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Default New Tyranid 5th Edition Codex Rumour Roundup

Alright everyone, I’ve decided to collect all the different rumours we have for the new 5th edition Tyranid Codex and put them all in one summary. As any new substantial rumours come in, I’ll move them across to here so we can all keep up to date. The new Codex looks fearsome, and should be able to keep up in the 5th Edition Metagame a bit better than the old one.

Here you go, enjoy:

Lots of reports coming in from overseas of 1st hand views of the codex at long last:
Here are some confirmed morsels to keep you on the edge of your seat:

Carnifex: WS:3 BS:3 S:9 T:6 W:4 I:1 A:4 Ld:7 Sv:3
Scary options such as the return of old-school bio-plasma which is now a 12" Plasma Cannon
Groups of 1-3 confirmed, +2 I when charging. Costed as Leman Russ Eradicator

Trygon: WS:5 BS:3 S:6 T:6 W:6 I:4 A:6 Ld:8 Sv:3
Its bioelectric field is a 12" S:5 AP:5 Assault 6 weapon.
It indeed deepstrikes and leave a marker behind that other Tyranids can reserve through.
Costed as Baharroth.

Zoanthropes: WS:3 BS:4 S:4 T:4 W:2 I:3 A:1 Ld:10 Sv:5
Dual modes of fire are 24" S:5 AP:3 Assault 1 Blast, OR the 18" S:10 AP:1 Assault 1 Lance (move over Tau)
Unit sizes are 1-3 and they are Elites. Costed as a SM Predator.

Tyranid Warriors: WS:5 BS:3 S:4 T:4 W:3 I:4 A:3 Ld:10 Sv:4
Can be put in a landingspore, unitsize 3-9, costed as a CSM Termy.

SwarmLord: WS:9 BS:3 S:6 T:6 W:5 I:6 A:4 Ld:10 Sv:3
Causes Instant Death, Armed with quad boneswords, 4+ Invulnerable, Gives +1 to reserves.
Costed as a pair of Colossus.
Credit to BigRed @ BOLS!

Costs from WD:
Originally Posted by MaidenManiac View Post
I found a link for that which could be found a page back, but for those that missed it the link is here
Found this on BOLS:Quote:
Merry Christmas everyone - a German copy of the codex has been leaked onto the internet. I've only seen a few pages translated, so I'll give details on those for now.

The other Instinctive Behavior besides Lurk (possibly called Devour?) grants Rage to the unit and specifies that they cannot shoot, but may run so long as the model moves in the manner specified by Rage (ie towards the closest enemy unit in sight). We already knew about the Rage part but the no shooting/rage run info I hadn't heard before so I figured I'd mention it.

Devourers (normal AND monstrous creature versions) apparently force a morale test if a unit is
wounded by one, and it must be taken at -1. This is going off my own intuition as to what the german means, this isn't an actual translation, so I don't know details.

Warriors - 3-9 per brood, 30 points, WS5 BS3, S and T the same as before, W3 I4 A3 Ld10 Sv4+. They come with scything talons and devourer standard, as well as Shadow in the Warp. They can replace their devourer for a pair of spinefists, another pair or scything talons, or rending claws for free, or a deathspitter (now 18" s5 ap5 assault 3) for 5 points. They can exchange their existing scything talons (not a pair that they've recieved for replacing their devourer) for rending claws (5 pts), a pair of boneswords (10 pts), or a bonesword and a lash whip (15 pts). 1 Warrior per brood can take a Venom Cannon or Strangler(?) for 15 and 10 points respectively (remember that these are the 'light' variants with reduced strength and range). Adrenal Glands and Toxin sacs cost 5 points each, I assume this is per model and I doubt you can mix it up. My personal thoughts here is that while t4 30 point models with a 4+ save is still a risky investment, the relative cheapness of some of these upgrades (with the exception of the special weapons, which I find to be over-costed) makes up for it somewhat. Flying Warriors confirmed, they have a 5+ save and presumably no way to improve this. 35 points a pop and are in fast attack.

Alpha Warrior - WS6, BS4 S5 T5 W3 I5 A4 Ld10 Sv3+, 80 points. Same standard loadout as a regular warrior, except there's something under special rules (leitbestie) that went untranslated, though this might be the rule that buffs a Tyranid Warrior unit he joins that was rumored. It also has the Independent Character rule, so you don't have to purchase a Warrior brood along with him. Toxin Sacs and Adrenal Glands are 10 points each instead, and it can take Regeneration for 10 points as well. His weapon choices and costs are otherwise identical to a normal Warrior.

Genestealers - Same statline as we're used to, 5+ save with no upgrade available, 14 pts. They can be accompanied by a Broodlord for 46 points, who enjoys WS7 S5 T5 W3 I7 A3 Sv4+. He seems to have lost his Inhuman Strength and is stuck with just Rending Claws at first. All of them come with Fleet, Infiltrate, and Move Through Cover. The Broodlord can take Scything Talons for 2 points, an Injector (instant death on a wound roll of 6) for 10, and Acid Blood for 15 (automatic wound against whichever unit is attacking the Broodlord for each unsaved wound inflicted, no saves). Genestealers can take Scything Talons for 2 points, Adrenaline Glands for 3 points (I really like this, furious charge on genestealers is a horrifying concept), and Toxin sacs for 3 points (also awesome, rerolling wounds on anything with s5 or less means more chances for rending). No translation on his psychic powers but existing rumors are likely accurate.

Pyrovore - Very strange. Existing statline rumors pretty much hold true - including the I1 A1 part, and is 45 points. However his weapon, which is simply a heavy flamer with no extra range like a hellhound, behaves oddly. Everytime he is wounded, he automatically fires it and 'explodes' like a vehicle, (s3 ap- within d6"). He has the Devour instinctive behavior but has a special exception allowing him to still fire his flamer. The best I can make sense of this guy is that you're supposed to charge him in and force the opponent to deal with him until he finally explodes a final time and dies.

Hive Tyrant - WS8 BS3 S6 T6 W4 I5 A4 Ld10 Sv3+, 170 points. Comes with Bonesword and Lashwhip, as well as a pair of Scything Talons. Has Shadow in the Warp standard as well as two out of four Psychic Powers (dominate, life drain, psychic scream, warp scream). Bonesword/Whip can be swapped out for another pair of scythes for free, scything talons can be swapped for either a twin-linked deathspitter or twin-linked devourers with 'monstrous creature ammo' (18" s6 ap - assault 6). Both options are 15 points. Important to note is that in this case it is perfectly legal to swap ANY pair of scything talons, including the ones that replaced the bonesword/whip, so Dakkarants are still legal, albeit much more expensive. The next part specifies that only ONE scything talon pair can be replaced by a heavy strangler or venom cannon for 20/25 points respectively. He can take 3 special non-psychic powers that are each 25 points (these are the rumored abilities like granting outflank, +1 to reserves, and so on). Adrenal Glands, Toxin Sacs, Acid Blood, Injector, Toxic Miasma, Regeneration - 10, 10, 15, 15, 15, 20 points respectively. It can take 1 of the following torso options - thorax swarm (flamer template rumored to be available to Raveners), extended carapace (2+ save presumably), wings, for 25, 40, and 60 points respectively.

