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I also love the classic match ups they seem to be the funnest to play.

Space marines vs Chaos
Orks vs Orks
Orks vs Guard
Necrons vs Eldar
Dark Eldar vs Eldar
Space Wolves vs Dark Angels

Although NIds vs. Nids would be interesting to see.

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Gotta repeat the opinion given above and go with Thousand Sons vs Space Wolves.

one thing I want is the ability to split my fire everywhere, it makes no sense that a squad of 10 guard or marines or whatever all have to fire at 1 target with everything, is the guy with the lascannon not smart enough to realize maybe he would be better off firing at the massive tank looming overhead instead of the little man no bigger than a squat running at him, or is that far too complex for the 10yr olds?

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Originally Posted by Wraithian View Post
cooldudeskillz: Tyrannids vs Daemons is a blast. I've a friend who plays bugs, and wow, yeah, we've only done one game so far with is bugs versus my daemons, but it was pretty intense. Good stuff, indeed.

ahhhhhh...sounds like so much fun, just to think of greater daemons battleing out with hive tyrants and carnifexs.

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BA vs Nids

That would just be fun.

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Guard Vs. Guard

I know it sounds a little generic, but could you imagine the carnage?
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BA vs. Khorne.... Furious Charge for all. Can you say bloodbath?

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Well my number one would have to be Guard v's Tyranids, just for the Starship Ttroopers style connection, thanks to the film, you can imagine the horror the Guard would go through fighting that mass of scything talons and ripping jaws, nasty.

Others up there include,
Thousand Sons v's Space Wolves, as already noted because due to the history thats cool, same goes with any of the Istaan V survivors up against the Black Legion etc
Eldar v's Dark Eldar is cool, as all the models look pretty, plus theres a lot of hatred there. (Although I would say rain has stopped play on this one atm until the new Jes figs appear.)
Dark Angels v's a Fallen army would be cool.
Scythes of the Emperor v's Hive fleet Kraken would also rank highly in my book.

I'm sure there would be others, but these above stick out atm.

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DA vs Fallen, preferably set on Caliban. Use the rules for orbital strikes from the first Black Reach scenario (WD345).

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