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yeah i havn't really shared my ideas with anyone but i guess its now or never

no pics or real story though... sorry

i thought id come up with my own chapter and i couldn't think of anything for like 5 weeks then one day i was fiddling with my lizardmen army and came up with "Lustria defenders".

they were a guard for the outer world system. they were part of the first founding and their records were lost during the horus heresy. There solar system was launched out of sink by the horus heresy and was attacked by tzeetch during horus's invasion of tera. The armys of tzeetch hid themselves and there strike was momentus and effective they didn't attack with bolter and magic as expected ,they extinguished the sun. All the planets were fused into a huge mega planet which they called lustria. The planets were very barbaric to begin with but everything that wasn't in the space marine Base was obliterated. The mega planet was formed instantly from a backlash of magical energy the space marine base was at the very center of it. they have found a way out through a maze of tunnels formed from the magma from all the planets readjusting to the new gravity. When they did reach the surface they new not of the stars around them nor the terain on which they the formed out from the core expanding they hit a wall all around them save for the one tunnel that led out this was the wall that contained the bound energys of the warp that were caught between the planets as the fused. the space marines knew this and stayed mostly to themselves in the center. every few centuries the would send out a few men to check on the planet ,on one such trip they ran into a bunch off little lizard creatures,those men stayed with the lizard men learning from them and and also teaching them about things then one day as they were talking the Marines new their home was threatend by a traiter in the chapter thay rushed back to find themselves to late to warn them and they were already under attack from the deamons welling in the warp pockets, as they watched they realised that some one had cracked the wall of seperation as it was now called and allowed some of the taint to get loose were it pried in to the mind of the Chaplain. The chaplain was to blame for the attack they later found out and the stuff of chaos was leeking through the pockets of warp as the were freed to this day the chapter still stands but now the stuff of chaos has started to bubble to the surface and soon their friends the Lizard men might have to fight for there entire Race and empire.

I thought this all up as i went so yah...........

They have camo green armour and i used extra lizard men bits like thier sheilds and my Dreadnought has a t-rex skull on his arm
they look alot like chaos guys

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The Dread Legion (not legal at all)

The Dread Legion, as the name implies, is made up of nothing but Dreadnoughts and supporting Techmarines. When a Space Marine strays from the path of the Adeptus Astartes, he may return to the fold and repent his actions. If he is found to be without the taint of Chaos, he is ritually "executed," as this is the only reward for ignoring the litanies of the Chaplain. They are then placed in a Sarcophagus and join the Dread Legion, a Chapter of Knights Errant, so to speak. Because they repented their actions, they earn the right to fight in service for the Emperor to clear their name and reputation. It is said that quite a few of the older warriors are Marines lead astray by their leaders during the Horus Heresy, but wished to return to the Emperor's light.

Right now, the only two characters I have are Sigismund of the Black Templars and The Nameless Master. When Sigismund died, he requested that he be placed in a Dreadnought in order to continue his crusade until the end of the Emperor's reign. As for The Nameless Master, his identity has been lost in the last 10,000 years, but he is rumored to be one of the Primarchs who died during the Heresy, maybe even Sanguinius himself.

The "Chapter" isn't really Codex Astartes organization. It's still a Legion, but is broken up into 10 Sectors. Each Sector is led by a "Voivod" (Slavic for ruler), which is similar to a Chapter Master, and a Master of the Forge assigned by the Tech-priests of Mars. Each one is drawn from a different Chapter in order to maintain a modicrum of autonomy. The Sectors are then divided up into Companies in the same way as a normal Chapter.

No pics yet because I pretty much have to make all of the models myself. Games Workshop doesn't offer Dreadnoughts with 4 arms or mountes on tanks or skimmers instead of legs. As soon as I have some, they will be shared with the world. Right now, I want to paint everything black non-metallic metal without any decoration or ornamentation to represent them being stripped of their original identity. But I plan on lots of battle damage to fill in the blank spots. Gotta make 'em look like they've been fighting for 10,000 years.