Carnifex - rumored statline is true. 160 points, Broods of 1-3. Has +2 I charge, Fearless, 2 sets of scythes standard. Can replace one pair with crushing claws for 25 points, adds d3 attacks each round but overrides the built-in charge bonus. Can replace both pairs of scything talons with the twin-linked monster devourers for the same cost as a Tyrant (15 points), Heavy strangler/VC costs are also the same but limited to 1 each. Spore cysts - 5 points, count as frag grenades, adrenal glands and toxin sacs are 10 points each, bioplasma (12" plasma cannon) is 10 points, regeneration is 25 points. If the brood numbers 1 carnifex, it can take a mycotic spore. Head options (excluding regenerate) and tail weapons are gone.

Tervigon - WS3 BS3 S5 T6 W6 I1 A3 Ld10 Sv3+, 160 points. Has "thornvolley" weapon standard, 18" s5 ap4 assault 4. Has synapse, shadow in the warp, dominate. Can take scything talons for 5 points, crushing claws for 25. Adrenal glands and toxin sacs are 10 points, acid blood, injector, toxic miasma 15 points, regeneration 30 points. "Thorn Volley" can be replaced with "Thorn Blast" for free, same range and strength, no AP and is large blast. Can take catalyst or the force psychic powers for 15 points each. "Brood Father" special rule grants his leadership to all gaunts within 6" as well as the bonuses from toxin sacs and adrenal glands equipped on the tervigon, as well as counter-attack. However if the tervigon dies, all gaunt units within 6" suffer 3d6 s3 ap- hits. Spawning gaunts works as rumored, they must be placed within 6" of the Tervigon. If terrain/models prevent placement the model is lost. Gaunts spawned are the default profile in the codex.

Trygon/Trygon Alpha - everything rumored is pretty much true. Has Deep Strike, Fearless, Fleet, Instinctive Behaviour - Feed (Trygon only), Synapse Creature (Trygon Prime only), Shadow in the Warp (Trygon Prime only). The following wording is translated as close to what will likely be in the english codex as possible. Subterranean Attack: If a Trygon (or Trygon Prime) following the rules for Deep Strike will be placed in impassable terrain or on another model (friend or foe), reduce the deviation distance to the minimum that is necessary to not touch the obstacle. After the Trygon (or Trygon Prime) has emerged, mark the position of the creature's base with an appropriate marker. Any Tyranid infantry units (no creatures with wings) arriving in the following turns from reserve may use the network of tunnels created by the Trygon (or Trygon Prime) and come out of the tunnel exit, rather than entering the battlefield normally. If a unit is deployed this way, the entire unit is placed so that all models are in legal formation within 6 inches of the marker. If models cannot be placed because of impassable terrain or enemy models within 1 inch, these models are destroyed. The unit may not move in the turn in which they appear, and may not assault, but can shoot or run as normal. Only one unit may enter the battlefield via each tunnel exit.

That's all I've seen so far. Source is anonymous, but all thanks and credit go to his translation.

*Edit: Included cost for Pyrovore and details on Trygon special rules. Also added details on Devourers and confirmation of Flying Warriors.
Cred to Madjob

Synapse - Now it's just "Fearless." No more immunity to instant death, and it's straight fearless instead of automatically passing LD tests.

Ranged Weapon Symbiotes - As a whole, these are all nerfed. Still a prevalence of mid-strength poor AP weaponry, but with overall far fewer shots per weapon, and all strength/attack characteristics are fixed now, instead of based on creature equipping them. The Venom Cannon is now S6AP4 blast, with -1 to vehicle damage chart rolls. The Heavy Venom Cannon is expensive, limited availability, and S9AP4 blast, with -1 to vehicle damage chart rolls. I would rather have a multi-shot S10 weapon that can't pen, honestly.

Tyrant - At a significant points cost increase, you get a de facto diresword, and you re-roll to hit rolls of "1." You get similar stats to present, but one higher iniative, and WS8 (which is kind of silly, WS7 makes more sense based on the math of the game itself). You have a ton of options, but most are highly expensive ... they range from psychic powers granting Feel No Pain to a unit for a turn (Catalyst) and other potent psy powers to tactical advantages giving TROOPS units outflank, or adding 1 to reserve rolls, etc. Wings are 60 points. They do not have an invulnerable save, are vulnerable to instant death, and barring expensive upgrades have access only to a 3+ armor save. Tyrant guard are roughly the same, but more expensive (~60 points each). No real reason given about why they're pricier.

Flying Horror - Expensive flying monster w/out a whole lot of durability. Interesting powers and what-not, most effective at shutting down outflankers. Outflanking models all have to take a T test or get turned into ripper swarms, and his victims in combat may get rendered down into rippers also. Again, like the other monsters for the most part in the dex, new cool tricks are heavily offset by high points costs and relatively low durability.

Tervigon - Probably one you'll see most often used. Rumored cost is only around 150 for a 2+ armor save, T6W4 monster with low attacks / ws / bs / I characteristics, but cool "tricks." For one, they are synaptic, for two they are an HQ but also an optional Troops choice. For every gaunt squad you take, you can take a Tervigon as a Troops choice, allowing 5 in an army for a minimum investment of 900 points (750 for the Tervigons, 150 for the minimum 3 gaunt squads at min size). Tervigons spawn 3d6 plain equipment termagants in the movement phase at will, although if they roll a double on any of the 3 dice they lose the power for the remainder of the game. Possible "gaunt farm" lists where you're spawning an average of 53 termagants per turn until your guys get ganked or burn out. Rare case of an affordable monster in the dex ... sort of. Not affordable compared to demon princes, or old nid dex costs, but at least not ridiculous (though his combat stats are lackluster at best).

Alpha Warrior - T5 and W4 with good equipment and options, WS6 and high BS that he confers to a unit of warriors if he joins them. Best use will probably be allocating single S8/9 weapon shots to him so that failed cover saves don't = dead warriors.

Swarmlord - 280 point super tyrant with 4+ invul in close combat but same durability issues at range. No higher toughness or wounds or anything, but WS9 and even higher initiative/etc. Forces 3d6 (or higher) LD test for unsuccessful saves or suffer instant death. Numerous capabilities and psychic powers, with the ability to use two psy powers per turn. At the price, again a big issue of durability with the prevalence of ranged ap3+ weaponry in the game right now.


