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Rhino or Drop Pod?

I play space wolves and love using vehicles especially APCs. I don't know which is better a rhino or drop pod. Can anyone explain the pros and cons.
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Well, im not much of an Adeptus Astartes player (though soon hope to be...) but what I can gather from questions I, myself, have asked and from the generic Space Marines/Wolves info abroad on this forums then Rhino`s are probably better for your tactical squads, and troop choices. Where as Drop Pods are better for more specific units, units that will actually do some serious damage behind lines, like Dreads and Vets (or Wolf Guard in your instance...) Rhino`s are more vulnerable however, though they are not one shot like `Pods ( I think...) and Im pretty sure that both boast the same amount of supporting firepower. With Razorbacks being there for Command Squads and Devastators, and Landraiders there for Terminator Squads...

My two cents, though you`d get a better answer from a Marine/Wolf player...
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Pros- reliable, permanently mobile unless damaged, has smoke launchers (almost makes it not worth shooting at for a turn)
Cons- takes a few turns to get to where you are needed

Drop Pod
Pros- instantly where you want to be, 50% rounded up on turn 1 means you know when X amount of your pods are comming making them great for early anti-tank.
Cons- you lose it as soon as it enters play (as a transport) so your guys are then relatively immobile and exposed, very easy KP in anhiliation games (sure its AV12 but its immobile, likely to be close the enemy and its open topped- 2 AP1 penetrating hits means its dead for sure, each one kills it straight on a 3+ anyway). Only 10 transport capacity on a SW pod... not a con compared to the rhino but other marines will laugh at you.

Personally my favourite combo was 2-3 rhinos and 1, 2 or 3 pods: meant my anti tank would drop dpwn and strike at the enemy while my mech forces raced accross the field to support them. Counter fire would hit the drop pod forces allowing the rhinos a clearer path.
This is better then pure mech or pure pod since against a pod list reserving your army means they are totally screwed (1/2-3/4 of the pods should be on the table before you enter play.. and you can fight them and their contects at will) and a pure mech list you just destroy the rhinos you dont want reaching you and barely get to attack the enemy in the first 2 turns.

I like having troops in any even pod (I liked taking 2). I had some grey hunters with a meltagun so they could come down and target a vehicle if my anti-tank has gone badly and/or died or,. more importantly, they could grab an objective. Either one I abandoned to advance or one I captured but lack the troops to hold... if your really nasty then you can grab 2 if they are close to 12" apart. I would often have 10 GH in a pod and 6 (old codex) in reserve. Then 3*10 blood claws in rhinos racing accross the field supported by a vindicator, venerable dread in pod and a normal dread- blood claws would try to clear/captureblock enemy objectives and grey hunters would either help out or just go for uncontested (or lightly held) objectives. Going from having no objectives turn 2 to having 2 on turn 3 as 3 other units of troops hit the enemy's objectives is a pretty crushing morale victory if nothing else.

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Like Tim/Steve I use 1 or 2 drop pods and the rest in rhinos racing up. This gives you an immediate threat to the enemy to deal with and the rest of the army racing up to destroy them.

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One of my favorite multiple-pod strategies is to have different purposes for your podding marines so that you can use the ones you need and keep the rest for a time when they might be more useful. For example, one could be filled with combi-melta wolf guard/sternguard for anti-tank and another with a dreadnought with a twin-linked heavy flamer and another heavy flamer or wolf guard/sternguard with combi-flamers for anti-infantry and then if you have troops, hold them in reserves to take objectives late-game.

If you had 4 pods you could have a couple come in turn one who are equipped for anti-tank to destroy transports, then your anti-infantry and/or objective-holders can come down in later turns and flame the infantry that have been de-transported.
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There is absolutely no reason in the world to buy a Rhino instead of a drop pod. It saves you money as in your drop pod is a mandatory upgrade for your dreadnoughts, terminators etc. etc.

Rhinos are obsolete.

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the drop pod is brilliant,
you can keep troops back for that last chance to contest objectives,
its baisicly having the abilty to directly land where you need them the most,
and with clever planning it can be deadly.
fair enough they are not as mobile as a rhino,
but waves of thought out drop pods can really leave a brown stain in your enemies pants.

i agree with culler,
i use 4 pods. in a 1750 list,
and depending on who im facing i will.
put 3 ten man tacs and a dread in there,
or 2 tacs and 2 dreads. if mech heavy. everything has its weeknes but if you give your dropped units the right support they will be awsome.

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see, being a Chaos player, we're restricted to just rhinos. on that i find the rhinos to be absolutly priceless in an army. the ability to move forward and use the hatch to fire 2 weapons out is IMHO far and away better then a drop pod. on that a drop pod fires its gun at less then BS4 where as a rhino can atleast be useful with a few accurate shots before blowing up. when i used to play SM's i found drop pods had a bad tendancy to not be able to be used after the inital landing where as a rhino can be a transport OR a mobile wall/ LOS blocker.

my vote is strictly rhino for anything infantry like, and drop pod for dreads {preferably ironclads}

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For Chaos I was thinking of converting a drop pod and using it in Apocolpyse games with it's own datasheet (Same rules as the SM one but with possibly extra armour, 'nother special rule, etc).
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chaos has a drop pod for apocalypse. its called the chaos Dreadclaw. it should be in one of the imperial armor books.

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