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Tau kroot are Worthless all they do is die

The creatures of the Warp have but one trait with which you need concern yourself - their undying contempt for the Emperor. It is your task to quell the rebellion they preach, and the only sure way is to destroy them utterly.
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BA- Brother Captain Tycho as a HQ choice. No power weapon or bonus for 2x cc, and cannot take any either.
Apart from pure fluff I'd take any other choice for a couple of points more.

This one will be shot-down, I'm sure, but...... SM Dreadnaughts .... far too fragile for what they're supposed to be (and cost!). A simple change to Wraithlord-esque stats would be acceptable .. or.. +1 AV to 13 would make a heluva difference. You cannot operate with only one on the field, it goes down too quickly.

Back to BA; why take the Chaplain choice over Lemartes??!!!!! (+JP and Deathmask)

I agree with Repentias (SoB). Too expensive for efficient delivery to their optimum role.

Any minimum strength Ork Unit:
eg. 3 Warbikes
5 burnas/tankbustas/lootas
1 Killa kan
etc, etc, etc.

Apart from 1 Dethkopta ... that does have it's uses for objective/quarters grabbing (alaland speeders)

"No plan survives contact with the enemy" ......... "Aint that the truth!"

Last edited by Churlton; 03-19-08 at 11:32 PM. Reason: afterthought ... add dethkoptas
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Originally Posted by Revelations View Post
Holy smoke... what is that 90pt Farseer armed with? The last time I checked, a fully equipped Farseer costed more than Eldrad with fewer rules and gear.
Actually a fully equipped Farseer is 198 points and still lacks one power and the special rules and equipment Eldrad gets. A 90 point Farseer can still be effective, depending on your army and can give you a bunch of extra points to run another squad or upgrade an existing one.
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Originally Posted by Revelations View Post
Holy smoke... what is that 90pt Farseer armed with? The last time I checked, a fully equipped Farseer costed more than Eldrad with fewer rules and gear.
erm farseer(55), warding(15), doom(25) is the usual farseer i use = 95 or 98 (with spear)


farseer(55), bike(30), spear(3), doom(25), warding(15) = 128 points

why do you or i need any more maybe stones and another power would be nice eg spirit stones and eldritch storm (40) so that would be 135/ 138 or 168

both ALOT cheaper than eldrad and worth every penny, and why do you need/ want a fully equiped farseer you are going to waste 3 powers a turn which is 60+ points and witnessing is also pointless
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Why are vespid there? They eat SM alive with their guns, not too mention they r probably the 2nd fastest "infantry" squad on foot (1st being warp spiders), they may be fairly fragile, but if you use them properly, normaly there isn`t anything left to shoot back at them.
And SM scouts can have sniper rifles, so they are actually quite annoying, especially with scout special rule.
Anyway I think the worst squads are
1: Gun drone squadrons, fairly expensive, no real firepower
2: Etheral (unless with bodyguard, but even then...)
3: Dark Reapers, they are expensive, not many, plus there gun is a joke compared to any other eldar heavy support (not too mention a firewarrior squad has the same firepower, for far less)
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Originally Posted by Morgal View Post
Well there not the MOST worthless as many advisors in the codex, tech priests ext are far more useless i just mention ogryn because they are inteded to make a counter charge unit and give the IG some mellee back bone.

How ever for the 85 points you just spend on 3 ogryn who are vulnerable to instant death you could have gooten 20 conscripts, 20 conscripts have more attacks, more wounds and more shooty. there a just better things for 85 points. 2 sentinels?, a las plas squad.
to fill up an elite slot? Sentinels won't fill an elite slot, nor will conscripts. The problem with conscripts is that they are only s3. Conscripts won't fill the same role as Ogryns. Ogryns are built for counterattacks, which they do quite well. When you combine them in melee with a command squad built for CC, you can do ok for yourself against most units. Now I'm totally aware that if the enemy gets into melee with guard I've done something wrong. That's not the point. I would much rather have my safety net be Ogryns.

*sigh* I have to point out that despite what you see in games, lasrifles win wars. Just because lasrifles suck at killing superhuman killing machines in power armor does not mean that they are bad weapons. You are shooting them at the wrong targets. The most common enemy the Imperium faces is lightly armored humans armed with lasguns or autoguns, NOT SPACE MARINES.
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Originally Posted by Green Knight View Post
Tau kroot are Worthless all they do is die
I've had a single squad of Kroot carnivores with shaper and kroot hounds break the back of an ork assault so badly that my fire warriors mopped up with no further casualties, for CC in covered positions kroot are horrifying. I would however argue that Krootox are essentially pointless, at least I've never seen a need to field one.
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i think that the worth of each unit depends on the situation they are in as i play many different armies and have seen different tactics to incorporate many of the worthless units effectively
sm scouts yes they are not as good in game terms as marines but they are good at taking important parts of the battlefield early and if then supported can usually hold any cover/ objective long enough to swing a game
bare minimum ork squads: a freind of usually has 4/5 of these in his horde army and so many times that i have said these words "bugger i'd forgotten about them" which is easy to do when you have a massive horde of green charging you and they always seem to be on an objective at the end of the game unless i kill them instead of the big green horde that then smashes my army to bits
yes there are units that i just dont use as they don't fit with the tactics of the army i am using or i don't like the models but someone will use them normally at my expense

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Originally Posted by Coffeemug View Post
Originally Posted by foulacy View Post
For me its definately Pariahs.
Originally Posted by Revelations View Post
Originally Posted by martin4696 View Post
Originally Posted by Nightbringer416 View Post
Why does everyone hate me?!

Originally Posted by martin4696 View Post
Hellions, Scourges ... Pathfinders
I have to disagree with you.
Hellions are excellent at harrassing lone units, or quickly getting to an assault that could use their help, and being Wyches they have combat drugs, which gives them an added boost. However, it is completely useless to shoot with them, because then you're denying them the ability to charge AND get their +1S in combat.
Scourges are more then worth their points when you use them in a pure role, instead of mixing weapons. A unit of 5 with splinter cannons pumps out the equivalent firepower of 8 termintors, with the ability to always keep in range and out of assaults. I'm not going to praise their ability with dark lances though, because if they're sitting still to use them than they're being wasted. Just use the lances of your raiders and ravagers.
I never use my rangers without upgrading them to Pathfinders. EVER. They've won me so many games that they're the one unit I must always take. Terrain doesn't slow them down, they have a decent chance of popping terminators with their rifles, are a pain to remove from cover without flamers and can swap over to their shurikan pistols to double their fire output if anyone gets too close and you don't trust the rifles to do the trick.

You can always find a way to use any unit effectively, but I do have to agree that Possessed are just crap, and Burner Boys are going to get blown to hell long before they get close enough to use them unless you load them in a battlewagon (no trukk option).
Grots have lost what made them viable (their "Helpful" rules), now they're just a cheap way to fill up points and claim objectives if people ignore them.
Equipping an Inquisitor costs FAR too much for what he does. I've found that the only really effective get-up for an Inquisitor includes him sitting back with a sage or two and several gun servitors while lugging around a psy-cannon.
Deff Dreads: Why take one when you can do whatever he was going to do better with 3 Kans? ... unless of course you have a Big Mek in the army, then the Deff doesn't take up one of your already crowded Heavy choices.
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warhound titan absoutly brillo but too costly also a bit of a waste in apocalypse if it gets creamed bya guy with A vortex grenade (which i have seen done)
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