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I walked into the Gamesworkshop Glendale, CA. I was shocked so I left. The second time I showed up, I played a demo of WH fantasy and I liked it. However I lacked the cash to buy the starter set and I asked about the 40k starter set (3rd ed.), obviously the same problem so I left. The third time I showed up I brought some cash and I bought the 40k 3rd ed. starter set, my aunt helped me out a little. That was in 03', the rest is history.

Now I have 3000pts of SM, 3000pts of Tau, 1500 pts of Vostroyan I.G., and now 1500pts of Black Templars!
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I was yonger... dont remember exactly, like 8 or maby 12. I had told my dad one day after hearing about a kid trashing somthing called dungeons and dragons that it sounded awsome despite the fact he said it was lame. So for my B-day he went to a second hand book store and picked up the first thing he saw called dungeons and dragons, and then he got another one because they were cheep. As luck would have it, they were the players handbook and masters guide. For second edition AD&D. I didnt know the diference so I went wow these are awsome! and imediately went on a quest to get miniatures for my character and the things I wanted him to fight (I didnt understand the rules at all mind you)

I was waliking thru the mall and saw a store called "games workshop" It was exactly what I wanted, the figurines in the window were dwarves, so that fit my character perfectly. I walked in, and of course I was like 8 so I had the attention span of a gnat and got drawn to a table with people clustered all around. There was this building in the middle, and two armies gathered on either side, one of big green guys on pigs (orks) and one of biger guys with super cool armor (chaos wariors), I was told that this was warhammer. I had to have it. I played a teaching by controling one of the pig riding ork squads, and it was awsome. Christmass roled around and a starter set for WHFB was under the tree, I took a shine to the humans (imperials) because my imediate thaught was, well hell they have cannons how can they loose? I played WHFB for about 2 years, my army expanding to include some knights. One day I was in the games workshop and I looked over at the other table. And then I did a double take. They had tanks? whats going on there? It was at that moment I fell in love with the Leman Russ Main Battle Tank of the imperial guard. And I havent looked back.

"A true king is never alone, his will is equal to the will of all of his followers."
-Alexander the Great, kind of
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i got into it only recently, when my friend gave me a load of free necrons
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wow some of these stories are pretty insane.. i swear i wish i knew about 40K waaay before
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I don't really know if I can say that I have an origin story, since I'm not really in the game (Damn you, Will. (My friend who 'plays' Tau (not really, we never play at all)))

But, if I did, I would have to say that it was when I saw a box with this guy on. The dude was a total badass, and he had a sword, and a gun, and his dudes behind him had completely badass guns that were so coooolll! And, oh GOD, Aliens! Lots of aliens, red ones, running up to the dudes, and they were gonna eat them, it was so awesome, I had to have it, mom can I ple-- WTF, fifty dollars?!

Three or four years later (at least), I got the Battle for Macragge, still with no real idea what the game was, or what I was doing, but at fifteen, I was using this awesome thing know as the internet. Couple hundred dollars later, and I'm still not playing. At all. Damn. I really hate it when this sort of thing happens.
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cool idea for a thread.
When I was 11, in maths class at school I overheard two of my mates chatting about a cool sounding game set in the future with loads of guns and aliens.
I asked one of them what it was about and they invited me to have a game. Back then it was Rogue Trader rules, so it was very confussing for us 11/12y/o's to understand, so much so that one of my mates soon stopped playing it al together. But I saw how good it could be if I only learnt the rules propperly and so I bought the rogue trader rule book off him (still have my original copy).
To be honest I still found it hard to understand but it was through that I learnt about Games Workshop in general and so bought my first 'big box game' Dark Future, then I got Adeptus Titanicus, then Blood Bowl, etc, etc
At one stage I owned 35diffrent GW games.

it wasn't until I was 15 that I realy started to get back into 40k and by then I knew the rules well and found them far easier to grasp and had some great campaignes.

at 16 I worked as a key timer in the GW Reading store while at college, then when I was 18 I got a full time job at GW Guildford... as soon as I got that job my mates began treating me like a gaming god! they always deffered to me for rule enquiries where previously we would argue over then... strange feeling that.

I left the company after making a neme for myself due the whiles of those nasty female members of the opposite sex type things...lol
I got back into the company when I was about 21/22 and got fast tracked into management, being one of the only two out of about 30 who made it through the managment selection day as head office. I soon got my own store and helpped out on the recruitment team for the south east of england... left again after some majour changes in my life, moved abroad, now I'm back in the UK and am full time carer for my dissbled wife and dissabled son

more a life story, but hey
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My story is a long and bloody one. No joke...