I attached the Codex I have written if anyone wants to see it.
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"We go now! We kill! No more talk! We kill!"

The Dumb Test

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Mine is

The Purifiers
Current Chaptermaster Varus Kain
Colours White, Red and Gold
Homeworld Helios Prime
3rd Founding Imperial Fists Successor
Motto Puritas Veritas
Quirks The purifiers religously clean there armour before and after any engagement. Work Heavily with the Inquistion and have a Grey Knight Grandmaster assigned to them on a semi permenant basis.

GM Kalidus


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The Forge of Chaos warband was ultimately formed when Lord Radixon overthrew his former chapter master of the Angels of Iron. about 400 of the total number of the chapter joined Radixon. The Angels of Iron were highly skilled in the making of armour and weapons, with a high number of mobile heavy support units. Radixon gathered his followers and moved into the fortress monastery. the other Angels of Iron were caught unaware and mercilessly destroyed.
they are pirates and raiders comparible only to Huron Blackheart's Red Corsairs. the fleet of the Forge of Chaos is massive, comprising of up to 100 small vessels 2 large battle cruisers, "Thunder Child" and "The Harbinger of Sorrow", and the formidable flagship "Dark Endeavour". the fleet was last seen in the Obsidian system, where the Forge of Chaos invaded Nevermourn and butchered millions before departing with thousands of slaves into the warp.throughout the years of Radixon's rule,the Forge of Chaos has grown to a number exceeding five thousand.
A band of chaos space marines dedicated to Tzeentch, known as the Enchanters were being over-run on their space hulk by the Dark Angels. The Forge of chaos came close to this battle and Radixon, having a psychically attuned mind, sensed that the Enchanters required assistance and brought the Dark Endevour's guns to bear on the Dark angels to allow the dwindling numbers of enchanters to escape to refuge. This was not done out of compassion, but for Radixons own benefit, as the Forge of Chaos lacked psykers. The Enchanters' leader pledged their support to the Forge of Chaos.
It has been rumoured that during various planetary raids, Kharn the Betrayer and a horde of Khorne berserkers have been seen collaberating with the Forge of chaos. these rumours cannot be officially confirmed as there are few survivors who are not slaves of the Forge of Chaos

Cool Characters:
Radixon, Lord of the Forge of Chaos

Radixon is one of Khorne's most dedicated champions. He was responsible for the mass annihilation of the Angels of Iron, his former chapter. after single handedly killing 4 inquisitors and 30 Grey knights, Radixon was gifted a juggernaut by the Blood God. Ironhound is its name, and it has been at Radixon's side in battle for almost 1200 years. Radixon is, like most of his warriors, a gifted artisan and metal-smith.He forged his own armour, the Corrupted iron, which is infused with the essence of the warp, and gives radixon excellent protection. Bone-eater, another demonstration of Radixons skill as a metal-smith, is Radixon's massive double-handed chain-axe, forged from triple hardened admantium, with teeth made of unknown red metal found near the maelstrom, and a grip of tanned orkhide.

Combat Style:
The Forge of Chaos are pirates and raiders, and storm forward in Rhinos, land raiders and hundreds of bikes.Two companies of the Forge of chaos are bike mounted. many suits of terminator armour have been forged and aquired, and so the forge of chaos boast more terminators than most other chaos warbands. they are most efficient in close combat with the enemy, but also are proficient in long range firefights
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The Emperor's Vengeance Marines

I have the pleasure of introducing my SM Chapter... the Emperor's Vengeance Space Marine Chapter and their home world of Pindarus, a moon orbiting the gas giant Kagoshima Nineteen, in the Nord-Vundtia System, Ultimatum Segmentum.