Ymgarl Genestealers – Buffed super stealers who can add 1 to their Attacks, Strength, or Toughness at the beginning of every turn. They secretly deploy in a terrain feature and when they come in from reserves move / shoot / assault as if coming on from board edge. AWESOME, RIGHT? But wait, there’s a catch. If the enemy occupies that same terrain piece, they are destroyed.

Pyrovore – Weird choice. Most of the elite guys are sub 100 points, closer to 50 than not, and this includes the pyrovore. Walking, non-fleet heavy flamer toter with hellhound rules for shooting it. Ignores armor saves in close combat with S5, but has only 2-3 attacks and low WS. When he dies, he explodes on a 4+ for S3 AP- hits within d6”. Absurdly bad stats for a new model, kind of surprising. Doesn’t fill any new role not better filled by other Nids, and S3 AP- explosions are more likely to be harmful to nearby Tyranids than to nearby … anything else.

Lictor – Went far cheaper, but lost the key to its effectiveness. Still rending, good stats, and gains a wound, still adds +1 to reserves, and now apparently acts as a teleport homer for deep striking nids. Unfortunately, while it doesn’t scatter on deep strike and just pops up a la Marbo, it also (like Marbo) can’t assault out of deepstrike. Now an excellent unit for showing up as a teleport homer and +1 reserve roller that you get to shoot at for free for a turn, and that can’t jump out and actually do anything. May have a 6” range AP- S6 Assault 1 shot it can fire when it shows up …

Venomthrope – 3 attacks wounding on 2+ in combat; 3 wounds/T4; 5+ cover save for itself and any unit within 6”; defensive grenades for itself and any unit within 6” … no better than a 5+ cover save and vulnerable to krak missiles and anything else, and a giant fire magnet given its buff. Confusingly bad choice, not b/c its powers aren’t very good, but b/c it’s so incredibly fragile and eminently targetable.

Zoanthrope – S10AP1 18” Lance shot still only has at BS3 and requiring a psychic test around 10% chance to kill an AV12+ vehicle … 3+ invulnerable save in exchange for losing the 2+ armor save. 3 wounds but vulnerable to instant death from S8 and higher. Retains smaller warp blast “small blast” ap3 shot. Confusing selection.

Horror of Malanti (or something similar) – Variant Zoanthrope supposedly still under 100 points, though may be under 100 points as an UPGRADE to a Zoanthrope (meaning well over 100 points net). Has some pretty sick psy powers, and can “leach” itself up to 10 wounds; at least one of its powers has a strength = to the number of wounds it has. Like other Zoans, is vulnerable to instant death from S8+ weaponry, and has a 3+ invul (giving it space marine like vulnerability to small arms … in other words, high vulnerability to small arms).

Hive Guard – These guys actually look really good. About 50 points for a T6W2 BS4 2-shot S8AP4 24” range assault weapon that doesn’t require line of sight and can penetrate vehicles. This is the “obvious” transport killing selection for the nids. 150 points will net you 3 guys who can be kept in cover (their armor save is only 4+) and are pretty resilient to all forms of firepower, since they are not instant killable, and since they are high toughness vs. small arms. They’ll earn statistically reliable kills on AV12 and lower transport vehicles. Unfortunately you can only take 3 and they compete for spots with the more intriguing zoanthropes. 4+ armor save makes them far more vulnerable to combat against “tough” opponents.

Tervigon – see HQ

Gaunts – Nerfed extensively. Instead of a 5 point spinegaunt being S3AP5 twin-linked fleet move through cover and with the ability to get without number, it’s now a 5 point Termagant being S3AP6 not twin-linked not fleet not moving through cover and no without number. Lovely. Apparently other weapon upgrades (including spinefists, lol) are very expensive relative to the cost of the gaunt.

Hormagaunts – “Buffed” in the sense that they aren’t overcosted anymore, but it’s hard to say if they’re really in line with Orks in terms of combat troops. They gain a better / more reliable fleet (3d6 pick the highest), but lose the beast charge. They lose one weapon skill, gain one initiative, and retain same number of attacks. For a few points per upgrade, they can be given furious charge and/or 4+ envenomed attacks. You’ll see them used and spammed, but I don’t know if they’re really any good still. No ability to hide any kind of better weapons in the squad means they will of course be dreadnaught bait, and tougher troop bait. The removal of a fast charge has far reaching implications in terms of the ease with which an opponent can get a reliable rapid fire / flamer blast off at them.

Warriors – Another wound, better weapon skill, similar stats otherwise. 30 points base, with scything talons (a pair of which allows you to re-roll 1’s to hit) and a relatively average anti-infantry gun. While scoring, and spammable, they are now vulnerable to instant death from S8, and there are a lot of S8 guns in the game right now. Synaptic still but highly confusing changes. Continue as a demonstration of the fact that it is nearly impossible to appropriately cost multi-wound models that aren’t hide-able (transports, perma cover save bikes, different weapons for allocation, or independent characters) and that are vulnerable to instant death.

Rippers – By the sounds of it, these are actually worse. Still vulnerable to instant death, still vulnerable to blasts/templates due to being swarms, and if they get outside of synapse and fail their LD test they actually eat each other.

Genestealers – 2 points cheaper with not a lot of upgrade options. One stealer can be turned into a broodlord with similar stats to the old HQ broodlord. Their own “hidden pfist” just … you know … with only S5. Stealers all gain infiltrate, so they can all outflank by default. Probably a much more viable option in anyone’s eyes now, except they can’t get extended carapace, so they are at best a 5+ save. Oh …

Fast Attack
Harpy – Most hilarious ill-conceived entry in the dex. For around 150-160 points you get a flying monstrous creature that poops spore mines on enemies it flies over. Sound good? Think again. T5 W4, 4+ save, vulnerable to instant death. Ooops.

Gargoyles – Legitimate selection. Any to hit roll of 6 wounds automatically. 6 points supposedly. Flying, but no longer fleet. One might argue with their guns dropping to S3AP6, fleet going away, bio-plasma changing to just a wound on 6 to hit and a drop to 6 points = finally costing them properly, only to take away all the things that made them good … glance / immobilize threats to vehicles, high initiative s4 attacks, lots of speed with fleet, and s4 shots prior to charge. Ooops.

Flying Warriors – Warriors with less options for 5 more points.

Raveners – Extra wound, vulnerable to instant death, may be able to enter play via Trygon tunnels. Re-roll to hit, WS5, with rending, and cheap at only 30 points base. Still beast charge and fleet. May be given a cool flamer with 3 fire modes including a rending mode. May be a viable option in some builds. I personally hope so – have always loved ravs.

