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Default v i a g r a from canada

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I have two armies at the moment but have collected 3 over the years.

Space Marines: My first army, painted terribly black and boltgun metal to makes them into "Night Marines". I chose them because I was young, thought they looked cool and eventually lost, sold or traded them away; I still have a few old Pewter models sticking about.

Imperial Guard: I wanted to have a big force, and Catachans had just come out in the battleforce. Bonus to this I had a job for the first time and disposable income was mine to throw at it. They were painted Enchanted blue with bright red "splodges" all over. It looked horrible, played horrible and eventually I just got sick of them. However over the years I vowed to return to them and I eventually did, opting for a Bright Orange and Yellow desert camo scheme. I filled a whole citadel case with Infantry make-shifted from Cadians, Catachans, Valhallans, anything I could get my hands on.

In a way I never understood what made them great, but I was always drawn back to them. I dug them out recently to get myself back in the game, but the prospect of painting new guardsmen or having to make more tanks was just upsetting. I've played a few Mech-Vet lists and won solidly but also lost solidy, they taught me the game I now love and will always have a place in my heart but I wanted something new and different. Which lead me to look around for a new army.

Chaos Space Marines (current Army): In a way I ended up surprising myself. I came to heresy look to scope out what was a possible start to starting "afresh" in the hobby. Originally I was leaning to Eldar, Tyranids and even Dark Eldar as they were just on the cusp of being released - Grey Knights were an option as well but I didn't like the idea of going from mass blob forces to super-elite units. However I watched and posted in forums here. I was also buying the little 5-man and 3-man boxes as well to "get my eye" back into painting as-well. When ordering brushes I saw the Chaos 3-man unit and thought, What the hell I'll give it a go I may as well since it's power armour. Then I read a thread on here discussing how Chaos should be portrayed; and someone went off on a rant about how Imperial Space Marines are rigid robots, clinging to faith and the codex doctrines in order to survive, where as Chaos Space Marines are free from such shackles and live to do what they want. The best leader is charismatic, deadly and generally the King of Bad-assery. This just stuck to me; they suddenly weren't faceless badguys, they were a force with depth and individuality - A chapter is a chapter, yeah it has quirks, but it's just not the same.

All of a sudden I looked at Chaos armies in a different light; they were a force with character, not some kind of strict codex to follow or over-zealous ideal, they were just dudes annoyed at the status quo. Suddenly my little 3-man boxset went from a on the spur purchase to being the "darkhorse" of the army selection. I then played DOW 2 and fell in love with the way Araghast looks; his Chaos Knight helmet on his terminator armour won it for me.

Following this I went out, bought my first unit and now have an army I'm putting together and writing my own fluff for; yeah it's under powered, one dimensional and all, but it's fun. Every time I customize a Berserker helmet or paint a few stages of my scheme I think "Who is this guy in the army? What is his story?". It's great fun, and already people are commenting how much they like the conversions I'm doing, though they are just small ones. I'm also pushing my painting skills forward, taking the hobby seriously for the first time in forever and loving getting the WYSIWYG components together. It's rewarding knowing my opponent has to proxy stuff where as the love and effort I put in means I don't.

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Active Projects:

The Catechized

Starting afresh with my Chaos Space Marines.

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Project Rebuild, Reboot, Recycle:

Stripping, rebuilding and remaking my Guard army.
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Holy resurrection of lost threads batman.

I will throw down on this. Tyanids after reading the books and then playing the computer games.

Picked up orks but hate painting vehicles, and they got tossed.

Looking at necrons, but worried about vehicles. A month to paint a trukk did not make me like them much.

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Tau - Cus I love asians and anything that looks asian...

Eldar - Farseers

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I chose eldar because I liked the models.
I chose SM because I'd just finished reading Starship troopers.
I chose GK because of the kickass NEW (for 3rd ed) models.
I chose guard because of the chance to field lots of tanks.

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Tyranids: Swarming and the modeling possibilities. That and Nids are converting heavy. Something I love and my friend who also plays Nids hate. Seriously, he says Tervigons and Genestealers are the worst units in the Dex and he refuses to use Hive Guards or anything that needs to be converted.

