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Default How best to represent Pre-heresy Thousand Sons army using the Space Marine codex?

A few years ago I finished reading the Horus Heresy novel A Thousand Sons and quickly started looking for a way to create my favourite pre-heresy legion to play in 40k. In the end I went with the newly released Grey Knights for 3 main reasons...
1) It was an army of Psychic Marines
2) After building a large guard army I wanted something small and elite.
3) Cortaz and Henchmen Squads allowed me to field The Prospero Spire Guard and since allies weren't available back then this was a huge benefit.

But things have a changed; The Forgeworld Horus Heresy range has expanded greatly and their vehicles are available for use in standard 40k marine armies (except Grey Knights) and I have the option to use my Prospero Spire Guard as an actual allied Imperial guard attachment.
So with that in mind I thought it might be worth considering switching to the marine codex instead of the Grey Knights. There is the option of allying the two forces especially with the one of the forgeworld chapter tactics allowing Grey Knights with an Inquistor to become Battle Brothers allies. But with the new edition rumoured to be announced this month I suspect restrictions will be added to allied attachments.

So for the moment I'm just looking to brainstorm a few ideas on how to build a marine force to suit the Thousand Sons, such as what units and chapter tactics to use, so I'm looking for suggestions?

So far I've have suggestions to use the Legion Of The Damned digital codex, or a more interesting option is a Stern guard heavy army with the specialist bolts representing small psychic buffs. Another person suggested having a small allied guard attachment and add a primaris psyker to each of the 2-3 squads.

I'd be grateful for any feedback and suggestions?

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The best match for a pre-Heresy Thousand Sons codex is the Grey a Knights codex. All of the Marines are Psykers, all are armed with Force Weapons, they psychically control robots (DreadKnights), and they manifest quite a lot of flame based powers.

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Hey, are you the dude from GW Lincoln?

I think the Sternguard + Psykers idea has some merit - Primaris Psykers or perhaps Power-Armoured Inquisitors to make the stats closer to that of a Space Marine.

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Not sure if you know about this. But there is a rulebook called Age Of The Empire or Age of The Emporer can't remember exactly ( i'm at work at the moment so i can't go and check the title) but in it, it has the army building for the original marine chapters. i think it is based just before the horus heresy but doesn't have any info on the missing legions unfortunately. Thousand Sons section is very detailed with all the different schools of magic and from which disciplines their powers are taken. It gives good insight into how powerful the Thousand Sons really were before the Rubric was cast.

It was designed to be played using the standard 40k rules although i think it might have been produced back for 4th or 5th ed not really sure. although my friend and i re-created the Battle of Prospero using the the book and it was a truely awesome game.

If for nothing else it is a great read regardless of what chapter you support. and I'm not sure if it still available to buy (i found mine in a game shop that deat in second hand stuff) but i'm sure if you had a look around on the net you should be able to find a copy to download.

hope that helps you a bit in your quest for the Thousand Sons.
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I just want to say I am a huge fan of your 1ksons work! Your pre-heresy sons are permanently in my bookmark folder. You really bought the amazing novel to life with your work.

Yep, I am a total fan boy...haha
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Grey Knights are still the best army to do this with, I think. I have a list on the GK forums right now that I kind of like; You take a GK Librarian as your HQ, stock it with some Terminators as your elite 1st Chapter, and then take detachments of Legion of the Damned to act as Rubrics... Then you can throw in the Inquisition Mini'dex to have some non-astarte sorcerers and some Propsero Spireguard in the form of Acolytes, OR you can take covens of Psyker henchmen. Of course, the Legions of the Damned are post-Rubric, but I think they make better Thousand Sons than Thousand Sons do.

Another option now would be to throw in the Tempestus for better versions of Spireguard. OR for something truly radical, you could use Sisters. They're the most elite 'human' statlines in the game, have weaponry that suggest their nearly as good as the Sons themselves, AND they have 'Faith', which is (from a Sons perspective) like a cantrip or minor sorcery.

But honestly, I don't think I'd ever give up Grey Knights as the core unit. None of the other armies can do the job well enough with psychic powers. You really really should have Divination in the army, something I still feel the codex Thousand Sons need. Only Tiggy can do that, right? Although now that I think about it, I t hink one of the FW special chapters had Divination available. I can't remember.

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At the end of the day allied grey knights and space marines with FW vehicle rules is the best way to represent the Thousand Sons.

I must admit I'd thought it best to brainstorm alternative ideas in case allies get given more stricter rules in the upcoming rules update/new edition.

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the book is called "the age of the Emperor" and I suggest you read it, trust me it is the one sorcebook you really need to read to help understand the power of the thousand sons it has everything about the corvidae, athanaena, pavoni, pyrae and raptora. this can help you know how it works and keeps it inline with the novels. Thousand Sons, Ahriman Exile and prospero burns
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