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The Vaillin Legion
Made up chapter

The Vaillin Legion recruit their numbers from The Vaillius System in the Segmentum Solar which for reasons unknown the librarian recruits are not known until they leave the system and reasons unknown the system seemed to be untouched by Demonic Incurisions and Tyranid Attacks are unorganised then usual Tyranid Tactics (Big Secret is the Necrons hide in a dead planet and have created a Null Reactor which Works to cut off any form of Communications and warp effects-protects the C'tan from the Warp)
The Legion specialises in Short range firefights and extensive use of drop pods preferring the text book approach of the Adeptus Astartes.

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The Chapter name

The Jade Templars are chapter that I made up for fluff purposes, rather than actually gaming with them.


This was written for 4th Ed, so parts of it - the references to the old Chapter Traits system for instance - date from there. Haven't really gotten round to updating the fluff, for reasons that may or may not become clear.

The Jade Templars are founded from the Salamanders. Their founding is relatively recent, only about 2000 years ago. They still have strong links with their Salamander heritage - they use a high proportion of plasma, flamer and melta weaponry, and are protective of the populations of the worlds from which they recruit.

Their central Fortress-Monastery - the Jade Temple of the Benevolent Emperor from which the Chapter derives its name - is on the world of Tabor in the Opari system. The Jade Temple, a vast green crystaline structure, is not only the Chapter's base, but also the most important site of the Imperial Cult in the system. Promotion to the First Company of the Jade templars involves a ritual of guarding the Temple, after which the Battle-Brother is given the title "Knight of the Jade Temple".

18 years ago, however, the Jade Templars suffered a disaster. While the 5th Company, and many Battle-Brothers from the 1st, 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th (in effect, quarter of the Chapter) were pursuing Heretics of the Alpha Legion, their home system was attacked by a force of Thousand Sons, and the Jade Temple itself was captured and turned from a Holy Shrine of the Benevolent Emperor into a foul pit of Chaos. It later became apparent that this had been a deliberate plot of the Alpha legion and Thousand Sons, working together.

The Templars embarked on the fleet knew nothing of this until their Librarians began to behave strangely - it later became apparent that the sorcerers of the Thousand Sons were using the Jade Temple itself as a resonating device to attack the minds of the Librarians. In order to preserve the lives of the rest of the Chapter, Captain Ngoni and Chaplain Ogunwe, the commanders of the expiditionary force, ordered the Librarians killed, which was not, of course, entirely a risk-free endevour.

However, it was accomplished; the survivors, without a homeworld, only a shattered remnant of the chapter, with no Librarians, now hunt the Alpha Legion and the Thousand Sons - and worse, their own twisted former brethren who have sided with the Chaos Legions - for this much is now known for sure: not all of the Battle-Brothers on Tabor fell in the defence of the Jade Temple...

Any cool characters you have made up

Captain Ngoni and Chaplain Ogunwe are the only two characters from the Chapter I've named. Theo Ngoni is the Captain of the 5th Company, a master of hit-and-run warfare. Ogunwe is surprisingly jolly for one in his position - survivng senior chaplain of an almost-destroyed and homeless chapter...

(I actually just nicked these names from books I'd read - from Philip Reeve and Philip Pullman books respectively)

The organisation of the Chapter

Once, they were a standard Codex Chapter (the idea was to represent them with 4th Ed SM rules). However, because the Chapter is severely under strength and is currently without the services of a forge-world, it has less heavy armour than would generally be expected; it has also adapted its battle-tactics to hit and run raids on Chaos positions, as it now no longer has the manpower for decisive battles. Furthermore, as scions of the Salamanders, the Chapter has a fondness for plasma, flamer, and melta-weapons. Lastly, because of the taint of Chaos showed itself first among the Librarians of the Chapter, all the Librarians at the time of the Fall of the Jade Temple were killed, and none have been appointed since.