Tau: Nice firepower with mobility. I also like their Crisis Suits.

Eldar: I only collect some models just to make them. Namely Wraithlord, WraithGuards, and Harlequins.

Sphess Marines: I only collect tidbits to make a small Legion of the Damned.

Daemon: Making Discord from MLP:FiM.

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Right now I only have Tau.
Why I picked them?
-I love the desert
-I love the suits and vehicles. (Though I do admit that dreadnaughts have a better look than the suits)
-I hate CC. It's 40K! If you have a chainsaw that can cut through a tank, strap a rocket it to it and stay the F*CK away from the giant monsters and tanks that want to kill you to death.
-I actually like the whole saftey thing they threw in. Guard A: "Oh sweet, a plasma gun!"
Guard B: "Why is it covered in blood and charred flesh?"
Guard A: "The last guy to use it got melted by it on accident. But what's the odds of it happening again?"
Guard B: "......"

"Snooki gives birth to Heavy Gun Drone squad, someone says they are over powered, then the world ends."
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I chose Space Marines at first because I liked the imagery the power armour evoked (technologically advanced knights in space), I later chose to make them Blood Angels successors when the Baal Predator was released and after reading the fluff in White Dwarf and the new codex at the time my adoration for the Blood Angels was cemented.

The next army I decided to collect was Chaos Space Marines as I wanted an army with conversion potential and I had been playing a lot of MMORPGs and RPGs at the time and the darker classes like Shadow Knights appealed to me. Chaos was the antithesis of Space Marines and the gifts granted by the fickle gods of Chaos provided the conversion opportunities I was looking for. In the end I knew I wanted to create a merger of Khorne, Nurgle and Undivided troops I struggled to come up with adequate names for these allied legions so after pouring over the codex for idea I realised that the undivided troops were painted in Black Legion colours so I decided to go forth declare them Black Legion. After reading about Christian Bryne’ Iron Warrior I decided I wanted to make some my own his converted Vindicator was amazing.

After this I wanted to start another Space Marine army but none of the codex chapters appealed to me at the time then I saw the entry about the Relictors in an issue of White Dwarf. I liked the way the author of the article had taken the chapter and put his own spin on them by making them more ornate than the original by combining them with parts from the Chaos Space Marine sprues and using metal Dark Angels veterans as the basis for his honour guard. I decided to take this a stage further and include the new plastic Dark Angels as part of the core tactical squads as I viewed the chapter as being very pious and strong in their belief that they are still pure in the eyes of the Emperor. I also wanted to make a Radical Inquisitor.

I started an Ork army because I wanted a break from power armour and a friend had just purchased Assault on Black Reach and didn’t want any of the Orks. I decided to make them Goffs as I liked their brutal nature and I already owned a Ghazghull model. I also want to include a few smaller engulfed clans like some Blood Axe commandos and Bad moon flash gitz.

Later on I found some images of some Space Wolves on Prophets miniatures site were Prophet had combined Space Marine parts with those of a Chaos Warrior particularly the cloak, and a few months later the new space wolf models were released with gave me even more variety to choose from.

Currently I am thinking about starting a Dark Eldar Cabal, I am leaning toward producing an army with predominately female models.
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Back in the day, I had several armies.
More recently, getting back into things, I chose Necrons because they looked cool, I hadnt heard of them before, and they looked easy to paint.
The monotony of them drove me to start an ork army.
Then Space wolves were re-released, and I got all nostalgic for my old wolves army. So I bought the codex with the intent of starting them. My wife bought me some wolfguard termies out of the blue a week or two ago, so they have started now too.

"Camouflage is the colour of fear... I have no need to hide from my foes... I have no fear of death. My colours I wear openly, they proclaim louder than any words, "I am proud to live! - I am proud to die!".

Check out my baby blue space pups plog here.
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I play Chaos Daemons.

I've always like Chaos, and used to play Marines, but after several humiliating defeats, my inability to settle on a theme (I like all the Legions/Gods to some degree) and general weakness of the codex, I decided to throw my lot in with Daemons instead.

So far, I love them, I've been competitive in all my Battles, the models look great Imo, and the codex is more competitive than people give it credit for.
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