The Emperor's Vengeance Chapter was rediscovered three hundred and ninety three standard years ago, after being cut off by warp storms that ravaged that particular part of the system for nearly half a Millennia.
When the Exploration Fleet Novius came across the fortress monastery of this Marine Chapter, the Administratum was duly informed and a Interegator team of Inquisitiors were dispatched to the system.
After exhaustive tests, this lost Chapter was found to be free of the taint of Chaos, and unaffected by their isolation. In fact, they flourished in a system ravaged by internecine warfare and repeated incursions by Xenos infiltrators.
Their battle skills, honed to a fine edge on their own Death world and from countless battles fought in Humanity's name, make the Emperor's Vengeance a worthy addition to the other Adeptus Astartes Chapters. Their loyalty to humanity and our beloved Emperor, is of no doubt.
They were subsequently re-designated as the 249th Chapter “Emperor's Vengeance”.
Although the Chapters original gene-seed was derived from the Traitor Legion, The Emperor’s Children, “May their name be forever linked to infamy, betrayal and trechery until the end of time”, the Vengence gene-seed are not corrupted.

"Brothers, failure is not an option here. If we fall back, the line will collapse. If the line collapses, the front collapses. If the front collapses, this continent will be overrun.
We have nowhere else to go brothers. We hold here or die trying…."

INDEX ASTARTES: Chapter 249 "The Emperor's Vengeance"


The Emperor's Vengeance were originally formed from gene-seed recovered from dead and wounded Emperor’s Children who remained loyal to the God-Emperor and were subsequently betrayed. The Chapter was beleived to have been formed during the 22nd founding.
Their Fortress Monastery was built in the Ultima Segmentum, upon Pindarus a moon of a gas giant Kagoshima Nineteen. Pindaris is a Deathworld, covered mainly in dense jungle, but with large areas of open grass plains. There are large mountain ranges and deep oceans. Huge reptilian-like land animals, massive sea-creatures and flying beasts inhabit the planet in great numbers. Its jungles are places of extreme danger with the flora and fauna competing for resources. Life expectancy for unarmed humans is low.
There are human inhabitants though, but their numbers are small. They live in settlement’s scattered across the planets surface. Because of the dangers on the ground, the settlements are built high amongst the tallest trees and connected by bridges and lifts. Colonists venture to the surface to hunt and gather food, a risky business when everything wants to eat you!
The original colonists were believed to have arrived after crash-landing there, en route to another star system. The survivors struggled on, but with the loss of inter-planetary transportation and much of their technology, the inhabitants were cut off for thousands of years and progressed very slowly. The struggle to survive took precedence over all-else. The human population reverted from an eloquent, technically adept race, to a semi-feral state based on the tribal system. This human population provided a good source of warriors to maintain the Emperor's Vengeance ranks.
Living on a Deathworld, the colonists were tough and resilient, savage fighters, and excellent hunters. Their skills… silently prowling the undergrowth, ambushing, hunting and protecting their settlements through stealth, surprise and brute force.
Every year, on the ‘Day of the Black Warriors’, young hopefuls would gather on the “Plain of Tears”, a large open area cut into the jungle, and surrounded by defenses that hold back the dangers beyond. They await the arrival of the Emperor's Vengeance recruiting Party, who usually arrive in a cavalcade of noise and light, heralding the landing of several Thunderhawks. Each potential recruit is then thoroughly inspected, and the weak whittled out. The ‘Potentials’ are then gathered together and allowed to give their farewells to families and friends. It is likely that the young men chosen would never be seen again. Many of those that fail the initial inspection usually chose death to the humiliation of rejection, and disappear into the jungle to meet their fate.
The ‘Potential’s’ are then flown to a secret location deep in the jungle, which is a frightening experience in itself to recruits who have never come into contact with the modern world. They are stripped of all but modest coverings and given a crash-course in map reading. They are then given a small knife.
Each ‘potential’ then has to make his way to another hidden base, over 300 Kilometers away, all of it through horrendous terrain and danger. If the ‘potential’ manages to get to the second base, he begins his training as a Space Marine. The attrition rate is high; most never make the journey and simply disappear.
Some, the lucky few, stumble into the safety of the base, weeks or months later.