Any pictures you have

Sorry, no, but I can describe the heraldry. Power armour - dark slightly blueish-green,; all now use black trim and black helmets, because after the Fall of the Jade Temple Ngoni decreed that there would be no more seperate companies; battle brothers of the reserve companies would be given immediate promotion to the sole survivng battle company, and helmets were painted black in mourning for their dead Brothers (the custome of wearing black headcoverings at times of mourning derives from their homeworld).

Only the Knights of the Temple (1st Co Veterans) have different heraldry - they have gold shoulderpads with white trim and white helmets. They also wear personal heraldic badges, generally on the right greave. Because there are no 'new' Knights (because they have not been able to attend the Jade Temple since its fall) no new 1st Co Veterans have been created.

:cyclops of the Jade Temple:

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Well you didn’t say no, so I'm going to tell you about the Tarkan 52nd. And update them a bit while I'm at it.

Name: 52nd Tarkan Imperial Guard Fireborn Regement

The planet of Tarkan sat unassumingly on the outer fringes of imperial space for thousands of years after the Horus Heresy. So far away, they received little attention from the inquisition and Exelarcy, resulting in a culture unique to imperial worlds. On Tarkan the virtues of universal acceptance within the most holy human race were taken as a given fact of life, even when a man decided that he no longer followed the emperor, he was not persecuted as he would have been on other worlds, small chaos cults flourished, although unpopular, and some even gained some measure of political prestige. With such an accepting society, and little outside influence, little to no army was necessary. The largest armed force on the planet was the city guard of the capitol, numbering less than one thousand men.

Tarkan boasted no imperial garrisons, no temples, and no ancient artifacts of the age of technology, and as such was largely ignored by every galactic power for almost eight thousand years. It did however bost one rescores that would be its undoing, something that was taken as an industrial blessing, and provided food for tarkans 10,000,000 strong population. Forests. Forests covered tarken more thickly than Ice covers Valhalla. not the dark and dangerous forests of Catachan, but great peaceful pine forests, whole continental fruit orchards, and mighty ancient trees that stretched for miles in diameter.

This wonderful natural bounty however lead to Tarkans undoing. For a world with so much life on it will inevitably attract one thing, and one thing only. Tyranids. When a small splinter fleet spun by chance near the Tarkans, it was like a moth to a flame. Within a day the Tyrinids had consumed more bio-matter than they knew what to do with. Which is of course just a saying, they knew full well what to do with it. Tyranids in the billions sprung from the forests, faster than they could be counted. The tarkan had no way to defend themselves, and 3/4ths of the population was decimated within weeks. Transitions were sent to the imperium, and imperial guard regiments, and space marines were dispatched, but could not arrive for weeks. The tarkan turned to anything they could find, industrial flamers used to clear forests for construction became one of the only effective weapons available. They were produced by every factory the Tarkan had, and promethium wells were stretched to their limits. New sources had to be found. And it was here that Tarkan realized its second great advantage. Promethium.

As more wells were searched for, they were found, everywhere the Tarkan turned more wells were found. It became apparent that promethium was as abundant beneath the surface of their planet as trees were above it. By now only about 1,500,000 Tarkan still lived, a tiny portion of the orijgonal population. The first imperial help was not expected for at least two more weeks. Only two major resistances remained, the capital, and the largest promethium well. Both were losing ground fast, and all hope seemed lost. It was then that the greatest event in the Tarkan's history took place. An event that would come to be known as the coming of the angels of death.

12 days and 7 hours before the first imperial aid was supposed to arrive, dark green drop pods rained from the sky. The Dark angels had made preparations on their own, and fully 700 of them had landed on the planet. Raging forth with brutal retribution upon the Xenos, the Dark angels fought them back with flamers fueled by Tarkan promethium. The super human warriors fought the tyranids back, and constructed fortifications that could be easily defended against the hives onslaught. After establishing a perimeter that the Tarkans could defend indefinitely against any opposition, the dark angels inexplicably disappeared overnight. The Tarkan held out for the remaining days until the rest of the imperial aid could arrive, and then it did. And it was quite surprised to find them still alive.

