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@Alex: I think that's the funniest thing I've heard yet!

Originally Posted by Lucio View Post
Camo is the color of cowardice but if the only ones to call you a coward are now a puddle of plasma there isnt a problem.
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I hate fighting necrons, so decided to take eldrad backing up a 5 man dark reaper squad. Guided shooting against doomed enemies was fun, but the grin on my face was wiped clean off when his scarab charge took every single man down..including eldrad.
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This one was more embarrassing for the opponent, but it was still pretty good.

We were playing an annihilation match, my orks against his chaos. After a few turns, all I had left were a small squad of lootas and a trukk, and he had a greater daemon (or maybe a daemon prince? Whichever has T6). Anyway, I moved my lootas into the trukk and drove away (it was the only way to keep them alive...). He charged the trukk, and didn't roll any 6's so he did nothing. Then I did the orky thing and shot his daemon in the face with about 20 deffgun shots. By the end of that he had only 1 wound left (darn...) and during his turn he attacked and destroyed the trukk. It ended up exploding. Guess what happened to the greater daemon? He went down with it (6 to wound, 1 to save), KABOOM! lol. Needless to say, my opponent wasn't too happy about that.
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Originally Posted by Inquisitor Varrius View Post
@Alex: I think that's the funniest thing I've heard yet!
It gets worse, for his encore my opponent flank marched a skullhamma onto the board right next to my Pylon and a trio of monoliths ( That had the two monolith datasheets) deploying Nobs, Ghazagull and some Terminators and destroyed it, leaving 3 warrior squads and 3 monoliths looking very vulnerable. I managed to kill quite a lot, teleporting a 4th group of warriors to mop up some survivors. I realised in the last turn these warriors had been sitting on my objective which meant that my opponent had one objective and I had none.

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My daemon prince with MoN against my friend who played SoB. Had one wound left before getting assualted by his inquisitor and retinue, surviving all the blows from power weapons and multiple combat attacks, only to be cut down by a cherub(sp?) im not quite sure how a flying baby thing would deal a fatal wound to a DP happened
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Off hand I can't think of an unexpectedly embarrassing loss to any of my models. My luck tends to be poor defensively (I roll terrible armor saves), average to good offensively but miss a lot of MG shots I shouldn't. Additionally I can make some really boneheaded plays - poor movement, poor deployment, and pretty much feel it's earned when my models die from my stupidity. Moral of the rant being... I'm usually not surprised when I lose models to any situation. Random dice are random - crazy things happen in TT gaming.

My friend last week, however, was livid that he lost a squad of nobs+thraka to two different tactical squads. He had taken a single wound to Thraka from a Rhino SB (which ended being a major deal in the following assault), and decided to split Thraka from the Nob Squad to assault one squad of tactical marines in one direction, and another squad of tactical marines in a different direction. This tactic had paid off a day earlier against my other friend's tyranids when it resulted in the death of three carnifexes - two of them in a multi-assault the nobs managed; one from thraka alone. He easily got the assault and then proceeded to lose over the course of two/three turns. Thraka scored a single wound against the tactical marines on the assault (rolled terrible to hit/wound - lucky for me), and took some PF chin music from the sergeant in the squad. The PF scored one wound that is, and Thraka easily avoided the hits/wounds from the regular marines in the squad. He then killed another three marines in the next assault phase - my marines lost that combat by two stayed to fight and killed Thraka a turn later. On the other tactical marine front a similar situation unfolded, except that I lost a few more tactical marines, but they managed to do a nice fall back/shoot/assault back in trick (not from combat tactics; BA don't have that rule - that's just how the dice happened to go). My friend was rather upset/embarrassed.

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