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Default your most satisfying moments with your army

For me it would be that last few inches when I get a charge and watch as assualt marine and death company carve a swath through my enemy
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When my terminators advance through a firestorm, and eat the face of the opposing army.

either that or when my Daemon Prince single handedly carries the game.

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My most satisfying moment was when a squad of 5 SoB took out a terminator assault squad in CC...... Woot!

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The look of pure terror in my opponents face when my 3 Land Raiders pull up and all my Berzerkers charge out while I scream BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD! And then proceed to harvest tiny plastic and pewter skulls for Khorne. Warms my black heart everytime!

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When I took this picture.

I realized I had at least 1,500+ points fully painted and based. After 20+ years playing, collecting and painting 40k stuff I can say I have a fully painted army... sort of. (Still have a ton of stuff to finish.)

Game wise moment was against some IG and a crap load of leman russ'. One 'zerker squad (with a champ equipped with melta bombs) took out a squadron of three of them in three turns. All this was going on while my Land Raiders ate three others. It was sexy to watch.
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mine would have to be when my Mawlock came from underground and ate and entire squad of plauge marines, there was like 10-12 of them. you should of seem my opponents face when he rolled all those 1's and 2's... I laughed my but off.....
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Having a 5-man Assault Squad assault my 5 man brood of standard-issue Warriors, and coming out victorious.

That, and my Hierophant carving through a solid line of Baneblades and Leman Russes.

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I actually have 2 moments that are really a toss up.

1. Not losing a single model in a tournament game. Some great rolling and a really mad opponent.

2. ALL my melta shots HITTING AND INFLICTING damage through a game.

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Mine was when I was having really bad luck against an IG player and he had 3 Leman Russes (not a squadron) who I had only managed to immobilize so far. Well since he decided to put them all so close together and seeing as I had another squad of Assault Marines in reserve i decided to deep strike right behind them but scattered beside) and I managed to take down 1 with the meltagun. Now as his turn come around his army decides to open fire on me (well the 2 russes that were still alive) leaving only the meltagun left. Now he though it seemed fit to jump right in betwen the and popped one with his meltagun. now since he was right next to it any templates wouldn't work against him because they would touch the last Russ which left only 1 sqaud of Gaurdsment o shoot at him and he managed to survive. Now he had 1 more Russ to go and he rolled so well that it blew up taking him with it!!! Most heartwarming moment ever

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watching a tau commander and battlesuit bodyguard get dragged down by a mob of chaos mutants. I think the entire squad cost less than a single model in his unit.

Bad scatter rolls for 3 independant leman russ' firing on my enemies part. End result was 29 dead mutants, 5 havoks, 3 csm on my side of the table. 6 stealth suits, 26 imperial guardsmen, 7 assault marines and a dreadnought on his. We had already decided that certain terrain features could explode if his by a blast/flame/ordinance attack or if targetted on purpose. One of the rounds landed in the terrain and set off a chain reaction devestating the whole side of the battlefield. So cinematic.

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