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Where is Jessica Hyde?
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I always thought a power gamer was pretty much an WAAC gamer. You could use beardy or cheesy as well, but reading this different people think different things.

Stretching the rules or interpreting them to make you army choice better is really just another sort of cheating and is really the only thing I dislike about some gamers. Then again I am a fairly relaxed gamer (not a fluff gamer). I know pretty much most of the rules, but play just to enjoy myself and take units I enjoy. I do tweak my list to try and make it have a chance of winning but anybody who has played me will know its always a hit or miss affair.

SO power gamers do exist, and that is not always a bad thing.

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It's obvious to me after reading some Posts on here that the powergamers in my area are of a decent caliber to what some of you face, with the majority of the Powergamer descriptions been move indicative of the WAAC players. They certainly don't 'suck the life out of the game'...far from it.

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@humakt, but i thought you was waac palyer m8...................lol only j/king.
TBH there are diferent types of powergamer from the waac types that will do anything to win (includeing stratching/bending/bracking the rules) to the ones that will have the most powerfull/cheesey/beady lists that they field and still keep in the rules, and those are a bit of both but will also use intimidation scare tactics (mainly against younger/new players).
i know a couple of tourny players that are a form of powergamer that they will only field there most powerfull tourny list at all times, even when asked to build fun friendly list's for a campainge/pick up games and then dont tell there opponent that there useing said tourny list.
now i dont mind players useing a tourny list if there getting ready for a tourny and are testing tweaking there list, but even when theres no tournys on they always use em, and then complaine if they have an easy win against someone useing a fun, non competeive or fluffy list

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to me a power gammer is anyone whos prime reason for playing any game isn't "having fun". Unfortuntly some of those people do exist, but the ones i hate are what i love to call "Rule Miners". They will bned or outright lie about rules and hope you don't notice. for exampe they will take a relitave small thing in your army or these and make it seem worse or better than it is. I also call these people Douche Bags.

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I like bringing fluffly lists to a cheesefest. Its a no lose situation. 50 % of the time i can win anyway. ;-)

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I am a "powergamer", by the definitions of one here- I know the necron codex by heart and can rattle off rules and point costs, and I always play to win. However, I'm not an asshat about it. I know I'll lose some and I don't try to cheat. In the 40+ games I've had I've lost a good share, possibly more than half, but I don't care. I jsut want to have fun, but knowign what you're doing makes it more fun because you don't have to fetch a rule book every ten minutes and you can just play your game. Rule conflicts pop up every now and then, such as fearless psykers too close to my Pariahs- What wins, Psychic Abomination or Fearless? But these conflicts don't have to be hostile, just look at the rules and make an intelligent decision. If you can't reach a conclusion, do a rolloff. Then go back to your game. Simple.

The point is, a powergamer is more a person who does nothing but play, and tries to win, not just a person who intimately knows what they are doing. Or maybe they are. Everyone has a different definition of what a powergamer is.

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Oh they most certainly exist. Here are some of the signs that someone you know is a power gamer:

1. They get into loud arguments about the rules, instead of looking up the answers in the rulebook/codexes.

2. They throw tantrums.

3. They misinterpret the rules a lot, and always in their favor.

4. They use phrases like RAW or RAI.

5. They text you at random times to ask your opinions on certain units. No 'hello' or 'how's it going'. No, just 'are meganobz worth it?'

6. They don't allow any take backs, but fully expect to be given as many take backs as they like.

7. They put their wins/losses in their signature.

8. They lie about their wins/losses in their signature.

9. They cheat, even in casual games.

10. They complain on warhammer forums (uh oh...)
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7. They put their wins/losses in their signature
Hey I used to put my win/loss in my sig but I didnt do it to prove how great i am, hell, when i had it in my sig it was pretty pathetic, i think it was around 7 wins in total out of around 40 games. I do agree with the fact that people who lie about their win/losses in their sig, there should be no reason you have to lie about it on an online forum to people who live halfway across the world.

Originally Posted by aboytervigon View Post
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From my experience a few definitions:

Competitive Player: A player who has built an army to win, but can accept when it loses. This army may even have a loose theme to it.

WAAC('er): Win At All Costs player, these deviants should be avoid... well, at all costs! These people will do anything to win. This means anything, examples include: picking up extra dice to roll, inflating movement distances, moving models when your back is turned, etc. These people will do literally anything to ensure that they win. There is such a creature as a GREATER WAAC('er). They can be found in their natural habitat of Games Workshop stores playing children how have only played less than 10 games, and then proceed to devour and baffle them with arguements to get their own way.

Powergamer: Over the years the definition of this has become more loose. Previously a power gamer used to be a player who took the hardest list possible (e.g. Iron cheese, flying circus and now leaf blower, etc.). The problem is that a higher percentage of players are now taking these lists. This could be due to explosion of internet forums where lists are disected and put back together to be stronger until a peak is reached, which is then swiftly copied and pasted across the internet AKA The Net List. A powergamer lies between a competitive player and a WAAC'er. They are significantly more competitive than a competitive player but don't resort to the same lengths that a WAAC'er will to win.

All of these definitions of players definatley exist.

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