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Default Advice for switching to CSM?

Well, I 'play' Black Templars, but I have a total of... five soldiers that are even primed or partially painted. I did have about five hundred points, all told, but I lost them down a storm drain or some ****. Highly discouraging. Still, I have AOBR, and I see this as an opportunity to go in a different direction. I'm thinking of just spraypainting them black, playing them like Black Templars for a while, and if I change my mind, I'm free and clear. I haven't invested in the Codex, though I plan on it, but right now, it's difficult to see the point, since I never get to play anyway.

It's just... Very difficult to keep on going after all of the crap that's happened, which includes dumping 200 dollars down the drain (Literally, I think. I believe my box went down a storm drain...), finding after the fact of spending all that that barely anyone plays, though I have seen a few more people play at Lytles recently, as well as the fact that my age and location means no job. Except for picking up aluminum cans, which is about 20-30 USD.

So, I guess what I'm really asking is:

A) How do I keep from getting discouraged from the game?
B) How do I get money with which to furnish my hobby, without feeling guilty about dipping into my savings?
C) And what do you guys think of my plan to try out CSM and BT separately?

Useless questions, and I really don't know why I ask here, but you guys are a community, so if I can't ask you, who do I ask?
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Except for picking up aluminum cans, which is about 20-30 USD.

We'll you obviously have a start as far as money goes. here are some other suggestions:
-See what you can do around the house for your parents. When you help them out, they are more likely to support a hobby such as this and its never a bad thing to be on the good side.
-See if neighbors would like help with any chores or odd jobs that they have. Not only will you make some money for the hobby, but you'll also be looked at in a positive way by the people you live around. Big character builder as well, and you never know who your neighbor might know that they could hook you up with a steady job or other odd jobs.

As for being discouraged from the game, this is a hobby! You should enjoy it at YOUR leisure. I agree it sucks that you lost all those models, but life ain't over and neither is the hobby. If anything, you know now what NOT to do when its raining out and your packing for your hobby (or w.e the situation, you get my point!).

No one to play? Spam GW to your friends. Eventually they will think its the coolest thing since sliced bread and them too will be giving GW their blood, i mean money!
Look for community events too that you could spread the hobby around, a local library is a great way to meet people who might be interested. I'm sure there are others as well!

As for CSM, they can be fun and powerful with the right units and tactics and different combinations of such. Check out the CSM list for some builds and the codex for exact unit details.


With the new Tyranids codex, I have returned!

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Unfortunately, the bit about helping my neighbors isn't possible, since I live in the country, and thusly fewer neighbors. On one side, they have a bunch of kids to do what's needed, and on the other is a late-middle-aged couple who do everything themselves, pretty much out of boredom. The fact that I live thirty minutes by car from the nearest large settlement means no getting work there as well. Still, if I get a motorcycle I could probably start working at some place in the nearby 'blink and you miss it' town. Also, that's 20 or thirty dollars every three months or so.

Also, I pretty much did that pestering bit with my only close friend, and he got Tau. Now, we never play, mostly due to the fact that my miniatures are all on sprues, and I can't seem to find the hard to actually work with them for more than five or ten minutes every now and then. I don't go to public school, so I can't meet or attract players there, I already mentioned that I live too far from town to get in there on my own, so I can't do that either. I get in to town twice a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays. My schedule is pretty much set for those who care:

Tuesday, go into town, go to a one hour class, go home. Thursday, one hour class and another class, my friends to stay the night, and home on Friday. I could certainly get over to my LFGS on Thursday or Friday. The problem is that the games are on Saturdays... as I mentioned before, I'm in town Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Never do I have time to do anything like do a demo at the library, and there isn't enough traffic through my store to do one there. It's just incredibly frustrating.

Anyway, enough of my *****ing. Mostly, I'm out of options and looking for some help. I went into more detail than I feel really comfortable with, though I guess it just seems that way to me because of the way I was taught about how much to say on the net. But I feel that if I'm going to get accurate advice, I might as well stick it on up there and do it right. As if anyone's reading this anyway.

[/rant] I think.
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Ah yes... The country life... For what it's worth, I live in the capitol city of my state, and we have fewer people here than some places suburbs (hell, we have less people in my *state* than there are in Denver CO alone, at last count). Your age and your location may work to your advantage (I'm guessing you're between 13 and 15). Talk to your neighbors if they have any heavy equipment (backhoes, loaders, skid loaders, etc) and see if they wouldn't mind showing you the ropes, which eventually, may lead to a job doing that specifically, or people will then know you're the guy to call if they have some machine work that needs done and don't feel like doing it themselves. I've had friends that lived way out in the boonies do this when they were younger for a means of income.

Otherwise, yeah, stick to the can thing, and recycling other metals, too. Now, on to the hobby related stuff...

