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Default Black Reach and a friend.

So, I got Assault on Black Reach a few days ago. Lemme just say how much better this box is than Macragge, and I'm pretty sure I can, since you can get all this by reading the box. It has an SM Tactical Squad, a Termi Squad, a Commander, and a Dreadnought. Something like $150 value. Plus Ork Boss, Nobs, two Boyz Mobz, and three Deffkoptaz. Again, I'd say a $150 value, or more. All for $60.

So anyway, I play Black Templars, and already have a couple of Crusader Squads. So I'm in my local game store(Not GW) looking for a Dreadnought. Well, the lady who runs the store tells me that there's one in the box set. I hadn't looked twice at it, having bought BFM to start me out, and it kind of nosedived. So I look at this thing, and I see a real opportunity in SM pieces, but I also see a lot of Orks, which are my second choice after Space Marines, but I don't feel like buying green paint right now.

Therefore, my plan is to give them to a young friend of mine who, when I told him about the game in great detail, said it sounded like a lot of fun. . I don't want to hand a twelve year old a bunch of Orks and make him do it himself, and another thing is, the only 40Kers I've seen around are me and another friend who plays Tau, and we don't play very often. I'm not sure what I'm asking here, I guess I'm just looking for a little guidance.

It's kind of demoralizing to spend about a hundred dollars on a game, only to realize that the community consits of you, the guy you coaxed into buying some Fire Warriors and a Hammerhead, and the rest are across the pond.
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I'm not quite sure what your question is, so I am going to ramble on for a little bit in the hope that it might be useful to you! If you are asking how to introduce your friend to the game without scaring him off, then I would suggest you make an effort to help him put his models together and play the various starter games with him so that he gets a chance to learn it gradually with your help.

If you have enough models for a small game (a simple version of a combat patrol would be good) you could give him some marines to play against you for a few games, that would mean you don't have to risk trashing the Orks for no reason. Alternatively, take him to a GW shop and play a few battles there with the store models, so that he can see what it is all about with no risk to you, and a lot of nice shiny models to get him excited.

Whatever you do, don't just drop him in it, it is far too complicated to start with for some people and he may just give up before he found out how good it is.

Good luck, hope this helped!
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Well, there is no GW shop in town. The closest we have a little independent place, and the lady who runs it keeps two tables for people to play on Saturdays. No models though. I didn't think about the fact that it's a boxed set for a reason, the two armies are set up to be equal strength. I suppose the best move will be to play ABR like it was meant to, my SM and his Orks. I don't think he'll care if I beat his orks, as long as he wins some later.
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The Orks have about a 150-point disadvantage in the AoBR box, oddly enough. Easily remedied by leaving the Dreadnought, perhaps, at home.


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Aw, come on. The Dreadnought is the reason I bought the thing... Ah, whatever. You both helped quite a bit.
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haha sorry.

On not having a large community-- there are ways to fix that. There isn't an actual GW store in Indiana, where I am. Nearest ones are in Chicago, Louisville, and St. Louis depending on which way you feel like driving. However, your friendly local game store likely caters to other small groups who play assorted card games, prepainted miniatures games (also known as plastic crack 'round these parts, as you just keep buying boosters...), and stuff along those lines. I bet if you were to say, hey, you guys should give this a spin, and bring well-painted models to the store and play a few games with people as demonstrations, you'd get some folks into it.

Another possibility is to crack open ye old White Dwarf and take a look at the store listings. Look for stores that are an hour to an hour and a half drive at the most from you, give 'em a call, and find out when their group plays, if they've got in-store gaming, how big the group is, etc. We've got two or three guys who drive down from Indianapolis to play at our store (and there are stores in Indy, to boot, so that just says we're that cool). Driving an hour to get a game on isn't bad at all. It's like commuting to work...just...without the work.


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Another thing that you may want to do to help your friend out is you play sm one game and then you play orks the next game to help him figure out things. He may like orks or he may like sm more.

As for a community there are many ways to look aroud for that. The nearest GW to me is 2 hours one way. THe local stores are an hour away but they are crap so it is worth it to drive to the GW. I have found people to play against in my small town by looking for yahoo groups and myspace groups. First I looked for clubs in my area just in general then narrowed the search to just my town. I found a couple of brothers that play and then we posted some flyers around looking for players. We did some demo games and now we have ten people that play regularly.

Trust me when I moved out here to the middle of no where I thought I was the only one interested in 40k but there are several people if you look for them or they get interested.

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Just to drop a reminder, the SM force in the black reach box is not legal as its short a troop choice.

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I was lucky enough to find a friend at work who played Fantasy, and I got him hooked from there. AOBR is a great way to get a new friend into the hobby. I agree with morfangdakka's suggestion that you and he could switch off playing orks and SM's between games, and if he seems intimidated trying to paint all the minis by himself, you could always offer to help him/ teach him how.

Where in the country are you located, anyway?

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on a Side note the GW in St Louis closes January first, sucks hard core im only half an hour away.

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