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Originally Posted by Jezlad View Post
Is there a way, or is it just a case of some people love it, some don't?
I think it's more you have to find something about the hobby that you like. For some people it's the gaming, for others it's the modeling & painting and some just love the fluff. That aspect draws you in and helps you to appreciate all the other aspects of the hobby.

I used to hate listening to my cousin talk about 40k and how cool the background and the game was. Then he showed me the models and I've been playing ever since.

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I agree that it's not for everyone. Maybe the fact his Dad was taking him instantly turned him off?

Other than that, give the kid a narrative. Explain the story behind the battle, let him look at the models involved and ask him what he likes. Let him use that and have a quick game with him. Don't bother explaining the rules too heavily, narrative context is probably more important to allow the kid to get a handle on the game. Sounds like he just wanted to be at home playing WoW though. Watching someone else play and having them explain the rules as they do so is never going to be much fun.

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With my little brother, who's 10, he's just gotten into 40k, particularly chaos, after I left DoW 1 at his mums house.

He came round my dads at the weekend asking me if I had any books about chaos, so I gave him the codex to look through

That's exactly the same way I got into it as well.

So yeah I would say get the games; space marine on the xbox would be a good idea as well when it comes out
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Originally Posted by Doelago View Post
People who generally play video games 24/7 cant really accept that a game played in real life with something you can touch would be fun or anything... So they come in... Are bored... And they wont even try to think of it as fun, and maybe thats why they never learn of this awesomness known as miniature war games...
Thanks for the massive sweeping generalisation. I'm a video game addict and have been since before I discovered 40K. That doesn't stop me having a huge amount of fun with miniature war games too.

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I'd say see if you can get one of his friends to play a game against him with dad running the 'demo' game.

Playing a game against dad who's played for years probably isnt that much fun, but discovering a new game with a friend could be. For Michigan 40k Tournaments
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Take a cricket bat/golf club to his Computer, then teach him to play cricket/golf.

He'll be dying for some excitement in his life after that, and will be having wet dreams over space marines for years to come.

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Originally Posted by Bindi Baji View Post
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@Vaz seriously I don't think Jez's nephew is named Matt Ward


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Hi there,
i can count myself in the "xbox generation" category and i have been really into video games since mainly the ps1, but that fact alone didn't stop me from 40k or even fantasy.
I suppose its down to the individual, the way i see it is : I have quite a good imagination, i like rpg's and other fantasy universes so i found it relatively easy to getting into warhammer. I also read alot so the books helped immensely and now i only really play army's that i have some knowledge of fluff wise.

I think that if hes into games then try to get him into it through the form of media he likes : video games. DoW1 & 2 are great fun and give you a little understanting into the universe and when it comes out Space Marine for xbox/ps3 and the 40kmmorpg eventually when it comes out.
But i know it sounds silly but dont give up on getting him to like 40k just yet, as for me it was one of the best things i have done, i have made loads of friends that i can hang out with and talk 40k and not be looked at weird lol.

Just my thoughts though


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If you want to get your brother into it, there is always a sure-fire way of getting him into it. Convert his less video game addicted friends into 40k, and once he gets a perspective from a friend, he might actually get quite interested. Failing that, if he plays WoW then he'll enjoy the idea of scenarios and action more than having to move his models around. As he gets more and more interested in the action part, he might start reading the books related to it, and before you know it, you have a 40k player on your hands. If he's an extreme WoW player (like I, shamefully was) then you might have to take a stranger advance to it. Dress up as a Space Marine and assault his room while armed with a paintball gun. Try to turn 40k into real life, and he'll get extremely interested once you start besieging Terra in the name of Horus.

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it simply just sounds like it doesnt interest him, maybe if he seen some other armies that you think would be "him", like it would be an army that would suit him the best, then maybe he could appreciate him, show him other GW hobbies too, maybe he will like fantasy, bloodbowl, or other games.

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