When I was 12 years old, (1985) I was messing around on my skateboard on the walkway in front of my house. I was lying on the board face first and pushing with my hands. I caught a rock in the front wheel and it shot me into the curb mouth first. I lost 18 teeth and busted my two front teeth in half. My lips were all mangled and my face was chewed up. I also broke my left cheek bone and my nose. It looked like I took a baseball bat to the mouth and then rubbed a cheese grater all over my face. I was laid up for quite a few weeks and needed something to pass the time so my Mom came home with a little box of lead miniatures and paints with brushes. The mini's were skeletons, a sarcophagus, a mummy and a pile of bones. They were Ral Partha I think. Well I really enjoyed painting the mini's so she bought a few more for me. A couple of knights and a GW chaos knight. That was the coolest model so far and after getting healed up my dear old Mom took me to the store were she found this stuff. It was a little game store that had your mix of board games, role playing games, models and miniatures. It was called, Games and Things located in Larkspur landing, CA. I don't think they are still around, but I don't know for sure. I saw the large amount of mini's and picked up a space marine medic and a blister of two regular marines. After buying quite a few more marines over the course of a few months I was told by the store owner that they were actually for a game and wanted to know if I was interested in more than just painting them. I was curious and I eventually saved enough up to buy it. Warhammer 40,000 Rogue Trader. The cover art alone was infectious. I was totally hooked when reading the book. The details in the descriptions, the artwork and the depth of the whole thing was awesome. Luck would have it one of my good friends also was into collecting and painting 40K mini's. He liked Eldar, so had a fairly decent collection going when we found out we both were into the same hobby. Eventually we began to play the game as best as we could understand the complex rules but we actually had fun. Of course we screwed up the rules more than we got it right, but we didn't know any better. Eventually a few more friends ended up getting into 40K and we had somewhat regular games against each other. Second edition eventually came around and by this time we had decent sized forces and had set up a full campaign with maps, stories, special characters and missions. My family and I then moved away from California to Virgina and I was left with no one to share my hobby with. I left the 40K universe behind and only recently returned after many years absence due to finding a local store that is a GW retailer and having a son that also enjoys the 40K universe as I once did at his age. Kind of a full circle thing I guess... except he didn't have to break his face to get into warhammer 40k.

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One day a little under ten years ago I was at the this mall and I walked passed this store that had these cool looking guys in heavy armor on a ruined battlefield set up (Space Marines) so I had my parents take me in and I wanted to have those cool guys so badly but my parents talked me out of it (thank god.)

A little over a year ago one of the adult leaders in my Boy Scout Troop (they guys is pushing like 50 still have no idea hwy he plays WH and WOW to boot) showed me some Empire spearmen and some knights. While I knew a bit about warhammer (still was a little bit interested after all those years) it took him a while to explain it to me. I decided that I would get into it after some encouragement (mom was bugging me about doing something artistic, she regrets that now a bit) I had learned that those cool looking guys in the armor we not quite as cool as I originally thought and I thought that supermen in armor was cliche/overrated but then I found the Imperial Guard. I just liked the style and look of the IG more then the Space Marines so I went to go get some and got convinced to get the battle for maccarage instead (should have held me ground damn redshirt) So I have the SM to my brother and went back and got a whole bunch of IG and started working on them. Luckly for me a LGS opened up closer then all of the GW stores and started going there. Met some great guys and I am currently getting a whole group of my friends into the hobby.

Banzai to the God-Emperor!
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Id just moved to a new town, befriended a couple of kids at school who played the game, They explained it to me and I though it was a bit Geeky at first but after playing some space hulk with them I borrowed a white dwarf and was introduced to the Catachans. They have some of the coolest background I think! Within a month I had a full army and was kickin asses up and down our local hobby club! (well not really but it sounds good)

Hesesy Begets Power
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Originally Posted by Rio View Post
Don't tell me you knew exactly what Warhammer 40K was when you first stepped into a Games Workshop store... Did you even know what you were getting into, haha?
My first steps into a hsop was after I got my first orks
needed some paint and primer

And how did you start off? Why'd you pick that army?
There was this starterbox... and a very good deal.... and I had watched seom games at a friend's and was thinking... funny...

So I got those orks as I just simple love the greenskins... the greenskins' culture and the greenskins's attitide towards life

I won't lie. I've always thought 40K was the most nerdiest thing on the planet. I could never see myself paying that much just to play around (now I can't go a day without making a 40K reference), and even if I did, it was social suicide.
Nothing to be ashamed of... I know adults that dress like clowns and jump around in the streets totally drunke and train to get a "bang" for the night :D

and it has nothing to do with social suicide... its a very sofisticated strategiy game that needs more than just pushing miniatures around on a big table

Gotta thank GW for coming up with the Assault on Black Reach set. My two buddies with whom I go to University with split the cost and decided on playing Orkz and Space Marines respectively.
just the orks here

Initially, I was all "that's fail man... which chick is gonna dig that?" (I still feel remnants from that idea, to a lesser degree at least).

stayed with orks since then... but will maybe get IG or Necs.... I dunno yet... need to get some other stuff and money is the main thing that holds me back... or better to say the lack of it
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