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Default Origin Stories! How you got into 40K!

Don't tell me you knew exactly what Warhammer 40K was when you first stepped into a Games Workshop store... Did you even know what you were getting into, haha?

And how did you start off? Why'd you pick that army?

I won't lie. I've always thought 40K was the most nerdiest thing on the planet. I could never see myself paying that much just to play around (now I can't go a day without making a 40K reference), and even if I did, it was social suicide.

Gotta thank GW for coming up with the Assault on Black Reach set. My two buddies with whom I go to University with split the cost and decided on playing Orkz and Space Marines respectively.

Initially, I was all "that's fail man... which chick is gonna dig that?" (I still feel remnants from that idea, to a lesser degree at least).

They coaxed me into watching them play a game one day. I was off playing Rock Band by myself (not fun when it's solo), and I could hear them groaning and shouting with their arms flailing around like feral monkeys. It was hard to ignore so I sat in and watched.

I wasn't hooked immediately. Too many rules and it all seemed too complicated. Although I did find it somewhat interesting... By and by I started getting the hang of it. My friend lent me a small 1000 pt Space Marine army to play.

I liked the look of them, but I asked if there were any other races or whatever. He showed me some online, and immediately I pointed and said I'm playing Necrons. Didn't know what their stats were. Didn't know what special rules were applied by them.

All I knew was that nothing beats undead robot-zombie killing-machines from space.

Started off with a box of warriors, moved onto the battleforce and then got my first C'tan god. At this point I didn't care. 40K was the $h!t.

If it is the nerdiest thing on the planet, I am proud to embrace it.

So yeah screw the rest of em, haha! I'm wounding on 2's BABY! (Well... I mean my Nightbringer is at least)
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I remember when I first got into it and it was because of one bad event after another

I got a laptop for Christmas one year and about a week later I bought Starship Troopers the computer game

Then I found out I had an bad Video card and couldnt play the game so then I had to return both. really wanting to play a Starship Troopers game I search for a consle version (there was none) and I found the miniature game

I ordered a starter set etc. then found out about a store that sold the models. I walk in and saw Warhammer 40k and was hooked
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I first saw gw when they opened a store in my mall(little did I know the suffering that was to come). - was really into lotr at the time and I saw they had a game about it. I was like holy shit this is awesome! I thought about the consequences of not picking up girls but damn did those gondorians look cool. I wasn't really into 40k at the time, just didn't look all that interesting. After a month at my local gw my friend opened up his own store. So I played there but nobody played lotr, so I tried 40k...I have never looked back. Since then I have amassed so much shit it makes me cry. Really it hurts.

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nice boy, daft though !
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It was a dark and stormy sunday afternoon,my friends and i were bored and decided to help tidy a friends loft,in a dusty box one of my buddies uncovered a thick paper backed book that bore the title DragonQuest, over the next week we read the dusty old book from cover to cover and understood it to be some form of "role playing game".

The rules of the game required us to have miniature representations of our characters for combat as the game used a hex tile system.One of my buddies said he thought the comic book store in the city might have something we could use so we took the bus in to the city the following weekend.The guy in the store couldn't sell us anything but pointed us in the direction of a black fronted store over the road,on the side of the store were red and yellow letters "GAMES WORKSHOP".

We stood outside the store quite nervously, the store was full of guys in leather jackets with long hair, heavy metal played on an unseen tape recorder,i could see cabinets with miniature men made of lead(yes lead not pewter), then had been washed in black ink to show the detail.
We entered the shop,it had an odor i couldn't place and rows upon rows of blister packs and books,names like dr who, judge dread,elric,thrudd the barbarian and kaleeb dark all swam through my mind.
We quickly found models that fit our characters plus some paints and off we went.

Needless to say we went back, pretty much ever week to look at other things like orcs or skeletons to add enemies to our role playing system, we picked up storm bringer and warhammer, then rogue trader came in to our lives or as its now known 40k along with space hulk, adeptus titanicus,blood bowl and pretty much everything ever since.