When the Tarkan asked about the dark angels, and why they had left, the imperials knew nothing, the dark angels had all been reported active on other sectors of the imperium, and could not have been on Tarkan.

The Tarkan kept quite from then on, not wanting to anger their new governing body. The imperial fleet proceeded to destroy the majority of the infestation from orbit, allowing the massed ranks of numerous regiments and several marine chapters, as well as the personal army of the inquisitor in charge of the operation, which consisted mostly of adepta sororitas to finish off what was left. During this fighting, none fought braver than the Vostryon regiments, who connected closely to the tarkan on a cultural level. To this day the planets maintain a close relationship, even lending troops to each other to fill shortcomings in regiments.

After the threat had passed, an adepta sorroritas convent was established to bring the imperial doctrine to the world. Within 7 years not one person on Tarkan had any anti-imperial inclinations- the chaos followers and dissidents were completely expunged. After the populace had been cleansed, the world was rebuilt, and an imperial guard and promethium tithe was established. Limited terraforming was authorized by the mechanicum to accelerate the return of Tarkans forests, but even to this day they do not reach their former glory, and whole regions of Tarkan are bare.

As the two millennia since wore on, the planet developed its imperial guardsmen into a feared fighting force, repelling over the years many threats- including eldar and on many occasion orks. The Tarkan developed their own organization for their men, regiments never numbered more than 1000, but were grouped together into divisions. Each division consisted of 10 regiments, and one regiment is named the "command regiment" whos commander has authority over the colonels of the other regiments. Each regiment was divided into 10 companies, lettered A through J. A company is almost always lead personally by the colonel of the regiment.

On one occasion, only a few decades ago chaos space marines attacked Tarkan only to be repelled. It was on this occasion that the 52nd fireborn first distinguished itself.

Approximately 32 years ago, a war band struck out from the eye of terror after angering the black legion and having its forces decimated. They drifted in warp space for many months, until they were forced to exit due to a warp storm that they could not weather. They exited to find themselves in orbit around Tarkan. Having fought against guardsmen raised on tarkan on one occasion, they knew it was a world rich in promethium, and they thought to plunder some to use in raiding other worlds, also they sought to collect sacrifices for the dark gods, and Tarkan over the past two thousand years had regrown to its former immense population.

The traitors set down on top of the largest promethium well in the main continent of Tarkan. The well was well defended, but the chaos space marines caught the garrison by surprise, and teleported in two terminator squads that tore a swath of slaughter thru the facility. Within hours the well had fallen and the workers were being forced to collect the deadly chemical for the forces of the dark gods.

One regiment was relatively close by when this happened, and rushed to help. The Tarkan 52nd was lead at the time by Col. Alexander, who was a veteran of many long campaigns in the Tarkan 79th offworld, and because of his distinguished career, had been allowed to "retire" to a relatively easy life commanding the 52nd on garrison duty on the home world. The regiment outnumbered the chaos space marines 10 to one but they took heavy losses and numbered only 200 by the time reinforcements arrived. two other regiments from the same division, the 57th and 51st, came to the aid of the 52nd. By now the 52nd had reduced the chaos space marines to half their original number, but the terminators, and their lord, Peitriov, held the gates from any attempted assault. Peitriov had erected a powerful warp shield that was protecting them from artillery strikes.

Colonel Alexander told the reinforcements to stay in reserve, and that he would break the gates of the well compound personally. He took up the regiment’s most legendary weapon, the fist of the lady, a masterfully crafted power its that had been gifted to Alexander by the order of the martyred lady during his time on Armageddon. A legend surrounded it that it could fell any enemy no matter how powerful in a single blow. He lead his personal command squad, along with his 6 remaining infantry platoons headfirst at the gate, his squad arrived first, but the chaos terminators easily cut down the four men in his immediate squad with reaper auto cannons. He charged in an attempt to fell the chaos lord with one blow. As the other squads arrived seconds after he engaged, the power fists of the two men met, and lightning arced in every direction. Both fists were shattered by the impact destroying both weapons. Alexander brought his personal power weapon up with his other hand, only to have it torn in half by the sorcerers other fist. The chaos lord then, in front of the 300 survivors of the regiment plunged the sharpened forefinger of his power fist thru the colonels chest. There was complete silence on the field of battle, until with a mighty shout a lowly sergeant charged out from the ranks alone, shouting "For Tarkan!" [Citation: “For Tarkan” was the battle cry entered into the official record, but eye witness accounts give evidence that the actual battle cry was “Go the Fuck away you scum!”] picked up the shattered remains of the colonels power sword, and cleaved tt in one fluid motion thru the skull of the chaos lord, killing him before he knew what had happened.