Heavy Support
Carnifex – As rumored, massive increase in base cost with relatively marginal increase in stats. Can be taken in broods. Base equipment gives them a 12” range plasma cannon shot at bs3, and 5 attacks on the charge that re-roll to hit and are still S9. Highly expensive upgrades to give them a ranged weapon or a better armor save, untenably so perhaps. Can be given furious charge, and by default add +2 I when charging due to being big nasty battering ram critters. So, can potentially have 5 re-roll to hit I4 s10 attacks on the charge. Cost is the big downside, and base durability of only 6/4/3+

Mawloc / Trygon / Trygon Prime – 170/200/? Points each, Mawloc is a “blast you when I show up” burrower/reburrower with average combat stats and t6/w6/sv3+ … Trygon has same stats but better ws/I/attacks and is more expensive, and has a 6 shot s6 weapon. Trygon Prime is synaptic trygon with 12 shot weapon. All 3 apparently protected a la drop pods from deep strike mishap.

Tyrannofex – 250 points of “lolwut?” Kitbash of fex and trygon. You’re paying for 6 wounds, 2+ save, low I, BS3, low attacks, 20 shot S4AP5 gun, S5AP4 hellhound flamer, Ravener flamer, and 2 shot S10 48” AP4 gun. It’s like Cruddace just chucked a bunch of guns and wounds and armor on a monstrous chassis and charged points to match. Inability to voluntarily select many of the crap it has renders it untenably expensive just to have 2 BS3 anti-tank shots, basically. Everything else in the army is better at killing infantry for the points, and all of its OTHER guns are only effective vs. infantry.

Biovores – 35 points each for a S4AP4 large blast that can turn into a spore mine. Spore mines also fast attack choices. Independently selected spore mines deep strike after sides selected but prior to deployment, making them useable as infiltration/dawn of war denial units if nothing else. S4AP4 and no other mine options is a big nerf to “expectations” but better than biovores used to be. May only be allowed to take 1 biovore squad, but can have 3 in it and they operate as a battery. Problematic in that the entire army is anti-infantry by default, and in such a way that it is all moving and operating together. A unit that sits at the back of the board not supporting the main thrust and chucking large blasts that later in the game threaten your own units … is still just as bad as it ever was. No anti-tank capability makes it just throwing 135 points into the hopes of bad scatters for the sake of spawning spore mines to piss people off. Spore mines don’t count as kill points but also don’t contest or capture objectives.
Kudos to MVBrant
From Warseer

Hey guys. So I got to do a little light bug related Codex reading today ^.^ I know you have all kinds of rumors collected already but I'm gonna write it

all anyway. This is what i remember from the Codex. As always if you don't belive me your own fault.
And I am doing this after maybe hour of reading. So don't stone me if I get some WS or the names wrong or smth

Additionally thank you to all you guys out there who helped me with the proper names. And again, this stuff is true, but it is based on my memory so there of course may be minor mistakes.

I marked the second wave of changes green

Tyranid army rules:
- Synapse creature is pretty much the same except, and I cannot stretch that enough, NO more eternal warrior and before you ask: no nowhere, not on

Genestealers, not on Hive Tyrants not on Trygons NOWHERE
- there are no boss biker like wound groups for tyranids. Squads all need to take most weapon and morphes or none
- Instinctive behavior is split into 2 classes of Tyranids:
Lurkers: instantly take cover and shoot at the next target when they fail their check
Hunters: get the "blood lust" rule from te rulebook (always move and assault next enemy)
- Tyranids don't suffer normal warp attacks when rolling 1,1 or 6,6 on Psychic powers
- Tyranids never have additional close combat weapons, their profile is all they get

I'll get all the weapons and morphs out of the way first and ten just list the name in the entries.

(all weapons are assault so I'm not gonna mention that every time), I may have missed one or two simply because there are to many ^^

Venom Cannon:
R 36 S 6 AP 4 Assault 1 Blast
get -1 on the vehicle damage chart

Heavy Venom Cannon:
R 48 S 9 AP 4 Assault 1 Blast
get -1 on the vehicle damage chart

Barbed Strangler:
R 24 S 4 AP 6 Assault 1 Large Blast

Stranglethorn Cannon:
R 36 S 6 AP 4 Assault 1 Large Blast

R 18 S 4 AP 5 Assault 1

R 18 S 4 AP 5 Assault X (X= Number of Attacks), always twinlinked

Sting blaster:
R 12 S 5 AP - Assault 1

Spike rifle
R 18 S5 AP 5 Assault 4

R 18 S 3 AP 6 Assault 2

Texorin Bugs:
3 fire modes, may be fired additionally to all oter weapons
R Flaming S * AP - Assault 1, allways wounds on 2+ against non Tanks
R Flaming S 5 AP 5 Assault 1
R Flaming S 3 AP 6 Assault 1, rending

Death blasters:
R 18 S 5 AP 5 Assault 1, Blast


Toxin Sacs:
ALL units may buy these, the squad gains poison attacks (4+)

Adrenal Gland:
ALL units may buy these, the squad gains Furious Charge

Spore launcher:
Grants offensive grenades (only bigbugs)

On a roll of 6 To Wound, the target suffers Instant Death if they fail their saving throw.

Flesh hooks:
Weapon R 6 S 5 AP - Assault 2

Various types of chitin:
Ranging from 6+ Armor save to 2+

Toxic blood:
When a model with Acid Blood loses a wound in close combat the model that caused the wound must pass an Initiative test or suffer a wound with no armor saves allowed. Vehicles take a glancing hit on a roll of 4+.

(Eldar scream huray)

Toxic miasma:
All enemy units in CC range with this model must take a T check or lose one wound with armor saves allowed. (Eldar don't scream huray any more )

All enemy units in CC wit this model have I 1

A model losing a wound by a horn sword must pass an LD test or suffers Instant Death. If the wound was caused by a pair of bone swords he must use 3D6 for the check

Scything talons:
Models with scything claws may reroll 1s to hit, models wit a pair may reroll all to hit rolls

Rending claws:
give rending rule in CC

Crushing Claws:
Give +D3 attacks and lower own I to 1

At the start of each turn the model recovers a wound on a 6

Model moves as jump infantry.


