

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My friends and I are trying to tighten our games up, so we just roll from the ones in the rulebook. Not as unique as battle missions, but great practice.

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Me & my regular, friendly, opponent roll it using the rulebook but he has agreed to not do Kill Points anymore as even he can see how it's unfair to IG (he, SM, has 8KP I, IG, have 18kp).

Like most people say that is getting a bit stale so I'm going to take the Battle Missions book over & the 4th Ed. BGB and discuss with him the missions in both and lay whatever we thinks cool.

As we both play the same armies pretty much all the time we might start some narative &/or campaign type games.

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we just play the missions in the BRB. the group here are not fans of the battle missions. they seem a little one sided


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Battle Missions are silly. Not particularly bad or anything, just silly. If your race is the original theme of the scenarion then you start on a 2+ most of the time where it benefits you, and I've yet to see one thats not something I can come up with in 5 minutes.

Most of my opponents know that I ignore objectives most of the time and I aim for a massacre because nothing says "you won" like the mangled corpses of your enemies covering the battlefield like a Khornate carpet, so we roll for deployment most of the time but we enjoy Annihilation the most. I prefer decisive victories over the "I have more objectives/KPs you lose" bullshit (it can get so silly... I mean, 80% of my force was blown away, but I managed to get 1 more KP than my opponent so I won, even though the remainder of his army would have gunned down my few lads hanging in there... thats not a victory in my book, no sir), except when playing in tournaments when I must put up with the rulewankery.

Or campaigns. They're the best. I remember playing a game where no vehicles were allowed (fluffwise the terrain was too risky for vehicles blahblahblah)... I gunned down the then-new Space Wolves with my CSM, losing only 1-2 CSM I think... I loved it.

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