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Default War Stories

List your most amazing or unbelievable moments in a 40k game that made you say wow! I have had a few fun ones:

Had a sole Guardsman Infantry Sgt falling back and was able to shoot a terminator down with his laspistol before falling back off the board. The guardsman squad was pushing the field in a Chimera and was wrecked and torn apart, forced to fallback and ran in to some Terminators Deep Striking my backfield. My opponent and I were amazed!
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Originally Posted by General Eric View Post
List your most amazing or unbelievable moments in a 40k game that made you say wow! I have had a few fun ones:

Had a sole Guardsman Infantry Sgt falling back and was able to shoot a terminator down with his laspistol before falling back off the board. The guardsman squad was pushing the field in a Chimera and was wrecked and torn apart, forced to fallback and ran in to some Terminators Deep Striking my backfield. My opponent and I were amazed!
I had a similar experience with a lone gaunt retreating. It was assailed by two assault marines trying to shoot him down for the kill point before he got back to a synapse creature. They missed. Next turn the gaunt fired his devourer. Two hits, both wounds and two failed armour saves. Desperation makes for sweet luck it seems.

I also remember the apocalypse game where six of the seven super heavies on the board died in a single turn. My transcendant c'tan was hit by a destroyer weapon and slain. His explosion triggered my opponent's malcador, which triggered a second malcador, followed by a baneblade, followed by my other transcendant c'tan and finally my pylon. It was an explosive domino effect that also removed close to fifty smaller models and vehicles. We counted. It was fucking epic.

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Haven't played since 5th Ed, but I had an Iron Priest on a thunder wolf kill a land raider that was charging him, and then mop up the squad of beserkers that popped out of it . I had a ten man squad of grey hunters be wiped off the board by an under strength squad of Guardsmen. But the funniest was against a GK player. He had an Inquisitor armed with some sort of demon weapon that risked wounding herself. Over three turns she proceeded to stab herself to death.
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Well this one didn't happen to me but it happened last week so it's fresh in my mind. My friends IG company command squad had a unit of immortals with the enemy warlord in front of him. His unit used a heavy flamer which did jack. However his warlord shot his laspistol, which the enemy warlord decided to tank. He took a wound. Next the Company squad charged the Necrons, I urged him to issue a challenge because he had little to loose at this point.

"I challenge you!"

The company commander proceeds to kill the Necron warlord with his chainsword. He had 5 attacks, 2 hit and 2 wounds. Next is a protracted combat of everyone making their armor saves or reanimation protocols. (Keep in mind the company command squad is using flak armor not carapace upgrade)

Eventually the company command squad slowly wipes out the immortals one at a time, no casualties. My other friend playing the Necrons won the game but it was still funny.

"Do you see them, my Brothers? Do you see how they quake and tremble with fear? Soon, they shall know that all their fears are pale compared to the terror that will grip their vile souls when they hear the choir that is our bolters for we are veterans of over a thousand campaigns, do not come before an Angel of Death and his weaponry."

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Maria: By the Emperor master, why do you always shout out heretical thoughts when your excited? Especially the part about me.

Inquisitor: .............QUICK, BACK TO THE SHIP!

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I got some good ones for this
1. 19 out of 20 assault marines get gunned down in a tau shooting phase (2 ion heads didn't help) surviving power first sergeant proceeds to punch his way through a full fire warrior squad and both ion heads before game ends
2. All 10 th/ss termies wiped out by 10 ork shoots boyz- remaining power armoured priest charged by 10 'envy chopper nobs, klaw boss and 20 boyz (the offending shootaz and 10 choppas, as well as 10 for good measure. Priest lashes out and kills a single boy- not much of a honourable death I thought. Proceeds to make about a million misses/armour/fnp saves and lives. All 4 ork squads fail leadership and fall back being cut down as they go- turns out 50 kills is a pretty honourable way to win and entire army in one sub phase...
3. Last model on the board- assault marine with melta gun hiding in woods- survives half a guards shooting attack including 2 vendettas, goes to jump out the woods and give a leman Russ a final middle finger- bangs his head and dies
4. Terminator librarian leaves his terminator squad to finish off the last guardsmen running and allow the squad to continue the murder- goes to charge, guardsmen gets off 2 hits and it's a kill

And general funny stuff- librarian famous for literally going entire games failing VERY physic test and killing himself with the perils (back when it was a standard leadship- double 6 meant a 3+ invuln or he took a wound. His record was blowing his head up first turn lol
And my armies famously poor armour saves, yet famously amazing priests for fnp. I've taken 10/15 unsaved wounds on termies before, causing only a single casualty

Maybe I just play too much, or maybe I remember these cos I keep a book of them and change models accordingly for example the assault marine that smashed his way through a tau army got a Tau skull on his base to remember it

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I wish to present the saga of Dragvier the Dark, a lone wolf armed with two plasma pistols and a melta bomb.

Dragvier was deployed near my long fangs for additional support. A drop pod with 10 sternguard pop out and destroy a rhino to give my opponent first blood. Seeing this carnage, Dragvier ran towards them and took two out with two well placed plasma bolts (gunslinger is perhaps my favorite rule of all time). He then charged straight into the sternguard and issued a challenge, which was accepted. Dragvier then proceeded to bludgeon the foe to death, taking two more sternguard with him. The unit failed to wound him in return and decided to fallback to regroup, with Dragvier in hot pursuit.

The sternguard unleashed a hail of fire into the berserker lone wolf...and dealt him no damage. Enraged, he fired yet another double salvo and took out another two sternguard and charged yet again, killing another marine and still taking no damage, saved by his ability to feel no pain. Again the stern fled and again Dragvier pursued as they tried to escape.