Home World

Pindaris is a Deathworld. The Chapter Fortress, perches high up on a mountainside in a sea of green jungle. They have several smaller bases located throughout the planet, and these are used for training and administration purposes.
The Emperor's Vengeance maintain a large space fleet, and have access to many armoured vehicles, Dreadnoughts and Attack-craft. A large orbiting space station, ensures that the planets occupants remain undisturbed and safe from outside interference. The Emperor's Vengeance also maintain constant watch on several star-systems, which they consider to be theirs, though most of the inhabitants of these system’s, are blissfully unaware of this. They have intervened in local conflicts and outside invasion, several times over the Millennia, but usually interference is kept to the minimum.
A constant watch is maintained on the Outer Fringes, protecting the Ultimatum Segmentum, from alien invasion.


Although Pindaris lies in the shadow of its large Gas giant, the system it lies in has three large stars that lie in a diamond formation. These stars are prominent at night and became the symbol of the Emperor's Vengeance Chapter. This is reflected in the Chapter symbol, a white oval with three red stars. Their armour is also black in colour, the colour of the void.
Marine Sergeants and Officers have slight variations to the colour scheme, NCO’s having red helmets, Officers silver or gold. Techmarines wear all red, Chaplains wear Silver.
Emperor's Vengeance scouts wear camouflaged armour and stealth cloaks including a phase generator, which distorts their shape and shadow, making them virtually impossible to see.
Physically, the marine inside the armour is invariably tall, fair-skinned, with black hair.

Combat Doctrine

The Emperor's Vengeance are skilled in scouting, ambush and infiltration and make great use of these skills. They are also physically tough and resilient. These skills and the Chapters doctrine encourage individual thought and action. Vengence marines will often fight alone if necessary, but are obviously lethal working as a team.
The Chapter will send individual Marines on missions if the need arises.
The Chapter has an excellent armor capability with a large array of vehicles and vehicle variants, including artillery support. They also have a large number of Dreadnoughts (as injured marines refuse to retire into obscurity, their wish, to die gloriously for the Emperor).
Normally the Vengence Marines will infiltrate enemy lines, form a defensive perimeter and then call in the armour. The armour will then push forward with the infantry mopping up. Dreadnoughts will form mobile weapons platforms and advance with the infantry.


The Emperor's Vengeance adhere to the Codex Astartes and only deviate slightly. They are experts at deep penetration missions, and close co-ordination with their armour back up. If a Marine is nearby, you can be sure that armour will descend apon you very quickly. If the Blades advance without armour, they always have many Dreadnoughts supporting them.
The Chapters vehicles have all been modified in some form or another, and it is not uncommon to see Marines hanging from the sides of these vehicles with one hand and firing in all directions with the other.
Their Fortress Monastery has huge workshops and weapons facilities and the Chapters Techmarines are constantly experimenting on new weapons and devices. Unlike other Chapters, the Emperor's Vengeance will absorb enemy weapons and adapt them to their own use. This is frowned apon by outsiders who would never consider using Xenos-produced items. They have also several captured space vessels, which are often used in covert operations.


Haunted by memories of the Great Heresy and forever reminded that their precious gene-seed came from corrupted stock, The Emperor's Vengeance strive to become the perfect warriors. Emperor's Vengeance are totally loyal to the God-Emperor and the Imperium. They are utterly ruthless dealing with the Emperors enemies and have often been admonished for incidents of over-zealous behaviour. Captured enemy soldiers are usually dispatched out of hand, unless they fought particularly well, and Xenos are destroyed as a matter of course.
They have an affinity with the Europa Four system, especially the Jirmanic’s, who may have provided some of the Emperor's Vengeance DNA. The marines also admire the Jirmanic warrior code and ethics.
Emperor's Vengeance believe that the only way that they can truly serve the Emperor is to give their lives for him. When they die, they join all their comrades in the Great Hall of their Ancestors, and drink and dine, telling stories for eternity, until the Emperor himself joins them. Then they are complete.


