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Default Warhammer 40k interactive gaming board!

Now, I know this was one of those videos that went crazy around the forums last year, but I have used all the power bestowed to me by Typhus, and after many agony filled nights navigating the catacomb filled sea that is the warp, resurrected this damn video.
('Tis pretty awesome too)

EDIT: Yays for run on sentences!

Originally Posted by Sethis View Post
I love the way we have 2 moderator posts, one of them saying "I love your bum" and the other saying "Holy shit, we have an ignore function?!".

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Awesome. I'd be interested to see how it worked with actual armies.

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That looks wicked. Ive played that ps3 game eye of the beholder which is similar to that but is about as exciting as watching paint dry. Its an excellent idea if its done right plus it can bring the Warhammer and Warhammer 40K universes into the 21st millenium

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Wow, if the citidal realm of battle board costs $450 AUS, imagine the price tag on that! So worth it though...

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It's fairly similar to this concept: http://www.microsoft.com/surface/

Aside from the fact you'd lose all that awesome scenary, it could be pretty cool (and dare I say easier?) to play on an interactive table.

Surface isn't that expensive in a Corporate scenario - we've considered one for our school in fact in reception. The custom software might be prohibitive though...

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You would loose scenery unless they come up with holo projections but it would be super expensive, the easiest way would be to to 2D buildings on the map and have it so when aiming for LOS and movement it changes or blocks the movement and shooting icons but this would throw TLOS out the window as the buildings would more than likely be solid and therefore completely block LOS until inisde them (when they so to speak open up)
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nice boy, daft though !
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as pretty as the idea is it does not fulfil the requirements of a 40k board......but if it were designed for space hulk....or hero quest.

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Like BitsandKits said,a Space Huk Version of this would rock!
There ma be a lack of scenery,but maybe that coud be added?

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I always wondered why GW dosen't just give up and make their games into a video game that is an accurate representation of the game (now I remember, its the money! :D) and this is almost exactly how I imagined it, just virtual.

Also, they should totally just turn 40K into a PC game. But to force people to buy models, you buy the game software, and all the models you buy have a serial number that would unlock their virtual counterparts. Anyway, never gonna happen, but maybe something cool like this board will.
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As if GW would settle with selling tables and some accessories... Maybe when a cheap 3D solution arises, and even then I think its going to be home-made and not GW-made.


Though if there actually were a 3D solution (kinda like the game 3PO played in Star Wars if you remember the scene on the Millenium Falcon) it would be awesome but maybe a bit bad too, since it'd make the game 18+ for sure. I mean imagine an honestly done "Defiler vs Guardsmen" Assault Phase, or "Devastator Plasma Cannons vs. Ork Boyz" Shooting Phase. And lets not forget the Slaaneshi bits of 40K, along with Dark Eldar love and joy. Oh, and Daemons and Chaos in general. Lets hope there won't be any sounds or they make it optional. Though it'd be great to hear bolters and autocannons barking, Berserkers letting out their battlecries, Sorcerers chanting, the roaring of Raptor jump packs... the sheer awesomeness brings tears to my eyes...

And what if you could record a game and see it as one short "movie" instead of the whole sluggish thing? Just imagine, you could make your own 40K movie in a matter of hours! And all of it in 3D! Even Apocalypse! With sound! It'd be like DoW in true 3D! *sigh* I wish I lived long enough to see that happen...

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