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Default Your favorite model/unit

I can't believe this kind of thread hasn't appeared yet but what is your favorite model/unit? This can be for any reason be it tactical, painting potential, fluff, etc.

Grey Hunters Pack w/ Wolf Guard - All in a rhino with MotW, meltagun, standard, combi-melta, and power fist. This squad is my go-to jack of all trades and they never let me down.

Bjorn - Invincible dread with a plasma cannon that hardly ever misses? YES PLEASE! Plus the fluff for him is really cool.

Kharn - One of the best heroes for his point cost. If only he had eternal warrior or T5 he would top my list.

I technically have a lot of "favorites" but these are some that immediately come to mind.
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My favorite model out there is the Chaos Lord on the Juggernaught. Don't know why but I just love that model.

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The wolf guard terminator pack. So much you can do with them, I love it.
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IG Commissar, although not for gameplay.... Awesome fluff and asthetics

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I'd have to say Dark Eldar Incubi......awesome models (shame they're posed a little statically) and in game they are killing machines!!


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The old school metal terminators are a big fave of mine:D.. plus in every game ive always had ether SM or Gk termies... they always win the day for me.

I like the old Lead SM dreads from the early/mid 90's lol, i still have one from 1995 in the box with all the parts untouched by any paint or glue at all :D
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my old metal deathwing terminators.. i think there 3rd ed, but im not sure :3  2508
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My favorite unit is still is still my DC with chaplain attached. Back in the PDF codex I would only have 2-3 on the board, without the chaplain attached at this point, and they'd still wipe the floor with most things. 3 took out a carnifex, 2 zoanthropes, a hive tyrant and then died taking about 6 genestealers with them with the old codices.

I don't use them as much recently(tournament practicing at the moment) but in nearly every casual list I have they're in it.. they're crazier than berzerkers and more powerful it's great

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my favorite unit in my space marine army is a squad of cc termies 2 lc 3 th/ss amd a termie chaplain in a land raider redeemer they're my favorite because they're the best painted in my army and becuase they always dominate in every game i play i laugh at my friends crissis suits (cough *aka cheef 3*)ther plasmas rarely beat my 3+ inv save

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I cant pick just one! SM's just arnt for me, but yet I'll see one painted and I love it that I want to go out and buy one just to attempt that paint job. But I do like the Leman Russ tank. Think that's one model that I'm looking forward the most to painting right now.
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