The terminators were stunned, and they quickly fell into disarray as they each tried to give orders to the others. They were quickly cut down by the lascannons of the infantry platoons. Not however, before killing another hundred guardsmen.

With the gates wide open, the other regiments stormed the compound, The chaos space marines didn’t expect them, and were brought down by the massed rapid fire of literally thousands of lasguns. The workers were set free, and the dead were lain to rest.

The regiment were elevated to the status of heroes. They had broken an unbreakable enemy and reclaimed a critical installation, and suffered heavy losses in the name of the home world. The regiment was given the sobriquet of "the fireborn" a name reserved for those who defended the promethium of Tarkan with unmatched vigor.

After that battle, a new colonel needed to be selected for the regiment. In the minds of the surviving men, there was no question on who it should be. The audacious sergeant who had slain the deadly sorcerer. And so was born Colonel O'Malley

The Fist of the lady had been destroyed in that battle, as had been the power sword used by Col. Alexander. The fist was buried with the colonel as was customary with weapons granted by military orders higher than the imperial guard. The power weapon was re-forged by the master tech priests of Tarkan, the sword was emblazoned with the crest of the 52nd regiment in honor of the blades now prestigious past. O'malley took his second weapon of choice from that battle as well. When he picked thru the remains of the chaos space marines, he found an article that interested him. A bolter in the hands of a slain chaos space marine champion. It was obviously plundered, as it bore no marks of chaos, it bore the crest of the dark angels chapter. O'Malley took it, claiming to a protesting priest that it obviously held no taint as it bore no heretical liveries.

With the Regiment decimated to only a tenth of its former strength, and its colonel dead, they received a wave of new recruits from the regional capitol. These inexperienced men were little better than well organized conscripts. To fill the shortcomings of the regiments new members, one hundred vostryan elites were borrowed to mix together with the Tarkan recruits and share their battle experience. This along with the now hardened soldiers from the origonal 52nd regiment allowed from a stable mix of new recruits and experienced veterans. Over the past 32 years the regiment’s men have gained valuable fighting experience, and the regiment had distinguished itself enough to be recognized as command regiment of the 5th division, regiments 50-59.

The regiment's companies currently hold to the following formations:

A company:
4 longtime squads, and 4 newly recruited squads, and one Vastryan armored fist squad (as well as O'malleys command squad, and the primary platoon command squad)
They often go to battle accompanied by B company

B company:
2 Leman russ battle tanks, one basalisk artillery unit, 3 hellhound support tanks, 5 armored fist squads 12 sentinels, and 3 suport units who deploy into battle via valkarie drop ship. They are lead, unorthadoxicaly, by Tech priest Omar.

C company:
100 storm troopers trained in the small Schola Progenium in the regional capitol. They are lead by Commisar Giddion. More recently, 15 of them were killed by orks, despite a favorable ambush, and were replaced with vostran storm troopers until more recruits from the regional capitol were trained.

D company:
2 standard infantry platoons, one of which is wholly vostryan.

E company:
one standard infantry platoon, and one heavy weapon support platoon

F company:
one hundred Roughf riders, mounted on Tarkan pattern war bikes

G company:
3 leman Russ battle tanks, 3 hellhound support tanks, 2 35 man infantry platoons, one only recently formed from new recruits and vostryan allies, after the company suffered a ambush by ork komandos

H company:
6 bombard siege tanks, 3 basilisk artillery units, a standard infantry platoon, and a heavy weapon platoon.

