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Default Using Codex: Chaos Space Marines (3.5) in 5th

Hey everybody!

Just curious - has anybody tried using the older Chaos Space Marine Codex in 5th edition? It's no secret that most people are extremely unhappy with the current one so I'm wondering how the older one fairs. I ask because I've been wanting to introduce the older book to my gaming group for casual games for a while now but have been a bit hesitant. This is because I fear creating some sort of imbalanced monster and having it let loose on the store which wouldn't be much fun.

If you've used or fought against the 3.5 Chaos Codex, did anything strike you as particularly imbalanced? Were any units/upgrades too good for their cost or not good enough?

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No it appears that Codex: Chaos Space Marines 2nd Version 3rd Edition is the god of all codices...

of course that is me being sarcastic although I have wondered whether it was the god codex that everyone hypes it up to be or if it did have some flaws. I did hear one I guess that all the customization and shit in the book made it rather lengthy on time when coming up to writing an army list

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i dont have it but id suggest taking a standard list for your store KD, say that today i wanna see if this works...blah blah for TODAY & TODAY ONLY unless its cool for future using 3.5 dex

Edit: maybe even say it a week or so in advance so that you dont catch people off guard... since going there & it being unannounced may make your trip a waste (no one willing to play)

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Only thing i would do is take out the IW force org mod. It is the only real gripe that i am aware people have. Basilisks ok, but 4heavy support slots is a touch nasty. Their unlimited use of oblits is standard in the current dex so thats not a problem.

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I tried playing against someone who used 3.5 once. I was amazed at the shear number of point sinks present in the old book. Sure he had uber chosen who could destroy anything in CC, and a DP that kicked out 7-8 no save attacks, but damn did I ever out number him. Seriously I didn't even need my crazy ass assault weapon spam most of his stuff died from massed bolter fire.

Playing against the old lists really did bring up a good point about the old codex that less savvy ppl seemed to miss in their rants for or against it, and that is the fact that most of the shit in it was crazy expensive for what it did. Hell one of the lists he experimented with I outnumbered 2 to 1. Sure he could kill anything that his units touched, but it all died the same to the 20 plasma gun shots my army kicks out for 500pts (Including rhinos`s cost). Seriously after going back, and checking the numbers most of the stuff idiot complain about in the old book where so expensive as to make a savvy player ignore them as viable options.

Having said that somethings did seem too good for what they did.

1) Old school berzerkers although not as good at killing stuff as the newer ones are far to effective at killing stuff with a 2+ armor save for their low cost (Seriously it should not be that easy for them to kill models that cost 40+ points).

2) New cult troops are better and often cheaper then their older counter parts (With the exception of NM`s)

3) Some daemons choices where overpowered if you used the new version of instability.

4) Some choices where just generally far better in the older book then their counter parts now (He actually did well fielding 3 dreadnoughts!).

5) Chosen squads were overly complicated back in the day do to their shopping list of options. (Damn mixed terminator units). 6) I also noticed six or so other relevant points but its late so 5 will be enough.

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The old thousand sons make marine players crap there 5th at least.....
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normaly i'm fine with people using old codex if they don't have the newer one but using and older one becuase you don't like the newer one is like having your cake, eatign it and hitting us with the plate when your done.

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nice boy, daft though !
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I cant see the reason for it, what is it specifically people have a problem with in this codex?
If Katie is going to field an army using 3.5 how much different can it actually be from the marine list using the current codex? can we see a comparison lists or something?

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Iron warriors with Maxed out Obliterators is awesome they had toughness 5 in that codex and they access to all the chaos weapons not just energy based ones. also being able to throw in a Bloodthirster was nice.
Ill have to dig out my old codex and check it out get back at you tomorrow hell ill even make a few list that i think would do well with the new rules i remeber they had some nice upgrades for Gods specific transports ill have to check it out though

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seems you should just give it a go. if people are so uptight that they can't handle the chance of a out of balance game, then i'd say they've to much pride and not enough humility. that being said.. going into the gam, you should have just a much humility and not to much pride/ego behind you, because if you win and think that you deserve the big cookie, then you may be mistaken and your opponent may have the right to have a problem with you :D

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