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Default Sentinels (and other Fast Attack)

Hey I'm just looking for a bit of advice from experienced Guard players on how to best use Sentinels. I know most people won't have too much experience with the new codex but Sentinels seem to be pretty much the same, and I imagine they will still be used in the same way.

I really like the look of the models and I'm thinking about using a few with plasma for my Traitor Guard. Are they a good fast attack choice? How will I get the most out of them on the tabletop?

I know most people will probably be using a lot of Valks, because they are new and shiny (and big and shooty). I know I am going to use at least one Valkyrie in my army, but I'd like to explore my other fast attack options also.

How about rough riders? I'm not a big fan of the models (I see a lot of conversion potential though) but how well do they perform in game?

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I have found sentinels work great sometimes and flop other times, they are good for moving up quick and when equipped with a lascannon can be used as decent tankhunters just make sure to keep them behind something if possible as they are fairly weak armor wise.

Rough riders from my experience are one shot wonders, the turn they charge they are great their lances go boom and things die, other then that though they are nice to clean up pockets of infantry and harass the enemy. They do however offer some really cool conversion possibilities.

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Sentinels are great harrassers, obviously, with their scouts rule.
with the new Astropath mix, a unit of those with heavy flamers can do ungawdly things to soft squishies in cover (outflank and dig out pathfinders/grots holding objectives/cover hiding lootas etc etc).
Knowing who is going first with a scout move can allow you to move em out (if you don't outflank) and know they'll be in range of a front rank/infiltrating unit after your movement (barring 'seize the initiative').
Plasma cannon/hvy sentinels...armour is nice, but I think you are better served with the outflank/maneuverability of the original scouting version.

I do NOT like rough riders beyond fluff...they are very one shot-ish...but if you are using Ursakar Creed, they are one of the units you can assign scouts to for a nice nasty outflanking death charge...just accept they will die immediately after.

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now the best way i have found out to play them is NOT like a dreadnought in the open because thats stupid and gonna die straight away because of weak armour.
but to use them like you do infantry move them around cover to hide and anything that can save it.

if setting up make it a place with cover near by from which you can use the scout move and get to a good position.

or if using drop troops only pick targets you know you can seriously hurt within a squadren too many times have i made this mistake thinking that 1 sentinel can hurt any tank from deep striking behind it dont do that deep strike where cover is near by and if it is sure to kill it. i deep strike a squadren of sentinels if possible behind something thats threatening like a skyray or vindicator etc.

best use is go for auto cannons againt anything light armoured or things with toughness5 or worse.

lasscannon well thats obvious tank but be wary it will need to be in a squad to have a chance of hitting and doing damage.

multilasers good against anything with a save worse then 3 so tau, guard, eldar, tyranid, and orks are a good choice space marines not so good.

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cheap lascannons is how i see them i have two and they are certainly that cheap lascannons XD
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They're not really that cheap with Lascannons... I prefer the Autocannon varient, outflank them and take pot shots at the rear of enemy armour... or I use them to tie up a more expensive unit in CC that I know can't hurt them.

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well i actually managed to distract a squad of boyz in CC for a few turns with one, and i didn't actually lose, time ran out. so maybe if you can choose the right target, anything T3, T4 for a risk you stand a good chance of survivng 2/3 rounds of combat
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