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Default CSM army help?

I am wanting to start a CSM army and I need help with what to start out with.

Any ideas/suggestion?
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Some Berzerkers £12. Tactical Squad £20. Chaos Terminator Lord £12
That's a pretty standar army but can still win games.And you really need the Codex £12.

So that Total is=£56

But you could buy Battleforce £50 Codex £12 and Chaos Sorcerer £7.

A bit more pricey at £69 but better value.

Oh Battle force contains.

15 Tactical Chaos Marines
9 Khorne Berzerkers (BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD)
1 Chaos Rhino
5 Chaos Possesed

So thats a good buy too.
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Well, don't dive into this. Chosing your units for a CSM army is very difficult at first, then it becomes easy enough.

Firstly, you need to decide which chaos god you want to worship! There are advantages and disadvantages for each selection which are quite easy to see.

Khorne - The Blood God, if you are going to devote yourself to khorne the main legion to pick would be the world eaters. Home to the khorne berzerkers. Close combat being their speciality. Worshippers of khorne want to kill things all the time, as quickly as possible. Pick khorne if your a fan of mindless violence and have the urge to KILL! MAIM! BURN!

Tzeentch - The god of change, knows the past and present and to some extent the future. Followers of tzeentch seek out knowledge and pursue magical powers and the black arts. The thousand sons make up the majority of the troop line in an army also named the thousand sons. Pick tzeentch if you are a fan of strategy and planning. A person who is wise selects tzeentch. His greater daemon, the lord of change is also one of the best greater daemons. And followers of tzeentch have access to many amazing psychic powers.

Nurge - The lord of death and decay wants nothing more than to plague everyone and everything. Also known as the lord of all because everything can be decayed. Nurgles warriors are the toughest of the bunch and due to the plagues bloating their bodies and numbing their senses they can survive even the strongest of bolter shots. Plague marines make up the backbone of nurgles armies, similarly to the necrons Nurgles forces are slow but incredibly difficult to kill. Some units also have access to abilities such as nurlges rot to poison enemies.

Slannesh - The prince of excess! God of pleasure, sounds great? His followers strive to try new things and experience new pleasures all the time, some become noise marines. Who can only find joy in the screams of the dying. Personally I dont know much about slannesh because making a slanneshi army never really appealed to me like the others did. Sorry!

Chaos Undivided - Some chaos cults choose chaos undivided, and worship chaos as a general idea. Not a particular god. Regular chaos space marines are used a lot here and cult troops are usually not found in fluffy armies. But chaos undivided is for people who are undecided. You are given the gifts of all the chaos gods, but not to the same extent as the cults who worship them exclusively.

To sum things up
Khorne armies include lots of berzerkers and close combat potential units with the idea of charging in headlong and splilling lots of blood for the blood god

Tzeentch armies are stocked up on thousand sons units and sorcerors. Stuff with magical powers basically. Tzeentch armies are more tactical, thinking before doing and praying that the god of planning and change has it in his master plan for you to win. Thinking carefully wins battles.

Nurgle armies include lots of plague marines as the backbone and many other units which are tough to take down. Each one of nurgles units takes a LOT to kill. Allowing an unstoppable march towards the enemy.

Slaanesh, again im sorry but I dont know much about this.

Chaos Undivided armies are slightly more flexible. Tactical squads making up the bulk, havoks providing heavy supporting fire and just about any space marine unit that has turned to chaos is at your disposal. Apart from cult troops if your being fluffy.

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To help Virus out a little with Slaanesh - it's (can't really say he or she) the god of sex, drugs, and rock and roll. I don't think you need to elaborate much more than that. Apart from mentioning that Slaanesh is the god responsible for Lash of Submission, a subject of much anguish for many 40k players these days.

CSM are a great army for starting. They offer a great deal of modeling fun and customization. They also bring a great variety of strong models/units to choose from. In a way that can almost be a drawback to the army. There might be too many decisions to make you might say. If you're going for competitive play, you probably won't find yourself devoted to a single god themed army. In that respect CSM have lost a great deal of fluff. Apart from personal satisfaction and fluff-fun, there's not a lot of reason left to play single god army, in my humble opinion anyway. A Slaanesh demon prince can lead your army, and you can be safe in taking some Nurgle plague marines without any ill-effect that is to say.

My first bit of advice, when starting any army, is spend some time hanging around your Friendly Local Gaming Store. Watch a few games. Your average gamer is friendly enough, I'm sure they'll be more than willing to talk/brag about their army. You've decided to go with an army that's fairly common, so you won't find it difficult to come across a CSM game or two. You may not be able to comprehend all the rules, but pay attention to the interactions of models. Hell, pay attention to which models look sweet. Strike a balance within yourself with how competitive you want to be, how fluffy you want to be, and how awesome you want your army to look. Next decide what style of army you wish to play within the constraints of CSM. Do you want to be more assault heavy? (CSM are already by default a little more assault oriented than their more vanilla SM cousins). Do you want to be a lotta of beef on the board? Do you want gigantic walkers that look like Doom II bosses? (Man, Defilers are sweet) Try to narrow your army down to a definitive core of sorts. Those few models you're absolutely set on. From there proxy the rest. Use blank bases with scraps of paper denoting what they are.

If you're fortunate like I was when I was starting out someone may help you learn the game more hands on before you even buy a single model. My first time was a team game. A friend let me play a couple units in his army against his friend and brother at their dining room table. It wasn't much but it taught me a few things.

Obviously picking up your army's codex at some point is important (if you haven't already), if you have the extra money to drop a BRB might not be a bad investment either. It's important to learn the rules but at its cost you might be better off just borrowing one from a friend or paging through one at your FLGS while you watch a game or two. If your's is anything like the one in my area they have a community BRB, and about a dozen SRB's laying around for communal use. (Some shops frown on spending too much time reading through books on the shelf without actually buying them).

All that said. I'm a strong advocate for a Daemon Prince HQ, Plague Marines, and Obliterators. Chaos Lords are solid HQs, but I personally favor a Daemon Prince. Plague Marines are basically one of, if not the toughest objective camping troop choices in the game. And Obliterators have a silver bullet for just about any unit/model you could want to shoot at. Khorne berserkers are a solid assault troop and you'd be hard pressed to find a list that doesn't run at least ten of them in a Rhino. I also dig Noise Marines, but don't view them as integral as all of the aforementioned units. Of course those are all decisions you'll be able to make yourself after reading up a bit and hanging around the gaming table.

My final bit(s) of advice: Hang around these forums a bit. Never hesitate to ask questions. There's a lot of cool cats, with a lot of advice to give. While you're hanging around check out some army builds some other players run in the 40k Army Lists sub forum.

Lastly, welcome to the forums.

Si vis pacem, para bellum...
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My only advice is: anything but khorne brezerkers:cheeper to convert from basic CSM (khorne brezerkers=cheeper than average)

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Originally Posted by Col. Schafer View Post
My only advice is: anything but khorne brezerkers:cheeper to convert from basic CSM (khorne brezerkers=cheeper than average)
?What? You get 12 berzerkers for 18, whereas you get 10 CSM for 18, how is cheaper to convert CSMs? Actually, if you want to make khorne raptors, buy a box a zerkers and jump packs off bits'n'kits, very cost effective.

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