Hive Tyrant:
- has WS 8
- Old profiles
- No ward save as far as I recall
- Shadows of warp: All psychers using their powers within 12 must roll 3D6, double 6 or 1 still result in an attack from the warp
- comes with scything talons and can equip about any weapon and morph in the book
- may have two of the following psychic powers for free:
The Horror: One enemy unit within 18 must take a panic test
Life leech: R 18 unit recieves D3 S 3 hits no AS, hive regains one wound for every lost wound caused this way
warp scream: R 12 enemy units WS and BS is reduced to 1 for 1 round
Dominate: Hive tyrants synapse range is 18 inches for one round
- May buy any number of these abilities for some points:
Unspeakable Horror: Units wishing to charge or shoot at the hive must pass an LD check or........ well Not shoot/attack
Vicious mind: A core unit may flank and you get +1 to all reserve rolls
Ancient enemy: All Tyranid units within 6 have the Preferred Enemy rule
- May still buy a set of guards who stayed pretty much the same except their stuff does different things now (see biomorphs) and they have 2 wounds and get furious assault and blood lust when Papa is taken down

WS 3 BS 3 S 6 T 6 W 4 I 1 A3 LD 10 AS 2+

- may spawn 3D6 termagants per movement phase which may be activated as normal, but on a double number he can no longer spawn anything for the rest of the game.
- has spike blasters, is monstrous
- termagants within 6 may use his LD and gain counterstrike
- Has dominate psi power and may exchange it for:
The catalyst: a unit within 12 gains feel no pain
The force: unit within 12 may run/sprint AND shoot

Alpha Tyranid Warrior:
WS 6 BS 5 S 5 T 5 W 4 I 5 A 4 LD 10 AS 4+
- synapse creature, shadow of warp
- may buy almost everything except the REALY heavy stuff
- tyranid warriors in his unit may use his WS and I


Hive Guards:
WS 4 BS 4 S 5 T 6 W 2 I 2 A 3 LD 7 AS 3+
- Carry Harpoons: R 48 S 8 AP 4 Assault 2, don't require LOS (just like smart missile systems of the Tau)
- may buy some biomorps like crushing claws and stuff

- have 3 wounds now
- Have Stealth and Move Through Cover
- Gives +1 to reserve rolls and acts as an teleport homer within 6
- Appears anywhere on the table when available but may not move or charge that turn
- Has rending claws and AP and scything talons

- have only 5+ armor but 3+ Invulnerable save
- same profiles
- have two psychic powers
warp lightning: R 24 S 5 AP 3 Explosive 1
Warp Lance: R 18 S 10 AP 1 Assault 1, Lance
- Don't pay for psychic powers any more so relatively cheap

- Zorantroph profiles only with 2 attacks
- has tentacle whips and toxic Miasma
- has poison attacks 2+
- all tyranid units within 6 gain a 5+ cover save, defesive granades and every enemy that charges them must test for dangerous terrain

- Biovore profile only 3 wounds
- his attacks CC ignore armor saves
- as a heavy flamer
- when killed outright explodes in flaming acid and damages everyone around


Tyranid Warriors:
- 3 wounds now
- scything talons as a basic
- may get all weapons except for the REALLY heavy ones
- may have 2 melee biomorphes (check all the clwas in the list) even boneswords or pairs of boneswords
- synapse creatures ofc

- NO longer may charge 12
- very cheap
- 2A profile
- fleet with 3D6 and use the highest result

- even cheaper
- have two individual weapons
Toxic stinger: R 18 S 3 AP 6 Assault 1
Grapling choker: R Flaming S 2 AP - Assault 1, wounds against S not T
- every unit allows one Tervigon to be played as core

- same profile
- not subjected to instinctive behavior
- may buy a Brood Lord for almost 50 points who has more W, S, T, A, LD, WS....everything ^^
may have one of two psychic powers: one that makes genestealers count as having frag granades and one that may hypnotise , meaning bot roll an D6 and add their LD. If you are higher, the enemy may not attack
may buy some biomorphs like toxic blood

ripper swarms:
- may deep strike
- when they fail instinctive behavior they eat each other (one wound per point failed)
- not very expensive

Fast Attack:

Winged Tyranid Warriors:
- only 5 points more expensive than normal ones but worse AS (5+)
- fly obv ^^
- no options to medium heavy weapons

- SO cheap they make stormboyz seem like grey knights against them
- have FANTASY poison attacks in CC
- Termagant profiles
- have bug throwers
- fly ofc

WS 3 BS 4 S 6 T 5 W 4 I 5 A 3 LD 7 AS 4+
- monstrous creature, flyes, has a twinlinked Stranglethorn Cannon
- every unit he charges gains -1 I
- may shoot 3 spore mine on a unit he flyes over (like screamers) which causes a great blast S4 or 5 (don't remember) or three spore mines if he misses

Winged ripper swarms:
- well they are ripper swarms with wings, what else is there to say? ^^

Bulk of spore mines:
- 3-6
- deep strike and... well what do spore mines do? land somewhere and explode near smth
- explode in large blast S 4 AP 4 per guy

- still beasts
- 3 wounds WS 5 and 4 A profile
- scyting claws and wrenching claws as a given with a few options for exchange

Heavy support:

WS 3 BS 3 S 9T 6 W 4 I 1 A 4 LD 6 AS 3+
- may be taken in squads of 1-3
- pretty expensive
- need I to mention that tey may buy freaking EVERYTING?
- no more profile upgrades
- have "Bulldozer Rule" that gives them +2 I on charge
- Have Bio-plasma which is a shooting attack R 12 S 7 AP 2 Explosive 1

WS 5 BS 4 S 6 T 6 W 6 I 4 A 6 LD 8 AS 3+
- may sprint
- may deep strike and leaves behind a tunnel through which other units may deep strike in subsequent turns
- may NOT charge the turn he deep strikes
- bio electric field has R 12 S 6 AP - Assault 6
- may be upgraded to alpha in which case he is a synapse creature, has LD 10, has shadow of warp, and is bio electric field has Assault 12
- slightly more expensive than a carnifex

WS 3 BS 0 S 6 T 6 W 6 I 4 A 3 LD 9 AS 3+
- may deep strike, if he apears under a unit he places a large template there which has S 6 AP 2 ten moves all remaining models aside and is placed there (not in CC)
- has fall back and sprint rule
- may dig himself in again if he is not in CC in your movement to automaticly reapear in your next movement phase

- pretty cheap
- may shott one spore mine each that explode like descrbed above

WS 3 BS 3 S 6 T 6 W 6 1 A3 LD 10 AS 2+
- monstrous
- has Texorin Bugs and ONE of the 3 following weapons :
R 48 S 10 AP 4 Assault 2
R 36 S 4 AP 5 Assault 20
R Flaming S 5 AP 4 Assault 1, is shot like the inferno cannon of the imperial hellhound

Stuff I missed so far:

Mycetic Spore:
WS 2 BS 2 S 6 T 4 W 3 I 1 A2 LD 4 AS 5+
- deep strikes
- may be bought as an transport option for most units (not trigon, Mawloc, Venators, everything with wings)
- may carry 20 infantry guys or one monstrous creature
- may shoot: R 6 S 6 AP - Assault 3
- may not move
- has tentacle whips

Special Chars
First on No EXACT profiles here. I spent more attention on the rest of the list.