I company:
two standard infantry platoons

J company:
two standard infantry platoons, two squads of one of which are vostran.

Most recently, the tarkan 52nd has been fighting ork mercenaries hired by the Tau to weekend Tarkan for their coming invasion of enlightenment. The fighting has been fierce, and standard lascannons have been replaced with heavy bolters for better suppression of large numbers of green skins.

Named characters:

Col. O'malley- The colonel of the regiment, wields the power sword he used to kill the chaos lord Peitriov. For recent actions against the orks on tarkan he has been awarded the honorifica imperialis. He often places himself on the front line with his most trusted men. He prefers to face his foe head on.

Medic O'Conol- A-companies head medic, a personal friend of O'Malley's. He is counted as a friend by most of the men in A company, and has saved most of their lives on multiple occasions.

Commissar Giddion- A Commissar trained on Krieg. He is a fiercely by the book commander, and has grated with O'Malley on many occasions. O'Malley often chooses to place himself and A company on the front line when protocol dictate that they do otherwise.

Tech priest Omar - A tech priest who was sent to Tarkan directly from mars. He is an overzealous combat repairman, often modifying vehicles from their original design. He never leaves the creed of the mechanicum, but he pushes it to its limits. This is probably why mars sent him away.

LT. Avery: A lieutenant in A company who expresses a vehement dislike for O'malley, who he sees as an overconfident fool. Ironical, he is seen by many as being the same kind of person, and has even taken an ork slugga as his weapon of choice, witch is reminiscent of Col. O'malley.

Sgt. Jacob- The vostran leader of the armored fist squad in A company. He has a drinking problem to which he admits freely, but keeps in control most of the time. He is only very rarely seen drunk on the field of battle, and when he is not, he is a fine leader.

*WHEW!* I went on for a while there. I changed a few things from the last time I wrote this, but I like this better, so this is the official one.

I have some pictures lying around, but I need to find them, I’ll post them tomorrow. Don’t get your hopes up though, I’ve only got A company and a bit of B company done (and not everything is painted)

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Thought I had best post here about my chapter!

Chapter Name: Cerulean Guard

Fluff: Still WIP that, but they go along the following principles:

- Imperial fist gene-seed
- Codex chapter
- Standard chapter organisation
- Specialise in close quarter firefights and counter attacking measures, so good for cityfights mainly when the use of heavy armour with short ranged weaponry key.

Characters: We have a few:

Chapter Master Arnam: Current chapter master. Joined the first company after service in the Deathwatch, then promoted through to Chapter Master by a court of his peers (Highest ranking members of the Reclusium and Librarian Sanctums, aswell as the 10 ranking company captains).

Captain Arias; 3rd Company Captain. Currently striking with the Confederation of Angels on the Eastern fringe.

Chaplain Dius; 3rd Company Chaplain

.. there are a few others, but i'm at work and I can only remember a few.

Organisation: Already basics covered in the fluff, standard Codex Astartes organisation.

Pictures: All the photos of my chapter can be found in my project blog, a link to my progress can be found in my signature. Please look if you have a few minutes spare

This has actually sparked me to write up a full peice of background for them, so expect that over the next few weeks hopefully. As for model painting is concerned, i'm going to be adding a fair bit more to my army, so stay tuned on that too.

Thanks for reading!
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The Occulous Arcannum

These guys are an offshoot of the Thousand Sons, one of the forces organized by Ahriman in the ever-expanding quest for knowledge and lore.
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I've just started fleshing out the background and paintscheme for my next marine army.
They're called the sons of Xerces and have a persian theme. Just a basic codex chapter undecided as to who they've evolved from yet I'll wait till I've got a few more models painted.
Their paint scheme will be deep purple armour with yellow trim and accent colours and gold metallics and possible yellow helmets.

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And now I have pictures:
A-compony (missing two squads )
B-Compony (missing the majority of its forces due to the fact that I havent baught them yet) Sorry about the shiny sentinal
Col. O'Malley and Medic O'Conol:

Yes, My army is only part painted, and I suck miserably at painting them. (I shoudl really finish the base coat on the chimera...)

