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Originally Posted by mayegelt View Post
Dont get me started on xbox or ps4 games though (dating back many years of consoles). I still think console owners get ripped off for games. When you have to pay 50 for a game that 1 month later is on PC is 35 and then will likely go on sale on steam for 50% off. Then console players are getting it rough. Espesially as they are using a machine that is equal to an average gaming PC that is 4 years old.
The sad thing comes with the PC ports of console games that are deliberately left with crummy framerates and graphics, so the PC players dont get a better quality game (though assassins creed on ps4 is getting the sxrew job cos it cant be made to be better than the xbox version or xbox ppls will cry).
Two words: Secondary Market.

You can buy a PC game a month later, for cheaper, and never sell it on. You cannot recover the money you spent on it, because every major release has DRM up to the eyeballs and account-bound codes for every publisher.

On the other hand you can buy a console game new for 50 and then sell it after completing it for 45 provided it's within the first month of release. If you don't have the initial investment, then just wait 2 months and watch the price halve on ebay/pre-owned stores. I haven't bought a game on release day since Deus Ex: Human Revolution and that was an aberration in itself. I just suck it up and buy them 6 months later, as you say, on Steam Sale for a fiver. Because I'm not compelled to spend money on the latest shiny thing.

However that is off topic, so never mind.

90% of people think they are above average.

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Originally Posted by bitsandkits View Post
GW have done loyalty cards before and recently offered a free product and a loyalty based offer for those using the online store when they revamped it and arguably they are directly discounting more products with the current trend of packaged together kits which offer serious savings, but the question wasn't about price, the reality of price is simple, unless you give something away for free you will always exclude a portion of the population, GW can only ever set it's prices at the level that will sustain the company,its not GWS place to make it more affordable it's up to the individual customer to choose to buy or not based on whether they feel it's value for money or not, you can have loads of money and feel GW is a rip off or you can have very little cash and still feel like GW should charge more or anything in between,ultimately if you want to play the games and own the minis you will find a way.
GW is a business and it has a profit margin. It is not selling its products at a price point that is needed to sustain its company, it is selling its products at a price to sustain their profit margin.

It also engages in cynical practices. For example moving buidling rules into a separate book that you have to buy along with the rulebook.

Their price rises are well out of line with inflation and in some countries totally at odds with the exchange rate. Australians for example get a very harsh deal.

No one is suggesting that GW should sell its products for free but it behaves exactly like a company without a true competitor. If it had a clear rival in its market space you would quickly see prices fall.
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Default GW finally getting it right?

They put the building rules into the BRB (and people whined that they got folded in)

And this thread is about then changing, not their history as a company.
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For me its the rules....their prices are ridiculous but I could live with it if they weren't so dumb with the rules..they just have no clue how to create a balanced game...

It.s a shame really. That factor alone makes me wonder if I should just stop playing...they obviously do not care about us, why should I give them my money.

And that's coming from a guys who as CSM, AM, DEAMONS, NECRONS and Eldar armies. I have not spent a single dollars on them in months and I am starting to think about selling some stuff.

I have always been a huge GW fan but i just got tired of being screwed. Their models are amazing, the best in the industry, just a shame their army balance suck.

They should go hire the rules writer over at privateer press. They would know what a balanced game looks like.
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Believe me or not, i actually enjoy the game because it is NOT balanced :D

The Legion of Perfects Project

Originally Posted by Lux View Post
The calls of Slaneesh stir so deeply within me, as if I was birthed from the very essence of it. For my ambition to infinitely ascend above all is never ending, like fire within it burns me to ever cindering ash. Lord of light and ascension is who I am, realities burn to ash at my very passing. My luminescence is unparalleled for I am luminosity itself, all light is but a shadow of my silhouette
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The recent books have been pretty balanced (and I'm a BA player with more Assault marines than Tactical), and what the Necron book looks like seems a lot nicer than the last one. Granted, I don't play the game to be overly competitive (though I do like winning of course). The whole atmosphere of the game is what draws me to it, and while there are sometimes hilariously angering oversights by the GW team it seem to me that only the people who care about winning more than playing seem to be upset about an 'unbalanced' game. There's 'overpowered' options all over the place, it's up to us to use or not use them and accept responsibility for what it does to the game for our opponents accordingly.

Ultimately you like it or you don't, but GW has stated they don't give a fuck about making a 'balanced' game.

Unfortunately Canada got rid of the penny and now my two cents rounds down to zero, so...take it for what you will.

40k Army Projects

Industrial Table WIP
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Here is what I think is going to happen with the new 30k/40k release:

The scarcity of some units and equipment will effectively change how armies are deployed.
GW will use scarcity in terms of the narrative to influence army compositions
in order to boost sales of unsold models, to open up new ranges, and also to cut down on the production pressure on old kits that people abuse like wave serpents, effectively reducing their numbers in any army to one for every three troops choices (or something to that effect) which will do two things 1 - sell more infantry which now on the table may not seem so useful and 2 - flood ebay with flash painted serpent spam as these idiots dump the good stuff to suck up whatever next expensive new card trick will win their thoughtless asses games (insert magic the gathering reference here).

just my read.


return to armies as collections representing narrative conditions will be a happy by-product as well...

if they do this right and push prices down
and if this TPP which sux in every way imaginable makes GW able to ship privately anywhere for cheap,
then they might win both at the hobby and at the corporate level.
in which case, if you see indicators of this story playing out, buy stock i guess.
i will be buying an old used wave serpent - don't have one.
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Just saw this thread again.

Think I summed it up perfectly before;

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Originally Posted by Bindi Baji View Post
It's not a black and white question really, there are different shades of anal probing,
a rectum spectrum, if you will
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Originally Posted by Vaz View Post
Just saw this thread again.

Think I summed it up perfectly before;

Yep, they're still fucking it up. My hope is somehow FFG will get the rights and take over 40k and fantasy.

When I was a young boy, I dreamed of being a baseball...
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Originally Posted by Vaz View Post
Just saw this thread again.

Think I summed it up perfectly before;

great gif!

yes, the new face of GW.
i remember when gav thorpe was the kid.
perhaps it is true and the emperor lives,
only he must wait until the wolf riders of wallstreet
blow all their coke money and dump the sector in a panic.

then a kickstarter - "hobbyist union to save GW"!
open source everything to 3d printers
and manage everything through narrative
returning to outrider system endorsed 'live' local narrative tourneys
as eventually this move to content engineering can translate into holograms and other far-off simulation tech (imagine 40k played like chess in episode 4 Star Wars for those old enough to remember that being cool)...

just saying.
this is a multigenerational game environment, or at least that was the mood when i was young.
old brothers and cousins taught the younger, gave some minis, got 'em started and then the next generation is recruited in and so on...
now, well, ... now.
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