Back when i started 40k it was simpler but more confused (as jim morrison might say) we had alot more freedom because nothing was available plus codexes didnt really exist so it was nice when the game caught on and GW started to give it a bit of structure, through white dwarf army lists and compendiums etc

I have to admit alot of the early stuff was very ropey in terms of quality and i would be one of the first to admit that back then i didn't see it lasting this long,but i think what keeps people coming back or staying is how the game ticks all or alot of the boxes we want from entertainment/hobby.

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My dad got into the game through D&D (as far as I know, never really a topic of conversation much, least not that I recall) and he played a lot when I was a kid, I remember him going up to GW to play pretty much ever4y week with his Eldar when I was about 10. By this time I'd long since started playing, though I think I didn't own a rulebook or anything before then...I got the Second Edition box...maybe it was my 9th b'day...my mum wasn't too chuffed cos she hated the game (models take up room after all) and I spent all my money on the box and a Space Wolves Codex. Initially I played Blood Angels, though most of the models I used were borrowed from my dad, or Lego proxies of vehicles He used to tank me with his Eldar, but he had about 50 Harlies, and all the Phoenix Lords, and it WAS 2nd Ed!

I was mostly just a player in spirit back then, writing lists left, right and centre, but not able to buy them. It wasn't until 3rd Ed I was old enough to start playing with a decent army, and by then I played Orks. Now, seems that my subconcious is trying to compensate for all those years of not buying anything I wanted, by buying everything! But I'd rather be playing. I took a couple of years out of the game, and while I had more money, I was probably a less interesting person too.
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To keep it short and simple:

In university I was looking for something that was more of a release and something I could do on my breaks from studying and the ladies around campus so I stumbled upon Warhammer and it just worked or me so 10 years later here I am.


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is going to DISNEY LAND
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well, my brother played and dumped around 5000 pts of SM when he quit. about 6 years ago, i saw my first GW, a little sidestore in the Annapolis mall. i messed up the windows with the drool, but 8 year olds+fragile things=pain. we were cleaning the attic when a large, rattly box with a dead mouse in it hit me in the head and the mouse (in the trap) hit my mom. i saw that fugly-ass space wolf, and said "william Stewart Eales, these are some of the WORST paint jobs i have ever seen. i went to the slick windowed GW and bought a can of primer, some red, some gold, and some black, and went to work. m2 weeks later, i had some decently painted space marines from the Gorgons chapter.

i then sold them and bought my guard and CSM army

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Long ago in a long forgotten time called the 80's, I walked into a game store and saw 2 books: Rogue Trader and the First Book of the Astronomican. The art was amazing(for the 80's), and the idea of a game you could play in an afternoon, instead of weeks on end like d&d campaign. Then there were the models RTB01 with all those plastic marines, the origional harlequin box, the Space Crusade expansion box (plastic scouts, termies, stealers and warriors). So twenty years or so later here we are.
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got the space wolves battleforce cos the guy at the local hobby shop couldnt sell it so discounted it :D

i had NO idea what i was doing!

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For me, it all started with Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay back in the same dark days of the 80's of which Big Dave spoke (I am not sure if my dark days of the '80's go back as far as his do, but it is still the same decade at least.) A friend of mine found the book in a book store and we thought it was something fun to take our minds off of this new invention called Nintendo. Well, WFR lead us to hook up with some guys who played Warhammer Fantasy Battles in middle school, which lead me to get us all into 40k once Second Edition was released.

It would have been sooner, but I had trouble figuring out how to build armies and play the game based on the Rogue Trader book that came packaged with the plastic Space Marine miniatures box that I found in a book store while on vacation. Once Second Ed hit, the game was much easier for me to understand, as stat lines and point costs were similar to WFB. I started with Ultramarines (since there was no Undead counterpart in 40k) and just gradually started playing Chaos more and more once the Second Ed Chaos codex came out.


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