The Swarmlord (HQ):
- bigger bader Hive Tyrant
- Carries two enhanced boneswords
- Whirl of blades: has a 4+ ward save in CC
- May use two psychic powers per turn
- may give one unit within 12 counterstrike, furious assault or sharp senses for one round

One Eye (heavy support):
- Carnifex char
- Regenerates on 5+
- has a small temper problem which lets him get additional attacks for hit "basic attacks" and sometimes go berserk[/color]
- units within 12 may use his LD

Horror of Malanai (Elite):
- has stat line pretty similar to an alpha warrior with T 4
- Supersonic scream: Every enemy unit within 6 must take an LD test with 3D6 and lose the amount of wounds they failed it by
- whenever he causes wounds in any way he gains one wound up to the max of 10
- Has S X where X is the number of his wounds
- Psychic storm: can fire multiple DS 3 bolts with S equal to his wounds (so X)

Death Leaper (Elite):
- better Liktor
- has some "disappear again" rule like the old sly marbo
- VERY good at backstabbing people
- VERY good at scaring people from behind for no reason ^.^

Terror of Mantrax (HQ):
- larger gargoyl
- may shoot parasites at enemies tat can turn them into ripper swarms
- every enemy non tank model that flanks must take a T test or become a ripper swarms if they fail

Ymgarl Genestealers (Elite):
- Genestealers which can Either morph up their S, T or A by one at the beginning of their turn
- may start in "tranquil rest" which means they can ambush from a certain piece of terrain instead of beeing deployed (pretty likely to the old catachans)

The Shadow in the Warp is 12" range ability: roll psychic tests on 3d6 (all 3, don't discard the lowest), Perils of the Warp on double 1 or 6. Free for Hive Tyrant, Tyranid Warriors and Trygon Alpha.

Pyrovore: Template is S:6 AP:4.

Synapse Creatures
Units within 12 inches are fearless. No more Eternal Warrior.

Instictive Behavior
Each Tyranid unit not in range of a Synapse creature has to pass a morale check or falls back to instinctive behaviour. Melee-creatures move as fast as possible to the next enemy, while shooting creatures go for the next cover and shoot at the nearest enemies. What they do is said in their entries.

Weapon symbionts are no longer modified by the creature that wields it. There are heavy variants of most of them for the bigger creatures.

Venom Cannon: 3" blast now. They suffer a additional -1 penalty against vehicles. So, a glancing hit is - 3, a penetration - 1. So vehicles can now be wrecked with this weapon.

Heavy Venom Canon: S:9, same as above.

Scything Talons: One pair of tham grants rerolls on all 1's rolled to hit. Two pairs allow you to reroll all failed to hits.

Bonesword: Causes instant death, if the target fails a morale check after suffering a wound. If you bear two pairs, the morale check is made on 3d6.

Tentacle Whip: Reduce the initiative of all models attacking the user to 1.

Crushing Claws: D3 additional attacks.

These grant USRs.

Examples: Toxic Glands grant poisoned attacks (4+). Adrenalin Glands grant furious charge. An Injector grants Instant Death on each to wound roll of 6. There are many more.


Hive Tyrant, Alpha Warrior, Tervigon.
Named HQs: A special Hive Tyrant, A parasite-spreading winged horror.

Hive Tyrant: Initiative 6, WS:8. Starts of with a pair of Scything talons, a Tentacle whip and a Bonesword. May be given wings or heavy carapace (2+ armour save). May be given a Tyrant guard.

Hive Tyrant variant called the Swarmlord. Armed with 4 Boneswords (see rules above), and loaded up with special rules but costs more than a Land Raider.

May chose from 4 different psychic powers:

-Mental Scream: All enemy units within 18 " have to pass a morale check. if they fail it, they suffer the difference between the roll and their morale characteristic as casulties with no armour saves allowed.
-Lifeleech: One unit within 12 " suffers D3 S:3 AP:2 hits. For each casualty they suffer, the Hive Tyrant gains one wound, up to a maximum of 10.
-Power 3: Forces a unit to pass a morale check or to fall back.
-Power 4: A shooting attack.

Tyrant may be given special abilities, such as the bility to grant another unit outflank and +1 to reserve rolls.

Many weapon options available.

Special Hive Tyrant: WS:9. Invulnerable saves passed versus wounds inflicted by him must be re-rolled. He may give one unit within 18" Prerfered enemy, Furious charge or two other USRs.

Alpha Warrior: WS:6, granted to any unit of Warriors he joins.

Tervigon: Creates 3d6 Termagaunts with standard loadout each movement phase, even in close combat. If killed, gaunts nearby suffer heavy losses. It has its own psychic powers.

The Horror "The Parasite of Mortrex": Winged hit-and-run monster. Every enemy unit outflanking may suffer casualties. The outflanking unit picks one model, and must pass a toughness test. If failed the model is removed and the Tyranid player gets D6 Ripper swarms. The Horros does the same to victims he kills in assault.

Hive Guard: Unit size 1-3, BS:4 Weapons are 24" S:8 AP:4 Assault 2.

Lictors: 1-3 per FOC slot, acting together as one unit. Lictors deploy like Marbo. Grant +1 to reserve rolls. Deep striking units do not scatter if deployed within 6 inces of a Lictor, as long as it was on the table for at least one turn.

Ymgarl Genestealers: Biomorphable Genestealers. They may increase Attacks, Toughness, or Strength at the beginning of each assault phase. "Hibernation" rule: Pick a piece of terrain. When the Genestealers enter play, they are placed in the selected terrain. The unit may move, shoot and charge. Unit size: 5-10. No Broodlord option.

Zoanthropes: Unit size 1-3. Warp field grants 3+ invulnerable save.
Two psychic powers:
-Warp lightning: S:6 AP:3 3 blast
-Warp lance: 18" S:10 AP:2 Assault 1, lance

Special Zoanthrope "The Doom of Malantai": Leeches wounds with a powerful 5" blast shooting attack. S is equal to current number of Wounds, max of 10.

Death Leaper: WS:9, I:7. Deployed like a lictor, but may retreat and be replaced text turn. ~???

Hormagaunts: WS:3, S:3, I:5, A:2. Infantry. May be given poison and adrenalin glands. Unit size 10-30

Gaunts: Weapon is S:4 AP:5 Assault 1. For each 10 gaunts, one may be upgraded to a S:2 template that wounds against the target's Strength ~Sounds like tanglewebs return.

Warriors: WS:5, Many options. 4+ Armor save.

Genestealers: Mostly the same, but with less options. Cheaper than Grey Hunters, though. Armor save canot be increased. Infiltrate and Fleet.

