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Is your list themed? Pick something that ties in.

Dread/Defiler for WE for example, or Vindy/Pred for IW.

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I second Land Raiders with possession. Fill that up with Kharn and 8 of his berzerk friends and have a good time. Or plop Abaddon accompanied by 4 Slaaneshi marked terminators with lightning claws for a real hammer. In that instance you could actually dedicate it and, provided you've got the points, go for my other favorite heavy - Havocs. As someone else pointed out though, Havocs are best used as "poor man's chosen".
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My top 3 would be:

-Obliterators, just because they can adapt to nearly everything you throw them at, from large Ork mobs to Land Raiders.

-Vindicators, for obvious psychologic reasons. Having 2 with Daemonic Possession is really fun, especially when a Drop Pod arrives nearby and the meltas in it fail to hit...priceless.

-Havocs, that I play as REAL Havocs, with either 4 Heavy Bolters or 4 Lascannons depending on my mood and what inside my army, it's really fun to pop a vehicle each turn, and watch the face of your opponent when he realises that they are completely out of reach (like on the 2nd floor of a building with a standard CSM unit waiting downstairs for anything to Deepstrike nearby....)

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Me it is Defiler and Obliterators then Vindicator. Simply because I seemed to do better with 72 inch range instead of 24. Not to mention he gets pumped into. I love how people seemed to hit him and when they do pen him get 2s and I laugh it off.

Also, Obliterators because they are smite your opponent.
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my heavies are for support not main. so i like havocs simple because they are cheap and add to my jobs list.
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I love my defiler with twin ccws. Most of the time it sits back and blasts with the battle cannon, but when it gets a weapon destroyed, time to switch to insane combat mode!

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my friend uses a Defiler, and my other friend uses a dreadnought (which he thinks sucks because the dreadnought goes berserk)

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Oblits are real good but due to those horrible models Im just using vindicators until I finish making my own oblits.

So vindicators and oblits are the top 2 for me Id say.

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