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I don't like any Space Marines, let alone Ultramarines.


Because everyone plays them.
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Originally Posted by BWLAF93 View Post
Well personally I love the Ultramarines and I can't understand why so many hate them. I think that it is a great colour scheme, and I also think that just because it is an unoriginal paint scheme doesn't mean that you can't make it look great through your skill as a painter. After all, Thousand Sons are blue and gold and people like them!
Aye... it's odd how often my Thousand Sons get called Ultramarines just because we have blue armour as well...

And I don't know WHY people dislike the Smurfs. If anything, I see more Blood Ravens armies (Thanks to DoW) than Ultramarines. Perhaps because GW depicts the Ultras on every box of SM product? (I imagine they like it because the blue looks good against the popular backdrop of flames/darkness)...

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Ultras are just the embodiment of normality. They are secure, knowledgeable, and seen as infallible, when we know they aren't.

Games Workshop chose the Ultramarines, because they were the ones who came up with the idea to have a Codex Astartes, or the Idiots Guide to shoot a gun straight. They follow it like a creed, and that's just boring. Having someone who goes "sod the system" is much more fun.

However, for knowlegeable and Infallible, you've got the Grey Knights, but they're liked because they look like 'knights', have big spears and are regularly tested in Close Combat against those who are seen as the ultimate evil. That's bad, so they're good.

While The Ultras, they just put the beat down on races like the Orks, who are less Evil, but more Chaotic, looking for a fight instead of destruction. Just seen as bully boys really.

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i simply hate the colour blue, its EVIL (refer to sig)

Seven, That is all.
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Lol.. its the same for me, I hate the Color blue...

Now red on the other hand........ Long live my Tech-Commies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I agree with a lot of the posters here as to why the Ultras are quite so hated.
They are very highly exposed, they are pretty much the poster boys of GW and WH40K.
They are presented as THE Codex chapter, the shining example to all the rest of the chapters.
They are Peter Perfect, who can do no wrong, flawless in every way, and that just grates on some people.

Not to mention that I wouldn't be particularly tempted to play Space Marines in ANY form, even if it was a very obscure chapter, due to the simple fact that they're everywhere. There still is a tiny inkling to get some, maybe a very unknown chapter or an original one ("The Space Ponies" for example) and not use any special characters, but really I'd rather collect an underused army.
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for me its all that blue, i mean theres not enough of another colour to balance it out, and the fact annoying, spoilt ( the list goes on... ) kids play them alot. but my main reason is them getting updated so often when other armies really need it. for example down at my local gw the new wave of space marines arnt that popular where as a new or updated army like dark angels previously got a much bigger audience although less models were released and there are fewer players etc

p.s comrade, how do u live in the soviet union lol ?
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i think that red orc hit on the dot, this same kind of resentment is happening on the chaos side with the Black Legion, there are soooooo many chaos players who play Black Legion its not even funny, just like those damned smurfs in armor.

for those who got into the army and actually love the fluff and whatnot, kudos to you, but for the most part the people that i have faced who play these armies are doing it just because they dont want to have to choose a more "difficult" chapter or army, they simply have no imagination. not to mention how the Black Legion now has the miraculous power to allow a berserker, plague marine, noisemarine, AND a thousand son to all be in the same army and sometimes squad

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People hate them because;

Everything at GW is compared to them.
Everything new that comes out has somthing to do with them.
They are most worked on.
Some claim them to be cheap
Tons of people play them usually little people.
And maybe because Calgar fluff and game wise.

Fluff maybe because hes so praised when he's never actually fought someone else strong other than a tyranid and also he was almost destroyed by one.

And a reason I Hate them even though I play them is because when someone goes GW and wants to try the game at first the staff ALWAYS suggest the goddamn UltraMarines.

Even though I played fists before I switchedto smurfs I have no regrets.
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I don't hate them, I just find it a little cheesy that there are so many UM players and they are plastered all over GW stuff. In much the same way, most people either support Man Utd or hate them, no middle ground as they are the classic choice for unimaginative football fans.

(That is not to say that all UM and Man U fans are unimaginative, just that lots of them are there because the choice was easy).
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