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Originally Posted by Col. Schafer View Post
Does it have to be SM's? I have a made up guard regement.
I have just made a thread for IG regiments if you want to post them there, its up to you!

By the way, you guys have come up with some awesome chapters/regiments! you should all be fluff writers!!!

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The Wyld Hunt (formerly the Wolf Brothers)

History/ Fluff:
Created during the 2nd Founding, this off-shoot of the Space Wolves faded into obscurity due to many of its members succumbing entirely to the Curse of the Wulfen. Rumours had the Chapter purged entirely, or fallen to Chaos.
In fact, the Inquisition did purge many, and some did fall to Chaos... others joined the 13th Company, while the remainder disappeared on their Battle-Barge, the Storm of Blackmoon. They traveled for decades in the far reaches, occasionally fighting Orks and even small Hives of the fell Tyranids, all the time searching for a place to settle and relieve their gene-seed's curse. They found a lost strike-force of White Scars and some Imperial survivors on a war-torn world and took them from the doomed planet; some of the more worthy humans were added to the Wolf Brothers, and over the course of years the White Scars' gene-seed was mixed with that of the Wolf Brothers, due in no small part to the assistance of some Exodite Eldar the Wolf Brothers aided in expunging Orks from the Exodites' world. In payment, the Exodites used their arcane sciences to mix the gene-seeds, tempering the Wulfen Curse to a large degree.
Finally, they found a planet named Rowyn, a long-lost colony inhabited by people called Gaels, who had fallen far from their tech-using ancestors. The arrival of the Wolf Brothers was fortuitous, for Necrons had awakened in the ancient ruins in the northern polar region of that world, and were preparing to destroy all life on the planet.
The Gaels' warriors, known as Woads, were severly out-matched, but were prepared to sell their lives bitterly in an effort to save their people. The Wolf Brothers, seeing these humans' bravery, decided they'd found a home. Fifty years later saw the end of the last of the Necrons; the Gaels, who had fallen into a more superstious belief, had dubbed the Wolf Brothers the Wild Hunt, after the great Huntsman and his Hounds who were called by the gods to destroy evil. The Wolf Brothers adopted a slightly modified version of the name: The Wyld Hunt.
Since then, the Wyld Hunt has made some small inroads into known space, where they appear to aid beleagured Imperial and, sometimes, Eldar forces... only to vanish again without a word.
They hold a grudge against The Inquision, however, and will never aid them directly (instead, they will work to save a planets population from the enemies of humanity); in fact, they will attack the forces of the Inquisition whenever such a course is viable. Like their Space Wolf fore-bears, they also hold a grudge against The Thousand Sons, but are ambivilent towards the Dark Angels.

Tactics and Organisation:
The Wyld Hunt is led by the Master of the Hunt (the Chapter Master), as well as various Lords, such as the Lord of the Spear, the Horn, and so on (Captains), and lastly by Skull-Druids (Chaplains). Due to the tampering their gene-seed has experienced, they cannot have anything like a Librarian/ Rune-Priest; anyone with latent psycher powers has them destroyed when they become Hounds of the Hunt, while active psychers die horribly (and the gene-seed is wasted).
The Hunt is organised like a Space Wolf Great Company; that is, there are a certain number of Hunt Leaders for a certain number of Huntsmen and Hounds (their term for Scouts). Basically this means that for every 750 points, the player must use an HQ unit (to include Retinue, if desired). Note that Venerable Dreadnoughts are not considered an HQ choice under normal circumstances (they have three, and all are honoured advisors, but prefer to no longer have the burden of actuall leadership).
Some Lords like to use hit-and-run tactics like the White Scars, others use more "traditional" Space Wolf tactics, but the majority prefer a fair mix of the two.
Hounds are the newly-inducted members of the Hunt, and act as Scouts in most other Chapters (a recent divergence from the old way, mostly due to the White Scar influence on the gene-seed). Those who survive become Huntsmen (Tactical Marines), then Senior Huntsmen (Devastators) or Invincible Huntsmen (Terminators), usually; some few become the equivelent of Sternguard/ Vanguard or members of a Lord's Retinue. These types are all known as Master Hunstmen, with a different designation as appropriate (such as Master HUntsman of the Blade, Master Huntsman of Ordnance, Master Huntsman of the Herb, and so on). Lastly, there are those few who become the Steel Druids, who perform the same roles as Techmarines of other Chapters.
Each Lord commands a Hunt; there are currently only 7 Hunts (each numbering 100), due to the fact that the numbers have yet to recover from the serious depletion they took over their centuries of wandering.
The Wyld Hunt is often forced to scavenge the battle-fields where other Space Marines fought and died, to replace and repair their own equipment. They also collect any gene-seed found, so it can either be returned in secret to its own Chapter, or mixed with their own.

