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Originally Posted by Vaz View Post
No, not Flyrants. Flyrants are awesome, but what makes the list work are Crones. Crones win games, because fucken haywire man.
Er, Tyrants have Ignores Cover Haywire (auto-hit plus Ignores Cover and unlimited shots makes it better than firing two Tentaclids against anything but Flyers, and since when were vehicle Flyers relevant? Or able to survive Flyrants?) plus a Devourer, or two Devourers, which make for pretty horrifying anti-tank (or indeed basically anti-anything, and the Flyrant is waaay tougher and while Jink hurts them pretty badly, they don't suffer nearly as much as the Crone does). I think you'd be hars pressed to fit Crones into a Nid list that wasn't limited in detachments or something by tournament house rules; 2 min squads of Rippers and 2 Flyrants with Electroshock Grubs and 2x Brainleech Devourers is a legal Combined Arms so bring that ad infinitun, and a Malanthrope in one of the detachments would almost certainly be the way I'd run it.

Like many armies, you *can* make them super-hard to beat at the expense of nobody wanting to get steamrolled by your boring, unengaging army outside of a dedicated tournament, or you can make pretty decent casual lists out of it. For the sake of people playing you more than once, I'd go for the latter.

EDIT: Actually, that depends on whether you're going to a lot of competitive tournaments. From my observation, Brits will hate you and never play you if you bring a competitive list (one guy at my local club bought 9 Night Scythes full of 5 man Warrior squads and Stormteks when 6th ed dropped, used it for a month and never found an opponent for the army ever again, causing him to quit to go and play Warmachine and spew bile about how GW suck), but particularly in the USA competitive armies are regarded as the good type to have and you can find a lot of organised tournament scenes. Basically, don't bother with the 'lololol spam FMCs i will faceroll the game and make it unfun for everybody' if you're in Britain, but knock yourself out if you're in the US of A (for some reason, while we English are huge fans of one-upmanship, we also have a complex convention of fairness to make sure that you're legitimately superior or something).

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Originally Posted by MidnightSun View Post
for some reason, while we English are huge fans of one-upmanship, we also have a complex convention of fairness to make sure that you're legitimately superior or something
I think it is more to do with having a "Fair fight". If one person is seen to winning due to an "Unfair advantage", it is seen as poor sport and clearly they are unskilled if they are completely relying on an army of cheese to win them battles.

However, if the forces are more evenly matched (ignoring of course GW terrible balancing system), and then someone wins, then there has been no foul play and it has been a good game.

But then of course if the game is completely unbalanced you see that the crowd immediately routes for the underdog. They could completely despise the person who has brought a terrible or unfit army, but suddenly they are on their side from the word go when up against a tournament army.

We brits are just hard to please during competitions...in fact in general really.

Sorry off topic!
Got a mate who runs a flying circus of nids and also Daemons (separate armies not together). Both do fantastically well. I'd say go for it.
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Tyrant has a Template Haywire so cannot snap shot with it after jinking, nor can it fire Thorax as well as other weapons. If you're rocking twin Devourers (and you are rocking paired Devourers), then you have no room/need for Electroshock Grubs.

Without S10 Skyfire, he's pretty safe, and S8 AP2 Vector Strikes are always fun too.

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Originally Posted by Bindi Baji View Post
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Hey, I just wanted to chime in. Like others have said, play an army you like but tyranids are definitely still competitive if not more so with multiple builds. I played a tournament two days ago and was in 4th place before the final match where I lost to eldar even though I had an amazing first turn and probably should have won had I been a bit smarter and has more experience against wraith knights (my gaunts were tying them up but my zoanthropes died and I lost synapse which could have been avoided had I been smarter with my tyrants). The eldar player took 1st overall because of painting scores but battle point wise the guy in 1st was a different tyranid player with a completely different build.

Point being, tyranids are very good but can be tough to play.

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I find the best armies are those that can be competitive but have a steep learning curve and are very unforgiving when it comes to mistakes. They are fun to use and fun to fight and you can't really "blame the dice" so much as your strategy. Sure, you can have an off day with bad rolls but if you have no sense of how to properly wield your units than luck hardly matters.

Fortunately, the no thrills, shove-everything-you-got-forward armies have all but disappeared. A minimum amount of strategy is required for most. But the finesse armies are a healthy challenge for both their player and opponent alike.

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