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Default To Dreadclaw or not to Dreadclaw?...

Ive found over the last 6 months of playing 40k that im a sucker for certain models/units and they take on the 'must have' tag, regardless of game-play, (im looking at my pair of beautiful looking but sometimes infuriating Forgefiends here)and the latest model to take my fancy is the FW Dreadclaw...

The model itself looks fantastic (in my opinion) and having the option for a CSM drop pod after suffering so much from my brothers loyalist drop pod lists is something that really excites me!


Ive told myself to be more sensible and proxy the model and learn its abilities BEFORE i purchase the model this time around, but the thing is, i cant seem to get the game play right... Generally i deploy 4 melta-wielding Chosen (+cc Champ) with the idea of deepstriking an alpha hit behind some armour and taking it out, then the Chosen act as a 'must take out' unit whilst the Dreadclaw then hopefully flys around the board Heat-blasting and hovering onto objectives...

Sounds simple right?...

Well... no...

The deepstrike scatter always screws me over and takes the melta out of its range effectiveness, then it seems to be grounded/immobilized every time it takes a penetrating hit (av12) rendering it useless, and for 100 points im not that good a player where 100 points doesnt matter...

I want the Dreadclaw to work as i really want the model, but im trying to make my head rule my heart so i thought id ask the good folk on here about their experiences with or against the DC, does it work? is it worth the points cost? am i misusing the unit?

Any thoughts/comments as usual are always appreciated.

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The advantage loyalists have is that theirs, though it can't hop back up and around, only costs 1/3 as much. I'd gladly use theirs, if it meant that I got that much security to deliver things just where I want on T1, minimal scatter-mishaps, etc. CSM... don't quite get that inexpensive delivery system they crave so badly.

One thing I would do to minimize points invested is take Havocs, rather than Chosen, since they can grab 4 meltas just as easily, but are a bit less expensive, there.

I'll be honest--I haven't played with the Dreadclaw. I'm having trouble, though, convincing myself that my my money wouldn't be better spent getting a Hellblade, or something, though, if I were to make a Forge World order...

CSM Plog, Tactica

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How about not thinking of it as a turn one melta strike and a turn 2 fast assault vehicle any where you want. I think the dreadclaw is the fast assault vehicle chaos is missing, who else has a av12 fast assault vehicle for 100 points and with objective secured.
On what to put in it... What about
lvl1 demonology sorc with a familiar 100 maybe a combi melta
8 Khorne csm banner close combat weapon melta, melta bomb and lightning claw 180.
That's a lot of attacks with no risk of the dreadclaw eating any one and you can start bringing some more bodies down with the summoning sorc.
Alternatively save some points and go with a ten man squad with dual melta, close combat weapos then champ with power weapon, combi melta and melta bomb. Then mark them Khorne and give them banner of wrath(230)for combat or slanesh with icon of excess(240) for a bit more all round. Another option would be terminaters
Though all options are quite pricey.
But I would say the dreadclaw is more transport than drop pod thus the price tag.
Hope it helps.
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Personally I would rather convert up a Space Marine drop pod - just because the FW version is way more expensive.

Originally Posted by neilbatte
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It's not anywhere you want, though. Yes, you can set up an 18" move or whatever on T1, but T2 you can still only move 6" and disembark. That is definitely flexible, but by no means guarantees you to get exactly where you want. Your opponent has a turn to maneuver in such a way as to block or prevent that assault from happening. OR they have interceptor fire that destroys the Dreadclaw on the turn it arrives, and everything dies. To prevent this, you have to keep it out of range or LOS of those guns, and that will prevent you from being ideally positioned for the assault.

I'm sure about half the time it will work out as planned, but that isn't enough. I just hate the thing. If it was a dedicated transport for all our units that would make up for a lot, but instead, we have to waste a precious Fast Attack slot to take it on any worthwhile assault unit. Khorne-marked CSM are the only ObSec/Dedicated Transport unit I'd consider it for in assault. Two meltas, a good melee weapon on the champ, and additional CCW on the unit. Eh, it's just so underwhelming.


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