Based on the Emperor's Childrens gene-seed recovered from the dead and dying loyalists at Istvaan 3, the Emperor's Vengeance suffer from the psychic imprint left by the rage and despair of thousands of loyal marines when the great betrayal was uncovered. This can cause Marines to go temporary insane during battle. If the Marine survives the battle, he will be taken away to “The Lost Tower” on Pindarus (named, because the once disciplined Brother has temporarily lost his way), until the insanity passes.
Sometimes a whole company will suffer from the condition, turning them into an unstoppable mass of rage. The effects are catastrophic to an enemy. This trait can sometimes be seen in Jirmanic’s where an individual or group goes completely berserk during combat. Such warriors are known as ‘Berserkers’ and are revered in the ranks.
Another trait inherited through the genes is the uncontrollable urge to drink alcohol, any alcohol, in vast quantities, after a victory. Luckily, they have been genetically enhanced to be able to control the alcohols effects. If threatened or duty calls, they will immediately sober up, none the worse for wear.
Jirmanic’s are the same, except they suffer horrendously from alcohols effects!

Battle cries

“My Honour is my Loyalty” “Xenos Absolutum” “The Emperor take my Soul” “Forwards!”


The Emperor's Vengeance are well-aware of their tainted blood line and strive to eradicate the memory.They honour the Emperor's Children that remained loyal to the Emperor. As they have no links to a loyal Primarch and the word Fulgrim is now a curse, they honour Sanguinius for his loyalty to the Emperor, his devotion to duty, and ultimately his sacrifice at the hands of the arch traitor Horus . Their sole aim is to be perfect Marines and worthy enough

"Death occurs when a lethal projectile comes together in time and space with a suitable target, in the absence of appropriate armour or protection”

Check out my 40K 'Epic' about the Hunted verses the Inquisition:

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Name: The Sting of the Imperium or The Imperium’s Sting
Chapter Master: Cornant Fodio the Venom-Spreader
Homeworld: Lugosia
Colours: Yellow and different shades of black/grey
Cry: ‘Feel the venom run through your veins, spreading, growing!’ or ‘The Imperium’s venom flies forth from our weapons, and strikes all who oppose it!’

A mountainous planet known as Lugosia held a band of hardy men who managed to survive on little to no water or food. Lugosia is a cold, rocky planet, almost bare of any flora or fauna, and has quite heavy gravity, which makes this chapter slightly shorter than the rest.
Anyway, this band of tough men was lucky to live in the living centre of Lugosia, where there lived Creddevans, and there grew shrubs and were hot springs where they could bathe and collect water from to drink (it would be quite hot at first, so they would cool it down in the cold air). The men hunted the Creddevans to eat, and would light fires from the small trees and shrubs.
Creddevans were, and still are, rather hard to hunt, as they are fast and thick-skinned. They are like a kangaroo mixed with a hippopotamus. It has the size, speed and agility of a small kangaroo, so it is around 4-5 feet tall, and bounds speedily around the slopes, and it has the thick skin of the hippopotamus, meaning arrows could not pierce their skin easily in many spots.
The men had been exiled to this planet for heresy, mistakenly accused, that is. They were given a chance to re-write their ways. Many of them either could not take the lack of food, the cold, and the walking, and many were furious with the Imperium, and turned to Chaos, but a select few withstood 12 years of it, and when their sentence was over, they were collected from their prison (which they had quite gotten used to) and taken to the court they were first trialled. The court was amazed, as no one had ever survived that punishment before. The court was amazingly generous and kindly, and decided to let them walk free.
Among the survivors was Cornant Fodio, he was their leader, and there was Dion, Xavier, Vaughan, Austin, and Drake. All of them were utterly loyal to the Emperor, and knew he had his reasons for exiling them, and they wanted to fight for him across the universe, so they started their own Chapter, the Sting of the Imperium, or the Imperium's Sting.
They all returned to Lugosia, and built temples and buildings. It is now a fully inhabited planet, and the homeworld of the Sting of the Imperium.

