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Default Shelving vs Selling

So right now, I have something along the lines of 3000 points of Thousand Sons. A lot of it is heavily converted to suit my own purposes, all the way back from 3E codex... back with favored numbers and non-marked units being moved to Elites, etc.

Right now, Thousand Sons, the way I like to play it, pretty much sucks. I can make a better Thousand Sons army using Loyalist marines or even Necrons.

Right now, that army is boxed up, with only a Heldrake sitting out on a shelf. It literally has no purpose except to take up my army cases.

Do I keep them, locked away in homes of them someday getting overhauled?

Do I build an army list out of the Necron Codex and proxy the army with those models?

Or do I sell the whole thing, and if it ever goes Plastic, start fresh?

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I was wondering about this, too. I have a decent number of Tyranids and pretty old Chaos Marines that I will likely never get around to doing anything with. Having never tried to sell models, I'm unsure if it's worth the effort.
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i always shelve. You never know when a unit will return usable. also i use my unplayable models as proxies or to play thematic games with friends. I painted them, converted way someone elsa can have them guyz.

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I sell armies at the drop of a hat, and while I've sometimes thought 'Man, I wish I had that GK/Ogre/WoC/Dark Eldar/Space Wolf/Necron/CSM army to play with right now', I've never sincerely wished I hadn't sold them. In the same vein, of the few armies I've shelved, I've pretty much never used them again; frankly, they're a waste of space. Not selling stuff on just leads to you hoarding it and having great piles of stuff you never use. I also cull out my armies that are still in use; as soon as I go above about 3k, I'll invariably have some things unpainted and I'll get rid of some of those. I don't need more than 3k, and I'm never going to get it painted, so why not get the money out of it?

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shelving is the way to go for me, I never sell armies since my regrets of selling my first army
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I have done both. It really depends on if you need the space, need the money or simply don't want the army any more. This would be reason to sell the army. I regularly buy other armies taking pieces I want and selling off the rest of it. Otherwise I would shelve the army. Definitely proxy it with another codex especially if you have several conversions that you like to play. So this way your army is still seeing the tabletop but maybe using a different codex.

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Originally Posted by Xabre View Post

Do I keep them, locked away in homes[sic] of them someday getting overhauled?
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This is GW you're talking about. Much like how the great gods of Chaos focus 99% of their attention on the 'great game', diverting only a fraction of their attention to the material realm for a moment; GW focus 99% of their attention on Space Marines, diverting only a minute fraction of their attention towards the other armies.
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I would say that first it would be best to just play them using a different codex - especially if you get enjoyment out of the game with it.

Second I think that shelving them would be best.

If it comes back that in a year or so & you haven't touched them then I think it would time potentially think of selling.


Selling I think should always be the "last" choice of a gamer, once you sell your stuff (in particular with GW nowadays) it's practically the "I'm leaving this forever" move.

I can see selling portions of an army - keeping portions that you like (such as a squad or 3 of the best painted/most converted/coolest) while removing other portions that you do not care about.

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If you've got the space, shelve.

Even it means boxing them up and tucking them into the dark forgotten corner of your neighbor's best friend's attic until there's an update, I'd go for it.

I've tried selling things, but the Yorkshire side of me flat out refuses to sell things at a loss, and as such I haven't sold much.

It's probably just a complex I have from watching a friend sell Item A to get some money for Item B, then sell item B to get some money for a brand new Item A. Repeatedly. Seriously boggles my mind.
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It depends on your motivation I would say. Are you motivated by building your army, painting it and customizing it or do you just want to play the game?

I'm selling some of my older Chaos models at the moment, with the intent of re-buying either other models for the units or rebuying the same unit for a new assembly and/or paintjob. I do this, because I can do those models much better now and I would rather start that model over than remove the paint, greenstuff it up and starting over. It just feels... better to start from scratch.

If you are satisfied with the looks of the models, then shelve it. You never know when you're going to need it.

If you don't like the look and think you can do better, then sell it and buy a new one when/if the time comes.
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