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made a space marine chapter known as the tridents of dorn
home planet: titros
Chapter Master: cammander trios
note able wars: known none many crusades into the eye of terror
arch-enermy: torturers of khorne
were now: 1st,2nd,3rd on runzar crusade
4th,5th in battle with tyranid hive fleet
6th,7th,8th in battle with chaos marine fleet (torturers of khorne)
9th,10th protecting fortress monestry and planet
trident regiment at war with chaos daemon incursions on the planet of goran.
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The Necro Threads
Successors to the Ultramarines (I guess)
A fifth founding chapter
Their chapter badge is like a spider web with a skull in it

They are a chapter with expertise in hunting down Necron tomb worlds and getting rid of the Necrons. They have been under suspicion lately from the Ordo Xenos for supposedly unearthing lost relics and keeping them for their own uses.

Characters of note:
Alpharius Marin, Chief Librarian. He keeps a massive library that even some of the most well known scholars and even other space marines sometimes refer to when they can't find something somewhere else.

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The Shrine Knights

Essentially a benevolent legion of SMs however, they're secretly Daemons. Some appears as Grey Knights, some as CSM, and as you delve deeper into their order, the daemonic presence increases.
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Dragon Slayers

Founded in 38th Millennium

Home World
Desert Hive World (shields protect the citys form sandstorms)

Countless foes have been vanquished by Dragon Slayers .there a strong and relatively young chapter, whom have already made a name for themselves in serving the Imperium.

The chapter maintains the production capacity of a forge world at its home planet of Jaggafall V. Its fleets patrol a cluster of planets In sub sector Alsar IV, and its presence is made known to the planetary populations under their protection.The chapter's heavily-defended fortress monastery is perched atop a sandy mountain.

The Dragon Slayers attack is relentless, forcing the enemy on a defensive footing and pressuring them from all sides. Furthermore they a highly balanced and versatile fighting force with 10 powerful companies .

The chapter is notable for their use of tactical marines in their campaigns against the vile greenskins.

But they are hiding a secret . they gene seed used to create the dragon slayers was the Salamanders was ordered by tu Shan himself. They main mission was to aid Vulkan He'stan in the search of the remaining artefacts of Vulkan,

Chapter master
Galvicus Buthus

Master of the Watch
Ashor Talros

Master of the Arsenal
Veluriah Avother

Master of the Fleet
Hellao Aviifer

Master of Marches
Belutias Coraxiro ++ killed in action ++

Master of Rites
Conubel Novacus

Chief Victualler
Tritocius Archaromus ++ missing in action ++

Lord Executioner
Hellariah Grimocifer

Master of Relics
Aviura Rhysacius ++ missing in action ++

Master of Recruits
Banermen Grimunox

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check out what im working on
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The Ambassadors,

Originally Emperors Children that were stationed with the Space Wolves
They denounced Fulgrim during the heresy and were given a chance by the great wolf to prove their loyalty by going on a suicide mission,
they survived the mission and were thrown around time and space on their way home by several warp storms.

They now fall under the Space Wolves and the Inquisition's remit.

By Inquisitorial order the Ambassadors have none of their own librarians.

Every squad has an Apothecary and all troopers have enough medical training to take on that role if needed.

The Chapter's command is made up of Apothecaries and Chaplains.

During Scout training Ambassadors are sent to imperial worlds for a few years with their vocal cords temporarily cut so they can learn how to survive, adapt, listen and most of all serve humanity.

All right, but apart from the sanitation, medicine, education, wine, public order, irrigation, roads, the fresh water system and public health, what have the Romans ever done for us?
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