Colours and Insignias
The Sting of the Imperium dons yellow, black, and grey armour (the exact colouration differs from company to company), and their insignia is a cone pointing downwards topped by a banner stating 'CORNU' (Latin for hornet or horn) and backed by a shield. Sometimes the cone (representing a wasp/bee/hornet's sting) has a small Imperial Aquila near the banner. All of them have mark 6 greaves, meaning that they stretch above where the kneepads normally would be.
The 2nd company, the most widely known company, dons dark grey armour with a black helmet top, and yellow elbows, hands, backpack joints, bolter, and shoulder pads.
The 3rd company wear all yellow, except for soft armour, belts and feet.
The 4th company wears a yellow upper half, except for the aquila, the shoulder trim, and the backpack joints. The lower half is utterly black, unless the marine is wearing a loincloth, which would be yellow.
The 1st company is quartered, so the top left and bottom right is black, and the top right and bottom left is yellow. Certain bits of the armour are the opposite colour to the majority of the corner, these are the following: the shoulder trim, the elbows, the wrist, the feet, and the shoulder symbol (only on the left side, or from his point of view, the right). Also, the helmet is halved, but unevenly, so there is more yellow on the top of the helmet than black, and more black on the bottom than yellow.
All Assault squads have mark 6 helmets (the one which looks like a beak).

Cornant Fodio
Fodio is a rather understated Chapter Master, and wields a chainsword and a bolt pistol. He wears 2nd company-style armour, and a cloak and loincloth. He wears a mark 6 helmet (when he wears a helmet at all), and wields a chainsword with yellow and black stripes in a 'danger' pattern named 'Pupugi', a silver and gold bolt pistol named 'Toxicum', and a gold power sword named 'Morsus'.
He is often known as 'the Venom-Spreader'.

This is a pretty cool sig.

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Death Hawks

Illuminati Records, X-Files, Death Hawks

Origins and History:
The Death Hawks are a very secret force, very few knowing of their existence, not even the Emperor of Man, and even fewer knowing truly how many of them they are.

According to Imperial records they were simply a small squadron or Blood Angels who were saved by a unit of Dark Angels during the great crusade and as a result painted their armor green to acknowledge those who saved them, and who were later destroyed during the Seige of Terra, but the truth is far greater, and far darker.

The Death Hawks never originated from any one Primarch, they were first created by Jo'Suar Ry'Char, the founder of the Illuminati and one of the High Lords of Terra. Back before the Horus Heresy the Illuminati were founded in secret to protect humanity at all costs, even from the Emperor himself. And to do so the Illuminati decided there was a need to control their own chapter of Space Marines to even stand a chance of protecting Humanity from all threats

This was done by the genetic material of each Primarch being secured, by whatever means was deemed necessary, as by the time of 'The Harvest', the Illuminati were widespread and much greater in number. Once the final Primarch's DNA was secured (Who happened to be Mortarion), the creation of the Death Hawk Space Marines began on the planet of Mondas, which also became home to many of the other Illuminati projects.

Right before the Horus Heresy was revealed Jo'Suar Ry'Char lead a campaign including most of the Death Hawks to wipe out a horde of Orks lead by Warboss Gorok Toof-Eat'a on the very edge of Imperial Space, and due to a warp storm they were unable to return throughout the Heresy. When the Horus Heresy occurred the Death Hawks still on Mondas were quickly sent to fight alongside the forces of the Imperium. They first made their mark striking at Horus' fleet and causing a faction of the 'Iron Warriors', 'The Brotherhood of Bleeding Iron'* to be cut off from the rest of the fleet and forcing the Brotherhood to flee.

Seeing the fleet heading for Terra the Death Hawks made their way towards Terra, arriving long before Horus' fleet, claiming to be Blood Angels who had changed their colors due to the Dark Angels. Quickly every last Death Hawk aside from those trapped by the warp storm with Jo'Suar Ry'Char, was prepared to defend Terra. When the Seige began the Death Hawks fought to the last man, refusing to give an inch of ground and even attempting counter offensives whenever given the chance. Long before the Emperor slew Horus, the last Death Hawk lay dead, Captain Gabriel Galfridus, having successfully killed Khârn the Betrayer, or at least so it was thought at the time.

