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Default The Problem...Is Choice

Okay guys, I was wondering if it was just me. Now, I've been away from the hobby for about 7 years. I've played Eldar, Emperor's Children, and Dark Eldar armies. My question is, am I the only one who has a really difficult time choosing an army.
Now, i'm not asking anyone to choose for me. But I find myself attracted to the fluff of various armies, and thats how I make my choice, usually.
My current dilemma, Black Templars or Salamanders, two very different forces. I have a good idea which one I'll end up doing.
Anyway, just curious if I'm the only one who goes through this?
Maybe I should stop reading the 40k stories so much,lol.

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I don't read the novels, so my hard choices are developing the fluff of my army because I want to personalize it rather than take a pre-set chapter or sect or whatever that army's fluff entails. To me it's more about making them your own.

So to answer your question, yes, it is just you
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Yep, it's just you.

I've started three armies over the last 21 years.
SM (everyone does... RT), Eldar (RT) and DH (3rd ed).

Due to space limitations, I can't start another army unless I give up one that I have. I don't dislike my GK/DH enough to give them up, and my SM and eldar are both apocalypse level armies (9000+pts each).
I don't like any of the remaining armies enough to get rid of any of these. I'm a grown up. I made my choices, and I have to live with them.

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It is pretty easy to pick one then let your play style develop which leads me to another army. Glad I only settled on 7 of them at this point.

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I have trouble deciding what to build first since I have so many ideas and as it is I'm working on three large apoc armies that will takes years of work to complete while a few other armies are begging me to start on them like Tau and Orks. I actually find plenty of fluffy armies very interesting and IU want to work on them like several of the traitor legions and some of the legions pre-heresy but I have to limit myself.

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ur not the only one, i have it hard cause they are all so pretty and to chromedog not everyone goes SM, im never going there as i dont like them but the other armies its hard, i have sisters, eldar and IG atm though

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Yep I am totally the same. My problem is I will start an army and then half way though want to totally change it.
half way though my Iron warrior army I got bored so started painting all my unpainted CSM as Emperors Children I know have a half and half army.
I am in the process of painting my Traitor guard army and the same thing is happening I am painting Khorne soldiers and all I want to do is paint them purple like slaanesh. Screw it maybe I should just give in and became a pawn of the Prince.
There are only 3 armies in the whole of 40k I dont like nids,necrons and Tau (no offence to people who play them) the main reason for that is lack of fluff and character.
About two hours ago I was thinking of starting a space wolfs army or a night lords army and I have not even painted 20% of my guard army !!

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I feel you pain - I came back to the hobby after a long break a couple of years back and was faced with a similar crisis of "ok, all the models look lovely now - which army to play?"

Finally settled on Tyranids, now I also have Emperor's Children and I'm about to start a traitor guard army. I also have a couple of WHFB armies as well. Needless to say about 75% of my models aren't painted still.

I think I may have become addicted again :S
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Stuck for choice? Go Nurgle!

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Goooooo Nurgle!

*chorus of Plaguebearers chimes in with inspiring verse*

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the visual of nurgle cheerleaders is rather upsetting
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