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Fastest 40k games

Hmmmm fast 40k games are hard to come by...whats ur fastest game ever been?

I had a game with tau and marines and the game only lasted three turns. My tau destroyed all his tanks first turn, and killed about half the squads in about three transports. Second turn, most of the rest of my army deep struck behind his lines, my heavy use of stealth suits destroyed his tactical marines, and my suits killed a devastator squad. By then, only 1 or 2 of his units were left and they were gone by turn 3... The game only lasted about 40 minutes

There's no such thing as too many crisis suits.

Blood for the Blood God, Skulls for The Skull Throne, and Lolz for the Laughing god
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My fastest game was two turns. As it was BA vs Orks and this guy was playing a foot slogging army with 10x man squads as he was new. So I blew them up so fast with massed fire and good ol Vindicator templates, All his orks ran I feel kind of bad to do that to a noob
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Mech Orks vs Jump BA

His BA get first turn.

His Turn 1...
He moves forward 12" with everything, runs some units.

My Turn 1...
I move Battlewagons/Trukks forward, disembark, charge.
He kills a couple of Orks, i get some 500 attacks and wipe out everything except for 5 of his assault marines.

His Turn 2...
I kill the other 5 assault marines in combat.

The game lasted a whole 30 mins.
If it wanst for the fact that Orks are so numerous, it would have been over a lot quicker.
Disembarking multiple units of Orks is a time consuming process lol.

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First turn I JotWW Calgar...Guy quits

time: 5 minutes

The Undefeated 13th (SW) - W 3, L 0, D 2

The Swarm (Nids) - W 33, L 14, D 0

Da Waugh Squad (Orks) - W 5, L 9, D 2

The Gunline/Gundam Wing (Tau) - Under Construction
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I once played a game with my mate and while we played the whole thing out and none of it went his way, before we rolled the first die all he said to me was, from your deployment you have already kicked my ass, so after that he just kept on losing berzerkers left right and centre

How ironic it is that as fast as we spread progress and hope throughout the galaxy, the Tyranids spread death and despair. Only united can we hope to stand against them.

Aun'shi of the Tau Empire
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Tau against Daemons.
Tau have Infiltrating Kroot, covering the board.
Daemons try to Deep Strike.

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My quickest lasted 2 turns. I was running an Epidemus Daemons list against IG leafblower.

1st Turn: my monstrous creatures all arrive at once. He backs up and cripples them with long range shooting.

2nd Turn: Because he backed up, I can't quite reach close combat. He finishes them all off.

After that units dropped in and were immediately shot to death. There was so much long range shooting in his list that it was impossible for any daemon unit to survive long enough to reach close combat. I surrendered after turn 2, and retired my Epidemus list.

That said, Chaos Daemons can beat 'leafblower IG', but not with Nurgle. Slow and steady definitely doesn't win this race. ^_^
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