As the Traitor Legions fled after Horus' defeat, the main fleet of the Emperor's Children was attacked by Jo'Suar Ry'Char and the remaining Death Hawks who had bey now escaped the warp storm, and badly damaged their fleet, though the near destruction of this legion is officially attributed to the other Chaos Legions.

Jo'Sua's forces quickly returned to Mondas, which had been cut off by Imperial Space during the Heresy and was now victim of an invasion by a race known as the Haemovores. Unknown to the Imperium the Haemovores and Death Hawks and their Lizardmen allies waged war across Mondas, thousands dying and thousands more Death Hawks being cloned every day, until Jo'Suar and a pair of Dreadnoughts smited the supreme leader of the Haemovores, a monster known only as 'The Beast', imprisoning it upon a planet called 'Kroq-Tor' and keeping 'Kroq-Tor' in orbit close to Mondas' sun.

As the Death Hawks began to rebuild Mondas word reached them of 'The Beheading' Luther's betrayal and the creation of the Grey Knights, as well as a DNA sample taken from the Emperor himself. Jo'Suar almost immediately decreed his DNA would be fused with the Emperor in a highly dangerous procedure, leaving him highly weakened for months. This was when a Callidus assassin struck, Ty'Kala Ma'ri, who had been informed of the Illuminati by Drakan Vangorich, and despite her master's death, was still attempting to kill Jo'Suar, the last remaining High Lord of Terra.

When Ty'Kala reached Jo'Suar's quaters she found him weakened and depressed on his bed, feeling a wave of pity for the man, dropping her Phase Weapon and morphing into an apothecary, secretly nursing him until he was stronger. Only then did she reveal herself to him, causing him to nearly instantly declare her his bodyguard, as a founding Illuminati leader he was prohibited from having a partner.

The Death Hawks have remained secret since, fighting the enemies of humanity in secret, Jo'Suar finally taking Ty'Kala as his wife regardless of the rules of the Illuminati.

Plantet: Mondas
Mondas is a planet covered in Jungles, swamps and plateaus, the native 'Lizardmen' having created temples across the world. When the first Illuminati arrived on Mondas the Lizardmen hailed them as gods, so many more temples were built in their honor. The planet is much like the Jungles of Lustria from the Old World, giant dinosaur like creatures inhabiting the dense jungles and swamps while the Death Hawks main base sits within the city of 'Kez-Tior'. Orks regularly invade the planet and are easily repulsed as it is nigh on impossible for a large ork force to attack due to an asteroid belt. The Lizardmen are often encouraged to hunt down the Orks, with those who kill the most being 'gifted' by the gods.

The Death Hawks wear no distinguishing symbols, their power armor being Catachan Green to match the jungles of their home world, and with a boltgun trim. Higher ranking space marines (excluding terminators) usually wear Black armor with white shoulder pads and helmets.

The Death Hawks are still lead into battle by Jo'Suar Ry'char and Ty'Kala Ry'char most of the time. Other leaders are Cousarrin, who wears personalized silver armor, Osirin the only Space Marine to tame one of the Mondasian wild Boars and a mysterious white-winged figure with harsh features and inhuman strength...

'Huddle close to your Emperor if he makes you feel safe. He cannot save you for only Chaos is eternal'

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Renegade Marines: Custodians of Stealth
(Gotta hand it to the Heresy name generator. If nothing else, it's unique.)

I basically wanted a mix of chaos models and loyalist dex, so I could switch between rules without having to make a second army. The custodians are infiltrating the Purge at the command of a Witch Hunter Inquisitor Lord, and so get to wear the nifty old-school armour. They're an off-shoot of the Raven Guard. They sneak around sabotaging tanks, killing off isolated enemies, stealing the last cup of coffee, you name a low move, they've done it. After a while, being in constant contact with Chaos has had some unexpected bonuses, like extra arms, wings, or the ability to withstand huge amounts of disease without dying. Unfortunately, the Imperium didn't see it that way (something about staying pure and all that) and the chapter and it's ordos allies are now a renegade chapter. They're still loyal to the Emperor, but he's trying to kill them. At last report, the custodians were still alive, but we're not sure where. They're hiding.

