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Who Use Forge World Models In Your Army?

I have a questions to all warhammer 40k players. Do you have
any forge world models for your army and do you use them in
regular friendly games,warhammer 40k campaign games or
tournaments with permission. Also is your forge world models
in your army is added in either Heavy Support, Fast Attack,
Elites or HQ?. Next month I'm going to baltimore games day
in maryland and making plans to buy some forge world
goodies for my space marines and imperial guard. Plus I need
to get the imperial armour as well too. My favorite forge
world models is the damocles command rhino and the
hyperios for space marines. I also like the leman russ
executioner for my imperial guard army. If you have any
questions about forge world?. Feel free to post some
message, Thank You

My Warhammer 40k Armies

1.Aurora Chapter Space Marines
2.Imperial Guard Cadians&Catachans
3.Daemonhunters&Witch Hunters
4.Emperor's Hawks Chapter (Future Project)
5.Chaos Space Marines (Future Project)
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I have ordered me some Nobz on Bikes... nothing fancy 'bout them... just nobz :D

But I have an question indeed.... anyone know how fast the ship... I ordered the stuf 5 weeks ago and still nothing...
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yeah i use a FW WE dreadnought and some WE termie conversion kits but thats it.

Dude sometimes it takes alongggggg time!

Let the Galaxy Burn.
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yep i use forge world mini's, and so do my mates. can take a while to get to you tho...
id wait for the executioner to come out in plastic with the new codex....

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I use FW stuff. My IW's have a Leigion Dreaddy with a rock drill. (Counts as a DCCW). And my Speed Freeks are led by that awesome Warboss on a bike.

My Friend uses the Deathwind Drop Pod.

Forgeworld are amazing, and not that expensive, I feel that 1 or 2 FW models in an army can really add some ice flavour to your force but too many will just scare players away.
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My black templars Assault Terminators have the FW shoulder pads and storm shields, and I have a FW black templar venerable dreadnought. I plan on getting a FW razorback with extra armor for my sword brethren and FW extra armor for my land raider crusader, I feel that if a land raider crusader should represent extra armor. Not to mention custom doors for the razorback and Land raider crusader

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I use a BL Dread from Forgeworld whenever i feel like using it with my proud Legion. I also bought loads of shoulderpads for both my Legion and my Angels Encarmine, and some dreadnaught modifications for my AE naught.

I love forgeworld

"When you have come to the edge of all that you know and are about to drop off into the darkness of the unknown, faith is knowing that one of two things will happen. That there will be something solid to stand on or you'll be taught to fly!"

Warmaster Horus
The Horus Heresy; False Gods
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Tons of it. Everything from a Thunderbolt to a Prometheus to Drop Sentinels. I've never even had anyone look at them sideways. Well, other than flyers and Super Heavies. Some people have this view of those that they are total game changers. They aren't. And to me that's made obvious when you try the minimum level Apocalypse game at 3000 points with either or both types.

But I love the look of FW's stuff and will just keep laughing at the folks who think they don't work as the models keep showing up in new GW Codex. And keep helping the economy of the UK.

"As a rule of thumb, the designers do not hide "easter eggs" in the rules. If clever reading is required to unlock some sort of hidden option, then it is most likely just a result of wishful thinking." Pete Haines
For the Emperor's sake people it's a TURRET! There is no such thing as a turrent.
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i use a GK dread and Rhino with inqesitor doors, only FW bits i have at the mo

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I have no Forge World models yet, but once I get my 3000 pt army fully painted (about 75% there of my current 2500 pts) I plan to treat myself to something from them. Right now I am leaning toward the Hell Talon
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