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Default Substituting?!

Okay, so I'm a pretty laid back gamer, I'm more into the hobby side of things but I enjoy a friendly game here and there. So last night, me and a couple of mates where setting up for a few of drinks and a game or two, when one the boys who plays IG pulls out some kind plastic box with a pen taped to it and explains that it is in fact his Basilisk. We often use house rules and such so I wasn't really bothered, it was roughly the same size and the bloke actually owns a real Basilisk (god knows where it was and why he wasn't using that) so whatever.

Well, the other guy who plays Eldar was flat out against the use of this plastic box and pen tank, he demanded it be removed from the table or he refused to play. He claimed that assembling and painting your models is what gives you the right to field them, blah blah blah. Even though the Guard player has an actual Basilisk, he wouldn't accept this, claimed it was unfair and that was that. He simply would not play.

So now I'm wondering, because I don't take the game has seriously as others, does he have a point or is he just being a bitch?

Would you let your opponent field a plastic box pen tank against you?

How would this kind of thing go down in your local store?

Please help Keak reach his full potential.

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I would mock them and then roll with it, periodically cracking jokes about his proxies and trying to get a laugh from everyone.

That eldar player needs to remove the stick from his rectum. If it's fun, go with it. Drama and whining at your opponent for using a proxy = not fun. People seem to forget that fun is the most important thing.
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i'm with culler, though i'm personally agenst myself using proxies i don't mind others doing it. epsially if they're trying to play test something before buying it. i say its ok. on a side note i find most eldar players to be complete pompus ass' and tend to ignore them...their army cheats anyways.

Ave Dominae Nox
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Many, many years ago I used a box of junior mints as a vindicator to see how it worked before buying one. My opponent's only requirement was that if I ate all the mints the tank was destroyed, as the crew had all died. Sadly, I couldn't resist the delicious minty freshness and it died second turn. Damn my sweet tooth.
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I'm with Culler, I have used some proxies in friendly games and you already knew that thisguy owned a real one, that maybe he just forgot it or it was in the middle of a huge conversion. The Eldar player does need to chill, just because he is playing a highstrung bunch of aliens does mean he needs to act like one as well.
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That's a little extreme of the Eldar player. His anger might be slightly more understandable if the other player was using a box for a model he didn't have. I might be a little ticked if he was using boxes for multiple tanks.

The only situation that I would even consider not playing the guy was if he was using, say a shoebox for a Titan. Or if he used the box tank repeatedly for a long period of time. But that other guy just need to chill.
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The Eldar player was just being a goof. He was annoyed that he was going to get blown to pieces by a Basilisk and was looking for a way out so he chose to attack the fact that it was a proxy model.

Kick 'em in the balls.

Katie D
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Yeah, as long as it's near the same size/shape, and he actually knows how to use it or has one, I think it's fine. That Eldar player was probably just on his period anyway. And just to be nice, I would probably warn him before breaking my foot off in his ass.
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break someone else's foot off in his ass. You'll need yours

*sigh* I have to point out that despite what you see in games, lasrifles win wars. Just because lasrifles suck at killing superhuman killing machines in power armor does not mean that they are bad weapons. You are shooting them at the wrong targets. The most common enemy the Imperium faces is lightly armored humans armed with lasguns or autoguns, NOT SPACE MARINES.
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As you said, kind of odd he didn't just bring the bassy he owned..but anyway. To the point, that was pretty uptight of the Eldar player. I'm kind of 50/50 on the proxy issue. If you have a 1500 game and you're army list you usually use, but let's say you know you're playing a Tyranid player. The night before you replace half your army with plastic green/tan army men and a few boxes for tanks just to optimize your list...thats a bit too far for me, and I'd probably still play if they were close to the same size, but still that's pretty poor gaming.

On the other hand, if someone doesn't have access to say Vassal, and they're playtesting a new tank before they buy it, I'd definatley be all for letting them use proxies, as there's little worse then spending 50 bucks on a tank you hate.
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