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Default Fluff vs Gameplay

How important is the fluff in your games? What i will ask, can a game played in relation to the fluff, or not? I personaly try to make games, were the fluff is relevant, togheter with my armylists.
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It depends on the situation. I dont really care about fluff when I'm just having a pick up game with some friends or at a local store but during a campaign I definitely do. I start picturing myself from my commanders prospective and whenever something happens in the game a mini movie plays in my head of what is taking place.

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It can be difficult to always make your games meet up with the established fluff, especially if you only have a few people to play against.
personally I do it where I can but always take a game if I can get it.
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I like to build and play quirky armies rather than expressly fluffy or competitive.

For example my white scars army (early planning stages) all the vehicles must be based on a rhino chassis, and all infantry must be mechanised. It's a bit fluffy as they are all mechanised but not the established maxed out biker fluff for white scars.

Whether it will be competitive or not I dont know, although I doubt it as I will still be in command.

I suppose my playing style is a mixture as well. I will try to win, as I believe i'm cheating my opponent of a game if I don't. But i will try to be fluffy where possible, if my orks are sitting on an objective but have a chance to charge another one I would go for the charge every time as its orky. If nothing else playing your army to the fluff is an interesting challenge. And fluffy doesn't mean playing to lose. For example all the codex space marine chapters have thier fighting style from the codex astartes. Playing them fluffily means doing whatever it takes to win as Roboute Guiliman was over all a military pragmatist, hence the optional morale fail rule etc.
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I don't have the time to organize very fluffy games weeks ahead of time but I generally try to make my armies and lists reasonably fluffy.

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I use a pretty fluffy list and try to come up with some kind of justification for the battles, though the latter is usually in jest. For example, a recent game that had my Emperor's Children and some Eldar against the IG seemed to require justification. I cannot imagine Eldar are too quick to work with Slaanesh cults.

So we decided that the Eldar were all color blind and just didn't notice all the pink.
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I limit myself within the bounds of established fluff in all things. I'd rather have a fluffy army that doesn't have a great winning record than an unfluffy mix of units that happen to work very well on the table together. As far as actually playing, I tend to try to work within the bounds of what the army would actually do while still using intelligent tactics.


My homebrew Space Marine Chapter: The Astartes Lions Rampant

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For me its all the fluff about the Guard that keeps me playing, that and reading all of the Gaunt's Ghosts novels. When making a list I always refer to the books and other fluff. Sadly I haven't won any of the few games I've played, but I still enjoy them. After a game I always write up how the battle played out from the view of an average guardsmen on the field.

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games with fluff definately makes the whole thing more interesting. making terrain that fits with the story, creating an atmosphere and all that, hella fun.

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May game play and fluff never meet. Seriously, the fluff is horrible and has no place in games. All it does is make codices a lot more expensive then they should be. And fluff arguments are irrelevant anyway, many times you have no control over what forces you have on hand, and just go to battle with what’s available. Most of the time someone of higher rank is responsible in the force building and unit allocation. Saying that taking 3 leman russ tanks to battle or using certain combinations of special characters or units is un-fluffy is total BS. Every unit wants to win and will do what it can to make it as one-sided as possible. War makes for very strange bedfellows, even in the grim darkness of the horribly written distant future. Also, if you won't play a game purely on the fact that you think your opponent's list is un-fluffy or that fluff would say your armies wouldn't fight each other then you have a real problem and need more help then I, or anyone else on this board, can provide.

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