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Originally Posted by darkreever View Post
I believe one of the Militarum orders allows them to either shoot and then make a run move, or run and shoot.
yes but that has a chance of failure..
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If you think about it, half of Tau has run/shoot in the form of Jetpack Infantry.

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Actually I'm pretty sure there is a psychic power that allows Nids to run and then shoot as well.
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nice boy, daft though !
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So what your saying is harlies are just doing what others do but better....

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Originally Posted by fatmantis View Post
yes but that has a chance of failure..
You asked if others could do it, not if they could do it with 100% certainty. Just because harlies can do it does not mean every situation warrants them doing it.

Originally Posted by bitsandkits View Post
So what your saying is harlies are just doing what others do but better....
That looks to be the size of it.

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Seriously, is it really that hard to write reviews without spoilers?

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I need to take some more time to play with the new rules, but I have about a 1/2 dozen games in and so far the army plays like it has over the years. Fast, nimble, hits like a ton of bricks, but cannot win a sustained war of attrition.

Multiple Death Jesters and Shadowseers are the key players in providing the real tricks for the army.

As for the lore and look of the codex. It was a good read and the expansion of the Harlequin lore in the different paths was a nice addition to the older lore.

So far I am liking the look and feel of it, it seems to be a more robust codex than most of the other "mini"-dexes and they are going to make great allies to the eldar factions. Some more time to comb through it and practice is needed to form more permanent opinions on the power level and such.

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Originally Posted by fatmantis View Post
rules yes..but game mechanics? can any other army run and shoot? or embark in combat?
Tyranids and Space Marines basically ignore the way morale and rallying work respectively (and Daemons pretty much exchange it for a whole other system). Space Marines and their ilk ignore the way units bought for the army work, with Combat Squads, and are basically the only army (along with GK, who are close enough to be the same thing) that can bring Reserves in on the first turn. Necrons ignore the rule that you may only use your best save (technically, anyone can do this with FnP, but FnP is easily negated in many cases and no other army can bring it, unconditionally, on every model for every turn of the game). Imperial Guard ignore the way the FOC works with almost everything in their army coming in as a Platoon or at least a squadron. Dark Eldar have a lot of fixed To Wound rolls that ignore the S/T comparison chart mechanic.

Harlequins do horrible, horribly leadership shenanigans where they can kill a guy and get his squad to run off an objective, or cause horrendous amounts of damage by deep striking in a Raider with a Webway Portal, the Mask of Secrets and the Armour of Misery or getting some Horrify from Warlocks and then casting Laugh of Sorrows, Terrify, Psychic Shriek etc., but they don't really stand up as their own army being a very fragile, very expensive melee force. Can make a great detachment to add to a DE or Eldar force, but not to be considered viable alone, I think.

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