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Default Daemonhunters? Ideas

Ive been playing eldar pretty much the whole time ive collected 40k and i have a large eldar army so im thinking of expanding into a new army.

the fragility of the eldar annoys me sometimes, so this time i wanted to collect an army that is really tough and strong, even if it hurts numbers somewhat.

I prefer close combat over anything i think, but id like some shooting options. i was thinking of collecting daemonhunters because they seem to fufill these requirements, but im open to suggestions.

id also love it if some veteran daemonhunter players might give me an idea of what a good starting force looks like, as far as pur grey knights or using inquisitorial troops or what.
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Daemon hunters can be either very tough or pretty easy to play with. They are tough if you limit yourself just to the DH codex entries, as they have some glaring weakness's - mainly the high points cost of greyknights and the actual lack of access to anti tank hvy weapons outside landraiders (pricey in pts) and dreads (very vunerable to anit-tank itself).
Going all greyknight accents this even more as you have probably the most elite force availible in 40k, one that each model is almost worth a character in his own right, but will make you feel the lose of every single model.
Using inducted troops does let you fill in the gaps, taking guard for example could give you plenty of cannon fodder foot troops with a few ML's or LC's and then whack in the odd heavy tank like a russ for the kill.
Again taking marines gives you access to heavy weapons and better battletanks etc.
Witchhunters are actually one of the best options for inducted trops IMO - they are superior in every way to stormtroopers (armour, weapon, faith etc) and only cost a single point more - BARGIN! Also they will gain you access to the exorcist, one of the meanest anti-tank vehicles available to the imperum (D6 S8 AP1 - hello!).

So the question the first rests in what kind of force do you want?
DH codex
Grey Knight
Radical - so no grey knights
Or inducted?

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The problem with me giving advice on this subject is that my army is in no way designed to fight, just to look good on the battlefield. The fluff surrounding the Ordo Malleus is what made me collect a DH army and have it led by an Inq rather than a GK. My preponderance of STs over PA GKs was only dictated by a hatred of the GK PA models (something i think ive solved) so yeah... my advice, go with what you like...

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I may be new to this but look at my army list on this forum if you want some ideas its not a pure deamonhunters army but it solves the problem of a lack of haevy weapons with preds dreads and landrader crusaders ohh and not forgetting terminators. These options kill pritty much anything. But they are expensive.
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You've got 8 troop slots right? fill four of 'em up with grey knights, and four with stormies armed to the teeth with anti-tank guns. If you feel the need, mount some of your stormies in chimeras, for the multilaser and lasguns. Then, max out your fast attack with drop troop grey knights, and for any inquisitors you take, mount them in land raiders, further increasing your anti-tank potential. Take an inq. lord and a grey knights master, so you can take dreads and HS land raiders. Then, take an orbital strike, and choose whether you want 2 land raiders, 2 dreads, or one of each. I would ignore the termies, as they're just grey knights with a +2 save. Take an assasin, 2 inquisitors, and trick out the retinues with antitank power, plasma cannons, multi-meltas and such. Do the same with the inquisitor lord.

Also, stick a HK missle on all vehicles that can take 'em. Unlimited range krak missile my friend.

There, a list with so much anti-tank firepower a titan would think twice!

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One day I want to piss off both SoB and Space Marine players at the same time and make a DIY witch Hunter force with an all-male chamber militant.

I still like Demon Hunters though, but that's because I love the psycannon and 'metalstorm' inquisitor retinue

I'm not a big fan of GKs though...too expensive, and I hate the free meatgrinder for demons thing that comes with them.

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I haven't played my DH's In a while now but shooty dreads tended to do well for me with the ML/LC combo, a couple of those with multiple Pycannons and double melta Rhino/Chimera Stormies and your good to go.
Or you could always go for the cheeky 5 Landraider list!

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dreads are dirt cheap in the deamonhunters army plus you can give them every weapon under the sun and they have brilliant upgrades
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Actually, Dreadnoughts aren't that good at penetrating armour, especially those of the Grey Knights. At the absolute best, a Tankhunting Venerable against AV14, a Dreadnought is exactly as good as a Trilas Predator, and in all other situations, worse. As Grey Knights lack the option of Tank Hunter, they are rather bad at killing armour, and in addition cost an extra 5 points for some reason.
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You perfectly correct Uber there not as good, but when they don't have the option to bring In Devs, preds ect there the obvious alternative. If your running pure Grey Knights where else can you get LC's and ML's that move and shoot?

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