Broodlord retains his statline, at a point cost of a Long Fang with a heavy bolter.
May have two psychic powers:
-Confusion: Both players roll a D6 and add the Ld of a model chosen by the Tyranid player. If the Tyranid total is the same or higher, the enemy targeted model may not attack in this close combat phase.
-Ability 2: Reduces the Ld of surrounding enemies by 1.

Fast Attack
Winged Warriors

Harpies: Flying, Trygon-sized creature that acts as a bomber. It drops Spore mines on a unit it flies over. Monstrous creature.

Raveners: Two pairs of scything talons. May have a thorax swarm: a special weapon, with ammo chosen at the start of the game. Three flamer variants.

Heavy Support
Carnifexes: Unit size: 1-3. Must have the same loadout. Cannot boost initiative, probably cannot improve armor past 3+. Gain +1 I when charging. Adrenaline glands give I:4 and S:10. Basic WS:3 S:9, W:4 2 pairs of scything talons, A:4.

Trygon: WS:6, S:6, W:6 A:6. Shooting attack: 12" S:6, AP:5 Assault 6. Deep Strike. Trygon cannot assault a unit he Deeps Strikes onto. Follows the same rules as Drop Pods, i.e. stopping within 1".
If upgraded to a Alpha Trygon, weapon becomes 18" Assault 12.

Tyrannofex: Walking weapon battery.
-Fleshborer swarm: S:4 AP:5 Assault 20
-Pyroacid spray: S:6 AP:4 template, used like the IG Hellhound.
-Capsule cannon: 48' S:10, AP:4, Assault 2

Dedicated Transports

Spore Capsule: Many units may purchase a Spore Capsule. Occupancy:1 Monstrous Creature, or 20 Infantry. Deep Strike. Disembarking unit may not move or assault. It may shoot.

STATLINE: WS:2 BS:2. T:5-6 W:3 A:3 S:6.
Weapon: 6" S:6 Assault 6.
Pics and news brought to the community by everyone's favorite masked man: Scryer In the Darkness

Well, 3 for 3 guys. Its Wednesday, and Tyranids info is dropping out of the sky around us. Here 's the latest set of pics and info snippets:

Okay, a bunch of new stuff to share with you all thanks to a very nice ninja. First up just a few expanded/clarified/interesting near direct quotes from the product brief...

"Codex: Tyranids contains a whole new set of creatures that are not yet covered by Citadel Miniatures. Enthusiastic players will want to create their own Tyrannofex or Tervigon with the help of the descriptions and images from the bestiary. (The product brief advises that) these can be assembled from a combination of parts of the Carnifex, Trygon and Tyranid Monstrous Arms Bitz Pack."

"Tyranid Warriors - Can be converted to an Alpha Warrior, a Tyranid HQ, which is ideal to lead a growing army of Tyranids or support a Hive Tyrant in its task. (The product brief advises that) you can combine the Tyranid Warriors kit with the new plastic Raveners to represent an Alpha Warrior."

"Trygon - Many parts of this kit are compatible with the Carnifex, enabling customers to create their own Tyranid monstrosities. In addition to the entry in Codex: Tyranids, there is also the option for Trygon with Ravener Brood 'Tunnel Swarm' formation for Apocalypse."

"Mawloc - Special rule is called 'Terror from the Deep' and it can 'smash defenses'." (This may just be flowery descriptive text rather than necessarily in-game function)

"Pyrovore - Are melee monsters that devour their enemies, breaking down the biomass of their victims and then transforming it into a powerful acid attack (in the form of a flamer template)."

~Get a load of that marketing sample sheet of the Biovore. Also note the mention of creatures in the codex without models that you can apparently build from the other kits (Carnifex-Trygon fusions apparently). New Apoc formations for the Trygons are also reported for early next year.

sildani [Moderator] 4 hours ago
To better disseminate the info, I present the following, courtesy of Bregalad on Warseer:

Only official news on Carnifexes so far:
- More attacks
- Better BS
- 1-3 Broods
- Options to make it a walking tank or cc monster.
So not completely nerfed so far

And from Scryer in the Darkness, also from Warseer:

Right, the good news is stores should be receiving their preview Codices very soon, i.e. literally any day now, the bad news is that they won't be the full Codex... but we all kinda figured that's what GW would do, right? Hopefully some lucky stores (read GW stores) will get proper Codices. So before we get inundated with all that, a few quick snippets for you that I haven't had time to verify (a bit run off my feet sorry) but can share with you:

The Shadow in the Warp is now 12" range on 3d6, Perils of the Warp on double 1 or 6. Free for Hive Tyrant, Tyranid Warriors and Trygon Alpha.

Hive Tyrant variant called the Swarmlord. Armed with 4 Boneswords (which are greatly improved now), and loaded up with special rules but costs more than a LR.

Zoanthrope variant whose S is equal to the number of Wounds it has... and it can have up to 10.

Pyrovore's template is S6 AP4 (not AP3). Also some talk of it getting to lay down a template every time it eats an enemy model... but I'm not sure if that was just a joke.

Now on to Deep Strike stuff... seems that the Trygon cannot in fact assault a unit he Deeps Strikes onto. Follows the same rules as Drop Pods apparently, i.e. stop within 1", however the same source hints that Mycetic Spore deployment is back, soooo...

And finally some totally alleged points cost and stats...

Trygon 200pts WS5, 6 Wounds, 6 Attacks* : Mawloc 160 pts
Carnifex 170pts WS3, 4 Wounds, 4 Attacks*
* Everybody comes with two pairs of scything talons as standard. There are also some biomorphs as standard but don't know what they are.

sildani [Moderator] 20 minutes ago
More stuff, courtesy of Scryer in the Darkness on Warseer:

Wait... the Hive Mind speaks to me... it says... you will make a tasty snack, no... it says...

The Shadow in the Warp - Perils is indeed all 3 dice. No discarding of the lowest.

Boneswords - disallow armour saves and if a wound is inflicted then a Ld test must be passed to avoid Instant Death. If a pair of Boneswords, Ld test is taken on 3d6.

Carnifexes - ...hold onto your butts... must be armed identically when in Broods.

Tervigon - is a HQ that spawns Termagants.

Looks like we have our 20 shot weapon.

Tyrannofex - No name yet, but I really do think that it must be the "Thorax Swarm" - S4 AP5 Assault 20

Latest word from the Hive Mind is that Hive Tyrants come with WS8 as standard, Swarmlord WS9.Latest word from the Hive Mind is that Hive Tyrants come with WS8 as standard, Swarmlord WS9.

And other new stuff, from BramGaunt on Warseer:

Some of this has been posted before, I'll post it again, plus all I remember.

