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Default Are the Sisters of Battle a competitive force?

Not for tournaments but just at a local store if you brought your list and fought a Marine player or Ork player who built a fun list/Fluff list are the SoB old codex competitive enough to potentially win games?
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I've had a flick through it myself. (I used to use the Sniper in my Guard)

A normal sister troop is like 11 points and has a 3+ save and a bolter, thats a bargin. Granted they only have 3T but they have 4BS so shooting is good.

I already stated that I like the sniper, the inquisitor can have some cool stuff and physic powers. (& you need one for the sniper)

They get the Land Raider too.

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Even with all the nasty new stuff SMs got in their shiny new codex, a well built sister army can smack them hard on their butts. Sure, they're bigger and tougher, but Sisters shoot just as bad as they do, and are cheaper. They can also take almost the same punishment ( 3+ armour save ), and faith is a wonderfull way to mess up your opponents battle plan.

Just remember to use the army's strongpoints to their maximum advantage.
Sisters rapid firing and heavy bolter blasting makes short work of marines. We outshoot them by weight of numbers.
They got tanks, we can field impies to deal with that. about 400 points you got an infantry platoon with a missile launcher in the command squad, and 4 infantry squads with lascannons, put them in cover and give your exorcists a holy icon and these boys will have ld 9. ( and your sisters 10! )
A properly tooled up cannonness is only 137 and can jump in and take out just about anything short of an uber character or assault squad. Screw dangerous terrain, in 5th ed, an IC with a jump pack has 'skilled rider' so can reroll dangerous terrain tests.

Seraphim can deep strike nowadays too. ( all jumppackers can ) experiment with that.
Though there's nothing wrong having them babysit to countercharge somebody or go tank hunting. a squad of 7 with flame pistols and an eviscerator works very nicely against both tanks and troops alike.

BS 4 is your friend. Did I mention bolters?
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Against orks the amount of flamers you can field also do a lot of good. Low Save horde armies are not fans of flamers. You're most likely to find it difficult to take out heavy armor. The Exorcist is OK at it, but not great. The lack of lascannons is a problem, that's true. Multimeltas can help a little, bu tthey have range limitations, and really only shine at 12" range.

An attached Inquisitor Land Raider can help. As to updates, if you use the published Forgeworkd update, the vehicles come into line with the pinky-new Marine codex, and it's good!
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Sweet Emperor's teeth, yes! The Sisters, even with their late 3rd Edition Codex, still lay a disproportionate amount of hurt down. They're arguably the best army in the game, and here's why.

Sisters are able to bring numbers to bear-- it's not hard to bring 100 Sisters in 2000 points and still have all the hardware you need besides. They have the same equipment (barring the bolt pistol and grenades that come standard in the new Space Marine codecies) as Space Marines, so at range, a Sister is identical to a Space Marine. Up close, Sisters can bring a disproportionate number of high-yield special weapons to bear, and combine close-range fire with Acts of Faith to leave nothing left standing. In close combat, Sisters may initially look like a weak army, but it's quite the opposite-- while they're T3 and WS3, a Sister has a 3+ armor save, and Acts of Faith can exponentially increase their damage output and survivability. Then, there's the Veteran Superior with the eviscerator... Think of it like this. The army's got the hitting power of an Eldar army built to be a short range powerhouse without the drawback of low numbers and average at best armor saves.

Sisters work best when you have several squads working together, rather than sending a single squad to go deal with a given threat as you might with a Space Marine army. Three squads of Sisters in Rhinos are a -huge- problem for an opponent, but ten Sisters on foot really isn't that big an issue. An armored thrust backed up by Immolators, Exorcists, and Seraphim makes sure that the threats to the Sisters of Battle squads that are mounted are neutralized, and the Rhino push is able to get in and burn the enemy battle line with heavy flamers and meltaguns.


My homebrew Space Marine Chapter: The Astartes Lions Rampant

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I have played my fair amount vs sisters and I have ran them of the table each time with little to no lose to my troops. I have faced them with my BA, Necrons, and chaos several times. Maybe 15+ games...

I have no respect for them right now personally. People make good points on why they " should " be " good " but I just don't see it.
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I use the sisters codex to represent my Ad Mech army and while I'm not using the whole codex for fluff reasons(couldn't make some of the units fit in with the Ad Mech theme) the bits that I am using are competative.
If you want anti tank take meltas or inducted guard, Anti horde take flamers, There is enough variation in the list to cope with most of the things thrown at you during a game it just takes a little thought to tie it all together.

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I had a huge SoB army for a year before the Witch Hunters codex came out and I flippin LOVED that army. It's really the only one I miss but I had to sell it when the codex came out for bills. Anyways, it was PURE SoB, no assassins, no Inquisitors, well I HAD a DW kill team that would come along now and then but rarely. I had the most fun with that force and their flaming BBQ goodness. Every place that could HAVE a flamer, had one or two. The Seraphim are a serious kick in the pants with their double flamers and hit and run. If you don't mind really pissing off your opponent, they can be a seriously hard list.
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Very true....sisters can pack a right punch and can field a good number of minis.


Please GW....give us plastic sisters PLEASE!

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wow, i must suck then, ive only on one game out of 10 but about 7 were ties so yeah. lets look at it this way, how many other armies core troop choices can hold terminators in cc for 5 assault phase a hella lot of faith but its so much fun looking at their frustration as they cant kill 3 sisters with their terminators :p. we have the exorcist, kills anything and every thing. how many grown men have cried after killing her 4 times and she comes back is just pure delight :p and as stated in above posts, their faith is a killer of so much.

a warning on a crossbow

'It is a serious piece of killing equipment and should not be purchased by children under the age of 9. '

if your bored my MSN is [email protected], add me and ill talk with anyone :p

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