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Ultramarines are the ENEMY... you either collect them or dont, either way you sure as hell end up fighting them way too often.

Personally I just find nilla marines tactics really boring- I dont find that bolter lines work. But then I play funny- I have super combat SW and shooty Nids... since my nids can outshoot almost everything in the SM codex and its very rare that Ultra's take combat armies it gets quite dull playing them- roll up with some screaming Zoanthropes firing AP3 blasts and the game is already over.

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I never get the concept of nilla amrines sure they are the main dex but you can field such a variety of them they aren't really that flavourless. Really they have SC like evry other chapter that has it's own dex and they have certain rules now applied by those characters to thier own chapter, it's just not taking up 5 pages of writing and fluff to explain it is all. I mean with the standard codex you can actually now field an entire scout based army.
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The Ultra's are like Marmite! You either love them or hate them!

I personally hate them! they are the personification of vanilla/Boredom!

Even there primarch was a hack! (And a usurper of Power, When Dorn was the rightful next-in-line so to speak to rule in the Emperors stead)

the way GW portrays them is also very annoying. Ultramarines win against all odds win. Pffft!

Originally Posted by cegorach View Post
I do love how we don't even need CotE to comment anymore, chances are he has already said something intelligent before that can be re-applied to the current situation.
Heresy's Background FAQ. (Fluff Project)
CotE Reviews: Prospero Burns (HH Review), Age of Darkness (HH Review).
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Well, me and my ultras are on the defensive again then... (and seeing as our gun lines have been nerfed since the last time I played, that's one defence outta the window straight away)

I got back into GW a few months back, and having had all my old stuff thrown out or swapped for beer tokens (and occasionally beer itself) and instantly chosen ultra's, I'll explain my reasons.

1) Me and my mate needed a copy of AoBR, he already plays orcs, that left me with marines. I used to field Blood Angels back in the day, and still have a soft spot for them. So what made me do ultra's? To be honest, the colour scheme. Not the blue and gold, but the blue and white. Looks clean and cool. I decided against BA mainly because I think it's a little silly to run around a battlefield in bright red costumes. American war of independence anybody? (I know the Ultra's are traditionally bright blue, but mine aren't. They're a very dark blue, FYI, so ner )
2) They are the most versatile army in the codex, most of the others have a theme and a playing style around which you base your army, Blood Angels = CC etc, which I didn't want, one game I may want to be able to tailor my marines to be an all out CC army, the next I want to be able to stand on my baseline and pour blast markers on my enemy, or some mix of the two. The best chapter to do this is the ultra's. Hell, they literally wrote the book on warfare.

But tbh, I'm bored of them already. I'm almost speed-painting them as I just want a playable army. I'm gonna collect to 2000, maybe 2500, then switch to Guard. Whilst I'm doing that I want to do some converting, so I'm going to go to the most obvious place to do some conversions, Chaos (always fancied a pus-dripping nurgle army, or a tentacley* Tzeentch host).

Bugger. That didn't go as planned. I didn't convert anyone to loving the UM's did I?

*There is no way to spell this without it looking wrong, which is appropriate I think.
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One there are SO MANY OF THE GUYS!!!!!
Two if you elongate the head they look like smurfs.
Three they think they are the best at every thing when there not !
Blood angels are better at assault, salamanders are better guarilla fighters white scars are more maunouverable,iron hands have better fire power and Calgar is an idiot.
Need I say more?
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I have to admit sometimes i swear they rig the WD mag battle reports to go the way of the SMU's
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As with anything that is popular, it gets too popular. I personally love the UltraMarines but I understand why they get alot of flak. Don't think its justified though.
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Originally Posted by The Son of Horus View Post
[..] why people actually really do hate the Ultramarines?
I don't hate them... I just let my boyz have some for breakfast
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Ultra's are to by the book.....

Chicks dig Bad boys n skars ;P .......who would wana be a goodie two shoes ultra marine, only chiks u'd get are SOB, and they all look the same?????????

well they'd gets skars LOL

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i hate goffs for the smae reason-they are the "standard". and this is your hobby, which you want to be unique. a unique army can not also be the "standard". it is one or the other, and since most players have an imagination, they use it to beat the "standard". this explodes outwards as a hatred of smurfs.

also, everyone else hates them, and mankind follows the crowd quite a bit-lone wolfs are the exception, not the rule.

humm, true. This is yet again proof the Orks are smarter the Elves.-Micklez
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