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Default Night Haunter

My gaming club is having an event where everybody makes a primarch, either loyal or fallen to chaos, and they duke it out gladiator-style. I was thinking of doing the Night Haunter, so what would be the best Chaos lord build to represent Konrad? I was thinking
Mark of Slaanesh (not because he worships slaanesh, but for the +1 initiative)
Wings (he seems the type who would fly, seeing as how Batman-esque he is)
Pair o' Lightning Claws
Plasma pistol
Does this seem enough like the Night Haunter, or would there be a better build for him?
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posting from work

Er, I don't think you can have a plasma pistol and a pair of lightning claws; the pair replaces both his ranged and close-combat weapon. It's badly worded in the Codex, but every time a model gets a pair of lightning claws that pair is all they have - it replaces both hands' weapons. Otherwise the build sounds good to me, though I'd be tempted say have just one lightning claw and keep the plasma pistol - he already has 3 Attacks anyway, so it would give him more versatility overall to have some ranged capability and still a useful number of rerolling CC Attacks. Also that gives you the excuse to model a nice Primarch-y level of fanciness on the pistol

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You can't build a lord to sub for kurze. No one has the stats.

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Do any of you know the Konrad Kruze "if thats right for his last name" well first he used fear tatics to control the people so add a jet pack becvause the Night Lord were Fast Attackers so i agree with Svartmetall with one lighting claw mabye two but could exchange it for a plasma pistol or mabye even duel bolt pistols or other and a chainsword or plasma sword but yeah he took control of his planet as a kid and ruled it and everyone was smart and allowed the emperor to be his ruler and then they assanaited him and that pissed of his generals so they went after assassin and one disapered others fell to chaos and then came the Book Lord of the Night and it tells what they were like.

ps i agree btw it could be a Night Haunter cause that was a title passed to his generals and they could but Konrad no build for him

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No- The Night Haunter is Konrad Curze's 'name', its what the night lords call him. If you read Soul Hunter (which everyone should- its an awesome book), then you'll find that most night lords have titles and names, and that their names are rarely used... none of them ever refer to their primarch as anything other then the Night Haunter.

From that book it sounds like Konrad is incredibly fast, stealthy and strikes hard and fast in combat- it never refers to him using any ranged weapons. If I were to model him then I would give him dual weilded knives but use the rules for lighting claws and give him wings (fast and much stealthier then jetpack- plus bat wings are a symbol of the night lords). I would give him the mark of khorne for the added attack, but not for the fluff- Night Haunter was patient and, when ready, attacked without mercy. If I was using him in a game I would stalk him around ruins out of LoS and then jump him accross them and charge into combat... it just sounds right (he did 'haunt' a city to use fear to free it from sin after all).

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Or just use the C:SM codex and use Shrike.

He is the closest thing to the Night Haunter rules wise.

Failing that, Use the Space Wolf Codex, give him Saga of the bear, 2 Frostblades, Wolf Belt and a jump pack.
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The rules of the competition say that we build our primarch out of a basic Chaos lord
What I'm getting is to drop the plasma pistol and exchange the mark of slaanesh to mark of khorne?
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Mos, 1xLC blissgiver, steed of slaneesh
Mos for his speed in combat.
Blissgiver for what he did to Dorn.
Steed, speed on the ground and an extra attack.
Sounds like Konrad to me.
Or change the steed for terminator armor to represent him being as hard as a primarch.

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I often give my NL characters the Mark of Tzeentch to represent their 'foresight', if you want to go down that route.

But otherwise I agree with shaantitus; Mark of Slaanesh for the initiative bonus, either a pair of lightning claws (good combo for Slaanesh marked characters) or possibly a blissgiver to make him an awesome character killer, and something else to make him fast, either wings/jump pack or a steed of Slaanesh (which will give him yet another attack). These are probably the the best options for Night Haunter, though he'll still obviously pale in comparison to an actual Primarch. Good luck!
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