Legend has already giving you some pretty good advice as how to get people active in the hobby in your area, but here's some tips on what to purchase, etc.

Be frugal. Buy the Chaos codex, just so you have the information at hand, and then playtest stuff with proxies before you decide on the, "Must Have's," in your army.

Play some Vassal games ( straight to the Heresy Online Vassal forums), get a feel for different opponents, a feel for your own playstyles.

Ask questions. LOTS of questions. Ask a question, even if you think it's a stupid one. That, in my opinion, is why communities like this exist--to help those new to the hobby begin to find their own styles and help them gain an understanding of how everything works together, as well as for some of us who've been in the hobby for damn near ever to avoid becoming stagnant, by reading and learning about different ideas/tactics/modeling hints and tips.

To help fund your efforts... Look into competitions. Learn the arts of painting and converting, and then look into the competitions here at Heresy, for example. The top prize for some of these contests are a great way to add to an existing army. Look for local competitions, as well. You might not do real great against the dozens of people who compete here on Heresy (just as an example, btw) for painting or converting, but if your local hobby store has a similar competition, you may surprise yourself by walking away with the #1 slot. I mentioned the painting/converting comps as those seem to be the most common, and they seem to give away models/armies the most frequently, but there are also tournaments you can enter and actually play the game, too.

Good luck in your endeavor.

Oh, and as for getting into Chaos... The more pointy and sharp stuff, the better.

Level me up! I, too, wish to storm the lands of mortals reaping what is truly mine...but for now, I am but a wee spot of energy...


"I embrace death without fear as I embrace life without regret."
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All sound advice, but the only people running heavy machinery around where I live are my dad and his brother. And they don't believe in 'paying' the kids for doing work for them. An example of how much my uncle likes me, however, is that while I was writing this, he drove up with TEN ENORMOUS BAGS of aluminum cans. My uncle rules! That's about ten or fifteen dollars, so that plus what I already have is about forty, optimistically!

As to Vassal, any idea how much strain that puts on an internet connection? We use Hughesnet, and thusly we have a 200 MB Fair Access Policy, which means that if we exceed 200MB of downloads (This includes opening pages, Youtube videos, sites with lots of pictures or ads, anything at all) we lose our internet for a minimum of 24 hours. Yeah, everyone who read that flinched, didn't you? Anyway, if it isn't that bad, I'll give it a shot, but otherwise... Eech.
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It's actually pretty easy to get your friends into the hobby, provided they have access to ample amounts of cash. When my friend first got me into it, I was a defensive lineman on my middle school's football team; we were 1st in our division, just so you know how unlikely it was for someone like me to have any interest in this type of hobby. My friend and I hung out a lot, and my friend would always tell me how awesome 40k was and how cool it would be if I played. He would always bust out this awesome chaos biker he'd painted a while back, and once I played a trial game with him, I was hooked; that was over ten years ago lol.

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The main problem with that is that I've already convinced the only one of my friends with ample cash to hand, and now that I've gotten him into the hobby, his FWs are collecting dust, along with his Hammerhead. Once I get my pieces done up again, I'm gonna start taking them over every week, so we can really get into it. The reason I want to go for Chaos is that I can do that by spending $20 on the Codex, and nothing else if I decide to do something else. On the other hand, I have two sets of AOBR Orks, since I bought the boxed set, lost all of the space marines in that, plus the ones I already had, but all the Orks were separated from the Marines. I was planning on giving those to my cousin, who really loves modeling and painting and stuff like that, but Orks are my second choice, behind CSM-SM.
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Sell the orks on E-Bay. That'll give you a boost to get more models for your favored army. (and lets face it, if your cash strapped, you do not want to be playing orks)

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Ebay. Sell stuff on Ebay. Go around on the weekends to local garage/yard sales and find stuff for dirt cheap. Then list them on Ebay and watch your investments make you money.

Example: I bought a set of dinner plates for $.50. Yeah, fifty cents. They were blue plates, a set of four large ones and a set of four small ones and a set of small bowls. I put them on Ebay and sold them for $16.00 plus $5.00 shipping. Not a bad turnover percentage.

Another example: A bag of marbles. Yeah, glass marbles. Cost me $1.00. Yup, One dollar. Sold on Ebay for $65.00!!! No joke. They guy that bought them said he bought them because he thinks that one he saw in the picture might have been worth over $100.00 by itself. (Turned out it wasn't!)

Scrap is another decent money maker. Just go around and ask people that have old junk cars, trucks, refrigerators, water heaters, oil tanks, or just scrap metal lying around if you can clean it up and haul it away for no charge to them. Take it to the salvage yard and cash it in. Mind you old cars need the title to be clear and signed before a legit yard will be able to accept them. The fuel tank has to be removed also, but a saws-all takes care of that real quick.

Just some thoughts...
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