Generel rules:

Synapse Creatures

units within 12 inches are fearless. No eternal warrior.

Feral behaviour: each tyranid unit not in range of a Synapse creature has to pass a morale check or falls back to instinctive behaviour. Melee-creatures move as fast as possible to the next enemy, while shooting creatures go for the next cover and shoot at the nearest enemies. What they do is said in their entries.

Weapons: Weaponsymbionts are no longer modified by the creature they weald it. There are heavy variants of most of them for the bigger creatures.

Venom Cannon: uses 3" blast now. They suffer a additional -1 penalty against vehicles. So, a glancing hit is - 3, a penetration - 1. You can wrec vehicles with this weapon now =)

Heavy Venom Canon: S9, same as above.

Scything Talons: One pair of tham grants you rerolls on all 1's you roll to hit, two pairs allow you to reroll all of them. Bonesword causes instant death, as long as you do not pass a morale check after suffering a wound. If you bear two pairs, the morale check is made with 3 dice.

Tentacle whip: reduces the initiative of all models attacking the bearer to 1.

Crusher Claws grant d3 additional attacks.

Lots more similar changes.


They grant general special abilities now.

Examples: Toxic Glands grant you poisonod attacks (4+), adrenalin grants furious charge, etc. A injector grants Instant death on each to wound roll of 6. I don't remember them all, though.


HQ: Hive Tyrant, Alpha Warrior, Tervigon. Named ones: A special Hive Tyrant, already mentioned, and a parasite-spreading winged horror.

Hive Tyrant: Initiative 6, Weaponskill 8. Starts of with a pair of cything talons, a tentacle whip and a Bonesword. Might be given wings or heavy carapace (2+ armour save)

May chose from 4 different psychic powers:
Mental scream:
all enemy units within 18 " have to pass a morale check. if they fail it, they suffer the difference between the roll and their morale characteristic as casulties with no armour saves allowed.

Lifeleech: one unit within 12 " suffer D3 autohits S3 AP2. for each casulty they suffer, the Hive Tyrant is granted one life point, up to a maximum of 10.

One that forces a unit to do a morale check or to fall back.

One shooting attack.

He might be given tactical advances, as for example to grant one standard unit outflank and +1 to reserve rolls.

Has lots of wapons available.

The special Hive Tyrant has Weaponskill 9. Wardsaves passed against wounds from him have to be rerolled.

He may buff one unit within 18 inches with prefered enemy, furious charge or two other special abilities.

Alpha Warrior:

Weaponskill 6, which he passes to a unit of warriors he joins.

Tervigon: Creates 3d6 termagaunts with standard loadout each movement phase, even if he's in close combat.

If he dies, gaunts near him suffer heavy losses.

He has his own psychic powers, though i don't remember them.

The horror is a hit and run monster with wings. Each enemy unit outflanking may suffer casualties: your oponent names one model within the unit, it has to pass a toughness test. if it fails it is killed and the tyranidplayer gets D6 Ripperswarms. He may do thesame to victims he kills in close combat.

Each Hive Tyrant may be given a Tyrant guard.


Hive Guard: up to 3 per unit, Ballistic skill of 4.

their weapons are 24 inches, S8, AP4 and assault 2.

Lictors: 1 - 3 per slot, they act together as one unit. Deployed like marbo.
still grant +1 to reserve rolls. Deep striking units do not scatter if deployed within 6 inces of a lictor, as long as he was on the table for at least one turn.

Ymgarls Genestealers:

They are NOT a named unit. basically, they are Genestealers, which can morph: they may increase their Attacks, Toughness or strength characteristic at the beginning of each close combat phase.

they have the rule "hibernation": note one piece of terrain. whey the genestealers become available, they are placed in this piece of terrain. they may move, shoot and charge.

Unit size 5 - 10, no broodlord for them.

Warp field grants 3+ ward save.
have to psycic powers: warp lightning and warp lance. warp lightning is S6 AP3 3 blaste, while the warp lance is S10 DS 2 Assault 1, lance at 18 inches.

squads of 3.

There is a named Zoanthrope which is a real pain in the ass for everyone, leachinglots of lifepoints with a strong 5 " template shooting attack.

The death leaper is his own elite choice, named. WS9, Initiative 7. Me is deployed like a lictor, but may retreat and be replaced text turn.


Weapon skill 3, S3, Initiative 5, 2 attacks.


May be given poison glands and adrenalin. Unit size 10 - 30

come with.... no idea what the weapon is named in english, but it's S4 AP 5 assault 1.
For each 10 gaunts, one may be upgraded with a S2 flamethrower that wounds against the strength characteristig.

Warriors: Weapon skill 5, lots of options. 4+ Armour save.
If led by a Alpha warrior they take up his Weaponskill.

Genestealers: Mostly the same as before, less options. Point cost lower than Grey hunters, though. No way to boost their armour save.

Have infiltrators and fleet.

Broodlord comes with his old profile, at a point cost of a longang with a heavy boltgun.
May have two psycic powers: Confusion, which makes both player roll a D6 and add the morale characteristics of a model chosen by the tyranid player. If the result of the tyranid player is the same or higher, the chosen miniature may not attack in this close combat phase.
The other ability reduces the morale characteristic of surrounding enemies by 1.

Winged warriors are assault.

Gargoyles: we knewe about them.

The Harpie is a flying, Trygon-sized creature that acts as a bomber. It may deploy Spore mines at a unit it flies over. Is a monstrous creature.

Raveners: come with two pairs of scything talons. May have a thorax swarm: thorax swarms are a special weapon, the ammunition is chosen at the beginnig of the game. 3 different flamer variants.

Heavy Support:
Carnifexes: In squads of three. Have to carry the same loadout.

You cannot boost their initiative, and I am almost sure that you cannor surpass 3+ Armour save.
when charging, carnifexes increase their initiative by t. If you buy them adrenaline ,that grants you Initiative 4 and strength 10. They still have 9 in the profile.
Carnifexes start with two pairs of scything talons and 4 attacks.

Trygon: WS6, S6, 6 Lifepoints and 6 attacks.

Has a shooting attack, S6, ap5, assault 6, 12 " range.

If upgraded to a Alpha Trygon, he has 18 " and assault 12.

Tyrannofex: My favorite. a walking weapon battery.

Weapons are: Fleshborer swarm, S4 ap 5 assault 20

pyroacid spray: S6 ap 4 flamer templated, used exactly like the hellhound.

Capsule cannon: S10, AP4, assault 2, 48 " range.

unneccesary to mention that he's a monstrous creature with high toughness.

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Heresy's own Dies Irae brings us this news:

Originally Posted by Dies Irae
when the "Doom of Malanthai" fires his psychic power, he loses 1D3 Wounds...which makes him far less interesting!
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