Appearance and Colours:
The Wyld Hunt appears as do the Space Wolves, for the most part, though there is sometimes a slight Eurasian appearance due to the influence of the the White Scars who had to join them long ago. Members of the Hunt are very rarely Marked by the Wulfen, but it does occasionally occur. Those so Marked are often some of the Hunt's greatest heroes. All members look somewhat feral, but not so much as a "typical" Space Wolf; their canines, while elongated, never reach the lengths as those of the Space Wolves, either (unless the character is Marked).
Once inducted as a Hound (and after the recruit survives that transformation), members have blue and/or green "woad" tattooed onto their arms, shoulders, and chests.
The armour is a deep green, with metallic green highlights, and black or white "secondary" colours. The Chapter banner is red, white and blue-grey (the same shade as that used by Space Wolves). Capes worn by the Master of the Hunt and the Lords are blue-grey with white linings.

Vae victus.

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Name - “The Hidden Fangs”
Leader - Under direct command of the Great Wolf of the Space Wolves.
Homeworld - Fenris
Sucsessor of - The Space Wolves
Armour Colour - Varies depending upon operation, though those based on Fenris wear pale White.
Speciality - Stealth operations and Ambush. And as with all Space Wolves, close combat.

Leader - Though they are commanded by the Great Wolf, the Hidden Fangs' figure head, and closest member to a Wolf Lord is Tharis Greyfell.

Type of Combat - The Hidden Fangs primarly operate as Wolf Scouts, using their stealth and cunning to set up behind enemy lines waiting until the opertunity to strike disrupting enemy enplacements, tanks and re-enforcements. Due to the style of their operations, the Hidden Fangs are usually out numbered. As well as their covert operations, The Hidden Fangs are sometimes formulated to operate as a Great company, though they are usually lacking in number compaired to the actual Great Companies, they make up for it in ferocity and skill.

Battles Participated - The Hidden Fangs serve the Great Companies of the Space Wolves as Wolf Scouts.

Current base of operations - The Fang, Fenris.

General fluff - The Hidden Fangs are comprised of the Space Wolves Wolf Scouts, when the need for a large scale covert operation is needed, the Wolf Scouts are organised into larger teams and are equiped and ordered in order to deal with a situation.
The Hidden Fangs tactics include inflitration behind enemy lines, setting up and waiting until the order of the pack leader. When the order is given the Fang members will rise from hiding and cause as much havock to major enemy assest's before making their way back to the Space Wolves battle line.
Apart from covert operations the Great Wolf can order the Hidden Fangs to mobolize as a Great company. Though when this does happen they are smaller in number compaired to the thirteen Space Wolf companies, they are none the less effective.
Though commanded by the Great Wolf of the Space Wolves, The Hidden Fangs have recently been known to be led by Tharis Greyfell, appointed their leader and Wolf Lord.


This is something I've been formulating in my head for a while, I wanted to customize my Space Wolves story with creating a second founding, because the Space Wolves don't have any.. apart from the Wolf Brothers. So I did it this way trying not to break the Space Wolves fluff. So I'm clear, I'm not trying to claim Tharis as an actual Wolf Lord, basically a proxy one to lead them when they are a Company.
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