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Default Opinions on Spartan Assault Tank, and a long time wish!

Hey Folks

I am looking for a way to deliver a large number of Khorne Bezerkers quickly up to my opponents deployment zone. I have looked at a few options, and I wonder what everyone's thoughts are on using Spartans. Are they worth the points? Do they hold up? Does their size make assaulting harder?

Any other suggestions I may have missed would be welcome as well.

Last thing:

Why can't GW make a stripped down Land Raider. Remove the Hull mount and the sponsons. Just have a single pintle mounted Multi-melta and a 20-25 transport capacity. This couldn't need to be more than 200pts right?

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I quite like the spartan. Looks good on paper at least, and it's a cool option to carry extra terminators or larger units. Things like strength D would make me a bit wary though... I'd much prefer if the big units walking around with strength D close combat attacks didn't all move 12"


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Things like D-strength and mass haywire and grav and melta really make me wary of sinking so many points into a single tank. When most folks are building their lists to be able to take down Knights... a Spartan isn't all that different.

That said, an assault vehicle that isn't the overpriced, small-capacity, drunken-weapon-combo Land Raider is very welcome!

...I just might rather take the Fire Raptor, since that dodges most anti-tank by the anti-tank having to snap fire against it, at least until the passengers unload. Of course, having to start in Reserve and not coming on until possibly T2, disembarking T3... is not exactly "quickly" delivered into the enemy deployment. Only "securely."

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Did you mean the Storm Eagle?

I went for the storm eagle - even without carrying passengers, that plane helps my chaos as it normally ruins whatever it shoots when it arrives.
It's not cheap though and if it lands to disembark a squad it tends to get shot in short order.
I found the best tactic for me was to rush a load of berzerkers across the table and use las predators/obliterators and the storm eagle to remove all the armour threats so it just became a punch up when the berzerkers actually hit. Taking demon allies and throwing a DP and a BT at the opposition gives them enough other units to worry about killing on turn 1 and two that the berzerkers aren't seen as an immediate enough threat.

I've not fought a Spartan in a while but it just doesn't fill me with fear. It's a lot of points to get 1 squad across the table. I've beat lists with them by completely ignoring them before and just removing everything else on the table.
They're better in 30k IMO.
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They definitely became a lot more viable with the single grenade nerf in the new faq.

Originally Posted by Varakir View Post
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Originally Posted by tu_shan82 View Post
They definitely became a lot more viable with the single grenade nerf in the new faq.

In regards to the sparta, I find it worth the points due to the increased points capacity and the improved loadout, plus the extra hull point, compared to a land raider. I would never take a standard land raider, but I will take a spartan.

It's all personal opinion in the end - I have had much success with my proxied sparta, to such a degree that I cannot make any excuses anymore and have to buy one
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Its a super cool looking tank, doooooooo iiiiiiiit

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What about the fw dreadclaw? Holds 20 'zerks, comes from reserves on turn one, deepsrikes and squad can assault after deployment. Also can choose to land on opponent vehicle with no chance of missing

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That's the fist of khorn formation. 20 zerkers in a karbis
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Ok, yeah..that's the thing I was thinking of. I've only been on receiving end

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