Angry at these turn of events, and since everything else was occupied in assault or out of range, my opponent decides to end the threat of Dragvier and fires his vindicator point blank into his face. Indeed he hits and wounds. My opponent looks expectant at me, wondering why I'm laughing. I show him that lone wolves are eternal warriors and he rages at me.

Wounded but still alive, Dragvier charged into the vindicator instead, taking it out with a well placed melta bomb. The rest of the game he charged up the board fairly unscathed, drawing fire away from everything else left on the board.

Whenever I am in need, Dragvier comes to the rescue!
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I have many but my best was a 5 man squad of black templar terminators deep struck into my backfield. The only thing stopping them from grabbing my back field objective was my 20 man squad of grots. First round of shooting by the grots did nothing and they were to far away to charge. The terminators unloaded on them reducing them down to 7 grots and surprisingly they stayed. Next round of shooting by the grots saw them kill one then they assaulted and killed the other four while only losing two in return. The game ended up being a draw because my little grots held the back objective.

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The most instantly memorable wasn't 40k, but Warhammer Fantasy - first game after the 8th ed Lizardmen booked dropped and Slann were nerfed down to being strong casters rather than game-breaking powerhouses. First player turn, first spell cast, the Slann fudges it with a Miscast, falls victim to a Dimensional Cascade and blows up. One of my friends watching captioned the moment as 'Fuck this, I'm going back to 7th ed!', and that just stuck with me for some reason.

For 40k, there's one every few games. My first game with my new Guard army had an abysmal turn 1 - I brought a pair of Inquisitors to get my blobs to take Orders on Ld10 rather than Ld7. Rolled two 11s for my Orders, and proceeded to fire 1500pts of army killing 2 Bikers from one unit, 1 Biker from another and a Rhino. My opponent then fails both morale checks for the Bikes and the Pinning check on the disembarked unit. From there the game devolves into me shooting him off the table as he makes the most horrendous rolls in history.

When I played Dark Angels, I had a squad of Chaos Terminators with a Chaos Lord in combat with some Tactical Marines and some Deathwing Knights (I forget who charged who, it doesn't really matter - that's how it ended up). The Chaos Lord in question was pretty tooled up - Terminator Armour, the Mark of Nurgle and a Gift of Mutation which he rolled up as +1W, the whole kaput. Can you say tank character! Anyway, he kills the Knight Master, and rolls up re-roll all failed armour saves as a Boon. Fuck. I nail the regular Terminators with Smite on the DWK, leaving just this Lord, who's now T5 with a re-rollable 2+ and 4 wounds against a squad of guys who've used up all their AP2 weapons. Fuck again. Next round, he eats the Tactical Squad sergeant, promptly turns into a Spawn and gets nailed by Power Mauls. The Dark Gods giveth, the Dark Gods taketh away.

I had a Centstar of Sicarius, Tigurius and 2 Librarians as a Conclave and 3 Grav Centurions wipe out a Lychstar leaving just Orikan the Empowered on 1 wound standing in a pile of scrap metal, then charge him to finish the unit off and take the deciding objective. Over the next two turns, Orikan kills most of the unit and the game ends with that objective contested, the Necrons taking the win.

Ezekiel and his Tactical Squad get charged by Scarab Swarms. Ezekiel casts Force, rolls double 6s, rolls a 1 for Perils, rolls an 11 for his Ld check, kills himself and 5 Tacticals.

Deathwing Squad with Thunder Hammers and Storm Shields Deep Strike down into an Eldar line. Take 27 wounds, save every single one. Belial kills or breaks to run off the table 3 seperate 10-man squads of Dire Avengers over the course of the game.

Belial charges 3 Necron Immortals with Tesla Carbines, who take off 2 wounds on Overwatch and then kill him in melee.

Sicarius performs his Sons of the Primarch ability in a unit buffed with Hammerhand, killing a Revenant Titan, then splits off from the unit. He goes through a unit of D-Cannons with the Farseer Warmaster in there, survives with 1 wound remaining, then takes fire from 20 Guardians, 2 Razorwings with Disintegrator Cannons, and a Wave Serpent with Starcannons. Survives all that, gets charged by 3 Guardians, who kill him (apparently 3-man Troops units are the bane of my characters). In the same game, Tigurius and his two homies in the Conclave split from the Centurions and fail a charge against some Dark Reapers. They get shot at, and in the absence of any kind of cover, Go to Ground as a Hail Mary stratagem. Tigurius casts Precognition at least, and proceeds to make all 5 6+ saves.

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Just a short one. Whilst I tend to play Raven Guard for the most part, I actually collect Raptors, who have a chapter tactic that allows units with bolters to fire a Heavy 1 shot with rending, provided they haven't moved (heavy, ja).

I had one man with LoS on a Death Company dreadnought, with no other targets, so I figured to hell with it. Hits, Rends for an S10 shot +D3, Pens with a S13 shot and for the vehicle damage rollllll....

One immobilised Death Company Dreadnought later, I'd used up all of my luck for the game, and was consequently murdered with a stupid grin on my face.
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A few to choose from, but one of the most frustrating for me was a match of Chaos Daemons vs Chaos Marines.

I had 20 Daemonettes charge into a squad of 2 obliterators in the top of turn 2, thinking that I would kill them pretty easily with my rending and high number of attacks. The enemy then proceeds to make no less than 17 wounds and 5 rends on his 2+/5++ save.

At the end of the game, which ended in turn 6, I had failed to get even a single wound through those goddamn Obliterators due to insane dice. He had tanked -EVERY- single wound on his saves.

We played again 2 days later, same setup. Both died on the charge, before they even got to swing.

Well fuck.
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