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Camo is the color of cowardice but if the only ones to call you a coward are now a puddle of plasma there isnt a problem.
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woah col shafer that is awesome fluff, go IG! I read that whole story, good writing.
my made up SM army is The Nova Fists.

The Nova Fists were originally founded on the planet Marderan, now a wasteland of volcanic ash and smoke that is somewhat similiar to Mustafar from starwars. The chapter is forever loyal to the emperor, protecting the outer Clyssius sector from several tyranid infestations every thousand years. Without their presence the neighbouring Kardesh System (my made up IG) would have been wiped out on numerous occasions, as the taint of the warp here is far too powerful for many ships to get through, making it hard to reinforce them. This whole galaxy of 7 planets and 4 moons used to be very popular, having bountiful resources and populations in the billions. but after a massive asteroid hit Marderan, more than half of the citizens were decimated in an instant, and the survivors had to deal with the aftermath. As volcanoes and lakes of hissing magma formed around (and through) capital cities and green forests, the planet's climate was changed forever, and the survivors were forced to live under ground or in special towers on the mountains. When the people were at their most vulnerable, Chaos decided to strike, sending 2 full legions of death guard, as well as 6000 traitors and cultists to overtake the planet, their leaders believing the populace was made up out of only miners and peasants. But little did they know how important this planet was to the imperium, as it had been one of the last planets conquered by Lord Solar Macharius himself. he had left 1000 of his most elite marines to guard it, because deep within the core of the planet, some terrible new enemy had been slumbering. the miners knew if it awokened, it would bring a whole new evil into the universe, causing the deaths of countless planets, and so the lord solar left his very best soldiers to guard it, along with sending 8 imperial guard regiments and 2 additional SM chapters to set up a defensive ring in the whole system. (this is why the 144th Kardeshian were made too). After the Lord Solar left, the kardeshians and nova fists helped put a stop to many traitorous outbreaks, and purged their whole system many times. And so for many years the imperial people were safe and mined all around the discovered secret, monitering it and making sure sufficient defenses were in place if it were to ever wake up. the outer planets kept out all but the most skilled invaders, and the fists finished them off in space with their impressive fleet, letting nothing touch marderan soil. But suddenly one week, a gigantic rip in space shattered one of kardesh's moons in half, causing it to implode on itself, leaving an open side on the systems flank. A passage through the warp had been opened, and from it thousands of chaos minions spilled out onto the stars, smashing through over 70 percent of the deffenses within a month. The chaos fleet was only slowed down when they came upon marderan, the Nova Fists and remaining imperials making a last stand with every ship that they had. near the end even hulking transports and tankers, with no real ship to ship weaponry, were filled with munitions and explosives, going full speed right into the chaos ships, hoping to take down a portion of the enemy with them. After the onslaught came to an end in space, the battered and mostly wounded imperials retreated back to the planet, taking shelter in the underground tunnels while the chaos regrouped their forces and got ready to rain down their unholy might on the planets surface. After a quick orbital bombardment, sending waves of lava through the tunnels and blocking off many escape routes, the chaos swarm began landing their troops, and they consumed the whole surface. but it was only after landing that they realized what the conditions of this planet were like, and many of the lesser beings died instantly, not wearing anything to protect themselves from the intense heat and poisonous ash in the air. The death guard marines shrugged it off in their power armour, angered at how weak and foolish the cultists were, they would have to do all of the work themselves.

Ok i'm really tired now, i'll write the rest tommorrow i guess lol. sorry i'm really tired.
it kinda turned into a story now instead of founding of chapter, but can anyone guess what is the secret thing they found slumbering in the planet, that would kill them all if awoken? +rep for the right answer. lol hope you liked reading so far

"Statistically, you will almost certainly die when assaulting a well-maintained fortress with a competent commander. You must strive to make your death useful."
-Training Manual, Penal Legion, Suicide Bomb Squads

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Is it the Void Dragon or the Outsider?

This is a pretty cool sig.

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