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Default SM?

So which space marines are better i dont really know lol i want them good for hand to hand combat and shooting from a distance =/

Blood ravens
space wolves

White scars (dont know if these are like ultramarines or different)
salamanders (dont know if these are like ultramarines or different)

so yeh which would be good and not so hard to learn too play but somewhat of a challenge ?

PS- forgot too include chaos space marines are they eaasy to learn, and paint lol?

Peace out

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The (relatively) easiest to play would be any codex chapter like the Ultramarines and Blood Ravens. The other armies you listed are divergent from the codex and have their own special rules that make them unique. If you are looking for a CC oriented army, you might want to lookinto the Space Wolves or Blood Angels. Both have their own codex seperate from the main SM codex and have their own unique organizations and special rules to learn. If you want a blanced force with range and cc potential, you might think about doing an Ultramarine army or one of it's successors.
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White Scars, Salamanders, Ultramarines, and Blood Ravens are all the same rules-wise. The only "divergent" one is really the Space Wolves, and at the moment the first four I listed are the best in-game. The easiest to use would be Ultras I would say, due to the fact that they can pick anything and it would make sense in the army.

For instance, the Blood Ravens background says that they have a low number of tanks, so you couldn't really have a Land Raider, a Predator and a Vindicator in an army of Blood Ravens unless you're a "power-gamer", and don't really give a shit as long as you win.

On the other hand, the Salamanders prefer flame and melta weapons, so a Heavy Bolter won't make sense, and neither will a lascannon really.

The Ultras are all round good guys, and can pick anything and it'll still make sense, thus making them the most versatile and inevitably the most powerful.
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Well Cato, isn't it supposed to be that the Ultramarines are a perfect balance of everything? So if you go heavy in any area (like three heavy support, no elites, and one fast attack) and disregard the others then your actually not being as versatile as the Ultramarines are supposed to be. (Sure they can have access to everything, but they still have their own limitations just like White Scar, Salamander, or Blood Raven armies would..)

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awesome thanks
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In current rules, salamanders are the same as SMurfs, but they used to have their own ruleset, for Armageddon I think it was. I liked that.
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As have been said, Space Wolves and Blood Angels are Hardcore Hand to hand, the Space Wolves being slightly stronger at ranged (Long fang packs, mainly), and the Blood Angels stronger at H2H.

For codex, there's no real difference. They have the same rules, and the Special Characters aren't all that 'Special' anymore because of 'counts as'.

However, there are many different builds of Space Marines. You might decide to go for combined arms, mounted in Razorbacks with Heavy Weapons, and the Men inside with Flamers etc, men left behind from Combat squadding with the Missile launcher/heavy bolter, the heavy Support taken up by Cheapo Predators, or complete assault units, 6 Tacticals, with a flamer in each and a 10 man squads, backed up by 3 10 man assault marines squads, with an LRC, with Assault Terminators, lead by Tooled up captain and Chaplain.

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awesome thanks guys
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Yeah but my point was that it would make sense that the Ultras are more versatile (if you make your army with background in mind; not if you a "power-gamer"). Besides, I've made a list with 1 Fast attack, 1 Elites, 1 Heavy Support, 2 HQs and 3 troops choices, makling it highly versatile in everything.
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well how about this, there are no rules differences between ultramarines/white scars/salamanders/imperial fists/raven guard/blood ravens

the main 5 are blood angels--dark angels--space wolves--black templar--everyone else(codex chapters)

of those codex chapters some have special characters that can change the way they play, ultramarines, white scars, salamanders, ultramarines, raven guard, ultramarines, and ultramarines.

even though they use the same rules for the majority, and the special character changes them slightly, each of the codex chapters have different backstories and preference of units and weapons. this doesn't mean every white scar army is the exact same, but it is rare to find many dreadnoughts and thunderfire guns when going with the idea of white scars.

so really the question is what do you want:
blood angels--lots of jet packs, death company with furious rending no pain
black templars--kill them they just charge faster, 20 man squads with scouts/marines
dark angels--fearless troop terminators with 1st turn teleport&bikers with homers and scout
salamanders--incredible flamers, hammers, meltas, close range high tech
space wolves--stubborn, counterattack, loose unit sizes, few jump packs, leman russes
ultramarines--10 in every unit, balanced
white scars--cheap, plentiful troop bikes
raven guard--scouts, speeders, bikes, assault squads, and drop pod dreads
legion of the damned--just an elite choice now with invuln save and slow n purposeful
iron hands--techno, lots of tanks, dreads, techmarines
red scorpions--forgeworld so they get cool stuff for less points, so many apothecaries
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